Truth or Dare Special

Dec 9th, 2020
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  1. >Up north, winter hits hard and fast
  2. >You are Coco Pommel, and you’ve lived in Manehattan your whole life
  3. >So when an apocalyptic blizzard wells up out of seemingly nowhere and delays your and Rarity’s flight indefinitely, you’re not really all that fazed
  4. >She, however, isn’t taking it well
  5. >”This is a disaster! Coco, darling, we’re supposed to be in Las Pegasus by seven PM! We’ll miss our chance to get into the expo! This. Is. Awful!”
  6. >She’s clinging to your arm like the two of you are the last maidens on a sinking ship
  7. >You give her an awkward pat on the back
  8. ”I’m sure if I call them, they’ll understand. We’ll miss the first night, but we’ll get there tomorrow. It’s gonna be okay.”
  9. >Rarity looks up at you, her pristine face a mess of tears
  10. >Seeing her look like that hits you like a kick in the chest
  11. >”You promise?”
  12. “O-of course.”
  13. >Rarity hugs you tightly
  14. >”Well, at least I don’t have to deal with this alone. You’ll be okay if I spend the night at your place, won’t you? I hate to intrude, but don’t worry! We can have a girls’ night in! I’ll bring champagne, maybe order us some dinner…”
  15. >You look out the floor-to-ceiling airport windows
  16. >Beyond them, snow is falling in literal waves, already piled a foot high on the tarmac
  17. “I don’t think we’re going to be able to get back downtown…”
  18. >Rarity looks up, the color draining from her cheeks
  19. >”Oh, no. No. Don’t tell me. They aren’t going to make us stay *here*, are they?”
  20. >You shrug
  21. ”They might. These kinda things happen up here.”
  22. >Rarity slumps in her seat, draping one arm dramatically over her face
  23. >”Oh, just turn me out in the cold. Let the storm take me.”
  24. “It’s not that bad! They have a motel next to the airport just for this kind of thing. Maybe the room won’t be the best, but we can still have our little girl’s night!”
  25. >You’re trying not to show how giddy you are
  26. >A whole night, just you and Rarity, together?
  27. >Maybe there’ll only be one bed, and you’ll have to share, snuggling together to stay warm...
  28. >”You promise? You promise we can still have a nice night?”
  29. >Rarity leans her face against your shoulder
  30. “I do! I really do. It’ll be nice and comfy, just the two of us.”
  32. >Oh, how wrong you were
  33. >The airport was packed when the storm hit, and now a few hundred people are being shuttled into the airport motel
  34. >You and Rarity arrive to your room only to find there are already two other women waiting for you
  35. >One of them is dressed in army fatigues, and she’s sprawled out across the room’s only bed (which now seems a lot less appealing than it did a few minutes ago)
  36. >Her hair is cut short and gelled, and her scarred face shows no emotion as she stares up at the ceiling
  37. >She has one leg crossed over the other, and her arms are splayed out at her sides
  38. >Or, rather, half of her arms are
  39. >Both of them end in smooth stumps just above where her elbows should be
  40. >She flicks her eyes over at you and catches you staring
  41. >You glance away, blushing furiously, but she says nothing
  42. >The other girl is a blonde, sitting cross-legged on the floor and looking lost
  43. >You don’t recognize her, but Rarity immediately squeals
  44. >”Derpy! Darling, what are you doing all the way up here?”
  45. >The girl, Derpy, looks up
  46. >Her golden eyes are a bit crooked, but she smiles sweetly when she sees Rarity
  47. >”Oh, um… it’s a bit of a funny story. I took a wrong turn while I was making a delivery for Amarezon. And I ended up here.”
  48. >”You drove across six states because of a wrong turn?”
  49. >Derpy fidgets with a strand of her hair
  50. >”It was a really, really wrong turn…”
  51. >Rarity walks over and plops down next to her, wrapping an arm around her shoulders
  52. >A quick spike of jealousy flares up in your chest at the sight
  53. >”Well, I’m glad you’re alright, my sweet. It’s good to see a familiar face here, at least. And we’re in the same room, too! That’s a welcome coincidence.”
  54. >”Yeah. Yeah, I guess it’s not too bad.”
  55. >Derpy looks at the ground, still smiling
  56. >You plunk down next to Rarity, maybe getting a bit territorial as you casually slide up against her other side
  57. “So, are you two friends from school?”
  58. >Derpy shrugs
  59. >”We were in the same class…”
  60. >”Of course we were friends, darling! I always liked you. Even though I suppose we didn’t hang out much, but that hardly matters now! We have all night to get to know each other.”
  61. >It currently feels like a snake is coiling in your guts, but you ignore it
  62. >Rarity is just being friendly
  63. >You ignore them by focusing on the other girl, the military one
  64. >She catches you staring again
  65. >”What do you want?”
  66. “Oh, um, hi. I just wanted to ask your name. Since we’ll be staying together, and all.”
  67. >”Commander Tempest Shadow. Equestrian Navy.”
  68. >She slowly sits up, the bed creaking under her
  69. >You realize her boots are next to the bed, and her feet are bare
  70. >”I was getting deployed to my next assignment, before the storm delayed me. Looks like I’ve got an extra night of R and R. Lucky me.”
  71. >She flops back on the bed and goes back to staring at the ceiling
  72. >”Now, if you don’t mind, I wanna rest.”
  73. “Yeah, sure. That’s fine.”
  74. >You look at Rarity, then at Derpy, and then at Tempest, who might be sleeping with her eyes open or might just be ignoring you
  75. “So, what should we do? I didn’t think to bring any games.”
  76. >Rarity frowns and goes digging in her purse
  77. >”I normally keep a deck of cards for situations like this. But I can’t seem to find it…”
  78. “We could tell scary stories.”
  79. >”Those aren’t exactly my cup of tea, Coco dear. I’ll have enough trouble sleeping as it is, I fear.”
  80. >Derpy looks up
  81. >”Maybe we could do Truth or Dare? That doesn’t need anything. I played it with Carrot’s friends a few times. It was pretty fun…”
  82. >Rarity looks at her, then throws her head back, laughing
  83. >”Derpy, that’s such a terrible idea that it’s perfect! Ooh! They have to have a bar here, right? Let’s order a few drinks and really spice the game up.”
  84. >You prickle at how much Rarity likes Derpy’s suggestion more than yours
  85. >But Truth or Dare with Rarity…
  86. >Your horrible, desperate mind can come up with so many possibilities
  87. “Y-yeah! That could be fun. Let’s do it.”
  88. >Rarity looks over at the military woman spread out in the bed
  89. >”Commander Tempest? Will you be joining us?”
  90. >”Fuck no.”
  91. >”I’ll buy your drinks.”
  92. >”...alright, fine.”
  93. >”Then we’re settled! Oh, I feel like a teenager again! Now, let me dip on down to the front desk and--”
  94. >Before Rarity can open the room’s door, it’s thrown open, revealing a figure you’ve seen so many times in print and in pixels that seeing her in person is a bit of a shock
  95. >Su-Z, Supernova Zap, is missing her usual radiant outfit of pastels and glitter, but she’s no less stunning
  96. >Her hair is tucked under a beanie instead of being styled impeccably into a J-pop style pair of buns, and she’s dressed in a hoodie and jeans
  97. >She sweeps her eyes over the four of you
  98. >”Uh, yeah. I think I got the wrong room. Later!”
  99. >She tries to turn around, but you and Rarity are on her like a pair of squealing fangirl-piranhas
  100. >Even if this wasn’t her room (which it turns out it is; even pop-stars get shacked up with the common folk in a disaster), there’s no way you two would let her leave
  101. >And so, with promises of alcohol and some good female companionship, you drag her into the game
  102. >All five of you spread out the blankets from the one bed on the floor, along with its many pillows, in order to create a comfy spot where you can all sit together
  103. >You form a rough circle, with you and Rarity on either side of Su-Z, staring up at her like she’s a goddess
  104. >Tempest is sprawled out across the floor, staring unblinking at a spot in the middle of the floor
  105. >It’s weird; it looks like she’s totally zoned out, but you’re pretty sure she could slaughter everyone in the room in less time than it takes you to brew a cup of coffee
  106. >That thought makes you feel… interesting
  107. >Derpy is rocking back and forth, sitting cross-legged by the foot of the bed
  108. >She just looks happy to be included
  109. >Outside, the blizzard has only intensified
  110. >Bitter wind howls and rattles the window in its frame, and such a thick slurry of snow swirls through the air that you can’t even see the street outside
  111. >The single streetlamp is a distant fuzzy glow, its light spread out through the brittle night air
  112. >You pull some blankets together around yourself
  113. >A plastic cup full of frothy five-dollar champagne is in your hands, and it’s already warming you
  114. >Rarity clears her throat, and the game begins
  116. >”So! You ladies all know how to play, right?”
  117. >”Yeah. We were all thirteen once,” Tempest says, rolling her eyes
  118. >”Some of us clearly enjoyed our youth more than others, I take it,” Rarity snaps back. “Just in case: everyone takes a turn. You get to pick a member of the group and ask them a question or give them a dare. We’ll go around the circle until we’ve all had our fill. Simple enough, right?”
  119. “I’m ready!”
  120. >Su-Z frowns
  121. >”Hey, look, I’m excited, or whatever. But, uh, can you all promise you’re not gonna take any pictures? Like, for real, I can’t let any of this get leaked.”
  122. >”I wouldn’t dream of it!” Rarity says
  123. >”And I don’t really give a shit,” Tempest says
  124. >Rarity claps her hands
  125. >”Then we’re ready! I’ll take the first turn…”
  126. “Um, wait. Are there any, uh… rules? For what we can dare people to do…”
  127. >”Well, nothing lethal. Or dangerous. But beyond that…’
  128. >A mischievous grin touches Rarity’s lips
  129. >”Let’s say the sky’s the limit. Is that okay with you, darlings?”
  130. >”Might as well make it interesting,” Tempest drones
  131. >”If any of you guys can freak me out, I’d be impressed. I have seen some *shit* on tour,” Su-Z says
  132. >She hiccups
  133. >”Maybe you can ask me about it~”
  134. >”Oh, I’ll have to consider that. I still can’t believe we have you with us! Please believe me, I’m trying really, *really* hard to keep from embarrassing myself. But for now… Derpy.”
  135. >Derpy perks up, smiling, seeming overjoyed to have been chosen first
  136. >”Yes?”
  137. >”Tell the truth: what’s the furthest you’ve ever been with someone?” Rarity asks, a coy grin on her face
  138. >”Oh, um. Well, um, my dad took me up to Yakyakistan when I was a little girl, because he wanted to see a hockey game.”
  139. >For a second, the whole room is silent
  140. >Then, aside from Tempest, everyone bursts into laughter
  141. >”Oh, darling, you’re so innocent! I meant, what’s the most you’ve done with someone physically.”
  142. >”Uh, I mean, my dad used to kiss me goodnight. And I guess that Rainbow kissed my cheek when I scored that goal in PE soccer. In seventh grade. Um… I don’t really know any more… sorry…”
  143. >Rarity touches her hand to her mouth
  144. >”Oh, you poor thing. That’s it?”
  145. >”Y-yes?”
  146. >”Darling, you just say the word and I will *shower* you with kisses.”
  147. >”Heh. That’s really nice. But I’m good. Really.”
  148. “I haven’t done much with anyone either! I’m a virgin,” you blurt out
  149. >Everyone turns to stare at you
  150. “I mean, uh…”
  151. >Su-Z is the only one who laughs
  152. >”You’re kinda eager, huh? Nobody even asked!”
  153. “I just meant…”
  154. >Oh god, your face is burning
  155. “I didn’t want Derpy to feel bad.”
  156. >And you also wish Rarity would make *you* an offer like that
  157. >”That’s, um, very sweet. Coco, are you sure you aren’t hitting the sauce a little too hard?” Rarity asks you
  158. “No, no. I’m fine. Sorry…”
  159. >Rarity chuckles
  160. >”Girls, it’s going to be an interesting night. Speaking of, Commander Shadow? I think it’s your turn.”
  161. >Tempest groans and sits up
  162. >She looks around the room, and her eyes settle on Su-Z
  163. >”Alright, princess. Hardest drug you’ve done.”
  164. >Su-Z chokes on her drink
  165. >”Look, I’m not, like, Kurt Cobain or whatever. But… I guess I did acid once. This super cute groupie with dreadlocks snuck backstage and, well… that’s all I’m gonna say.”
  166. >”Oh, I *must* hear more of the story.”
  167. >”Heh, well, you can ask for more on your turn,” Su-Z says with a wink. “Now, it’s my turn, right? You, Rarity. Take off your shoes.”
  168. >Rarity looks down at the sensible yet stylish winter boots she’s wearing, accentuated by fuzzy cuffs around the ankles
  169. >”Darling, I have to admit, I didn’t expect you to have *that* particular interest.”
  170. >”Oh, it’s not that. I want you to put on… these.”
  171. >Su-Z reaches into her luggage and tosses a pair of sequin-studded sandals in Rarity’s direction
  172. >”I get to put on *your* sandals? If… if you insist,” Rarity says, picking up the shoes like she’s handling a lost Aztec idol
  173. >She starts to peel off her socks, but Su-Z stops her
  174. >”Nope! Wear them over your socks. For the whole night.”
  175. >All the excitement drains from Rarity’s face
  176. >”A-absolutely not! I’ll look ridiculous!”
  177. >”It’s a dare. Are you gonna back out, or what?”
  178. >Rarity looks like Su-Z just asked her to flagellate herself in public
  179. >”N-no! You can’t make me do that! Socks and sandals? I’m not an animal!”
  180. >Su-Z has the biggest shit-eating grin on her face, looking like a more authentic version of the minxish persona she puts on in her appearances
  181. >Tempest lets out a dry chuckle
  182. >”She broke easier than I thought.”
  183. >”I am *not* broken,” Rarity insists, pouting. “Fine. But I’m only doing this under duress.”
  184. >Wincing, she slips on the sandals over her socks
  185. >”Oh, I can feel my soul leaving my body…” she says, looking like she’s about to faint
  186. >Su-Z snickers and pours a bit of rose into her paper cup
  187. >Derpy looks around the room, realizing everyone is waiting on her
  188. >”Oh! It’s my turn? Um, oh man, uh… uh… Tempest? I mean, uh, commander. I dare you to, uh… eat some super spicy food!”
  189. >Tempest blinks
  190. >”Okay. What do you got?”
  191. >”Oh, I didn’t think about that part, uh…”
  192. >Derpy runs to the room’s mini-fridge
  193. >It’s stacked with granola bars and some sushi that looks about a decade old
  194. >But inside, there’s a tiny plastic packet of wasabi, featuring a somewhat racist caricature of a samurai with his head on fire
  195. >”This!”
  196. >She holds it out to Tempest, who reaches out her foot and takes the packet between her toes
  197. >”What the hell is… wah-sah-bee?”
  198. >Rarity giggle snorts, and you feel a smile stretching your face as well
  199. >Given you slightly embarrassing Japanophile phase in highschool, you’ve had more than your fair share of wasabi
  200. >”Taste it and find out,” Su-Z says
  201. >”Want me to open it for you?” Derpy asks
  202. >”Fuck off, I can handle it.”
  203. >Tempest peels the packet open using her feet
  204. >Before you can think to warn her, she squirts a quarter-sized dollop onto her big toe and pops it in her mouth
  205. >Exactly one second passses as the commander stares at the rest of you, unfazed
  206. >And then the spice hits
  207. >”Agh, what the fuck! How do you… guh! Bleh, id’s burning the bag of my throad!”
  208. >All that cool, steel discipline fades away, and Tempest places her head between her knees, her tongue out and dribbling spit onto the carpet
  209. >”I-I’m sorry! I’ll get you some water!”
  210. >While the rest of you are laughing hysterically, Derpy looks genuinely terrified, and she grabs a bottle of water and rushes to Tempest’s side
  211. >Tempest groans, sweat and tears streaming down her face
  212. >”Ow, ow, ow, ow… how is it getting worse!?”
  213. >She chugs the water from Derpy, staring up watery-eyed at the ceiling like she’s praying for God to end it
  214. >And when the spice subsides, she’s reduced to a panting mess, all her dignity gone
  215. >”That. Was. Fucking. Awful.”
  216. >”I’m so, so, so sorry,” Derpy says. “I didn’t think it would be that bad. Oh, no…”
  217. >”Fuck off. I’m fine. You got me good.”
  218. >Tempest headbutts Derpy’s shoulder, and the tiniest hint of a smile touches her face
  219. >”But I’m gonna destroy you on my turn. Be ready, blondie.”
  220. >”O-okay!”
  221. >Derpy just looks relieved that Tempest isn’t pissed at her
  222. “I… guess it’s my turn now?”
  223. >You look around the room
  224. >Rarity and Su-Z demand your attention
  225. >They’re both so beautiful, so much cooler than you, and you could make them do almost anything…
  226. >But you don’t want to be the one to start making things *weird*
  227. “Su-Z, I uh, dare you to lick Rarity’s face!”
  228. >Okay, maybe that was a little weirder than you intended
  229. >Su-Z laughs
  230. >”Well, we know what *she’s* into,” she says, and your face goes red. “Alright, Rarity. Come over here.”
  231. >”I’m not gonna complain,” Rarity says
  232. >She scoots over to Su-Z, closes her head, and turns her cheek
  233. >Su-Z leans in and slowly licks from Rarity’s jaw up to her temple
  234. >Rarity shivers
  235. >”Ooh~. That’s actually not bad…”
  236. >You stare, unable to hide how much your face is burning
  237. >*God* you wish that was you
  238. >When Rarity returns to her spot, a streak of Su-Z’s saliva still shimmers on the side of her face
  239. >She doesn’t wipe it off
  240. >Instead, she turns to you, a grin that makes your stomach flutter plastered over her face
  241. >”Ah, Coco, darling. I think I deserve a little revenge.”
  242. “O-oh?”
  243. >”Tell me, what are you into?”
  244. “Into, like…”
  245. >”Yes, I mean *into*.”
  246. “Oh, um, uh…”
  247. >You start squirming on top of the blanket
  248. >The answer is already in your mind; above everything, you have one major, *major* kink, though you’ve never shared it with anyone
  249. >You could just lie, you guess, but really anything you say is going to be embarrassing
  250. >Might as well tell them the truth
  251. “I like… in the butt...” you mutter
  252. >”What was that, darling?”
  253. “Butt stuff. Like, anal, and… yeah.”
  254. >Su-Z giggles
  255. >”I knew it! The quiet ones always are,” she says
  256. >Rarity’s blushing, and you can’t tell if it’s from the drink or your answer
  257. >”Well, I can’t say I blame you. Though I’m a little surprised. You always seemed so… meek.”
  258. “Ah, um… yeah.”
  259. >You don’t think you have to explain that being overpowered and violated is part of the fun
  260. >A moment of awkward silence descends over the room
  261. >”Um… what’s she talking about?” Derpy asks
  262. >Everyone laughs, and you’re glad the attention has shifted away from you
  263. >You’ve never told *anyone* that before!
  264. >And they seemed pretty cool with it!
  265. >Just knowing that all of them know, and that *Rarity* knows…
  266. >It’s making your heart a little fluttery
  267. >”Alright, my turn,” Tempest says
  268. >She sits up and points a toe at Rarity
  269. >”Alright, you. Purple-hair.”
  270. >”I have a *name*, you know.”
  271. >”Yeah, I know. But I wanna know *your* answer to the question you just asked your little buttslut friend.”
  272. “H-hey!” you protest
  273. >Even though… well, you don’t think you could argue against that
  274. >Rarity lays a hand on your knee
  275. >”Well, if you must know…”
  276. >Rarity tilts her chin up, trying to maintain her dignity despite the obvious embarrassment burning on her cheeks
  277. >”It’s… exhibitionism, I suppose you could call it.”
  278. >”You’re gonna have to explain what the hell that is,” Tempest says
  279. >”I like… being naked in front of other people. And no, do *not* use that against me!”
  280. >”Oh, you are *dead* on my next turn…” Tempest mutters, a truly evil grin on her face
  281. >Everyone is a bit drunk now, judging by the bottles on the floor
  282. >When it gets to Su-Z, she has a gleam in her eye
  283. >”Hey, Commander?”
  284. >”Huh? What is it?”
  285. >”I dare you to let Derpy smack your ass. As hard as she can.”
  286. >Derpy covers her mouth
  287. >”Oh, no! I don’t want to hurt her.”
  288. >Tempest lets out a harsh bark-laugh
  289. >”You kidding me? You couldn’t hurt me if you tried. Fuck it, do your worst.”
  290. >Tempest rolls onto her stomach and lifts her butt up in the air
  291. >Given that she’s wearing loose-fitting fatigues, you can’t see much of it
  292. >She must notice this, because she wiggles her hips, slowly pulling the fatigues down
  293. >”And hey, I’m not a pussy. Hit me bare-assed.”
  294. >Her pants fall down, revealing a tight, muscular butt clad only in thin spandex shorts
  295. >Derpy’s face is flaming
  296. >”I… I don’t know what to do.”
  297. >”Just hit me, ya big baby.”
  298. >”I, um… if you really want me to, okay.”
  299. >She raises her hand and brings it down on Tempest’s booty with a gentle *plap*
  300. >”Aw, come on! Harder!”
  301. >Derpy hitst Tempest again
  302. >”Like you mean it!”
  303. >She squeezes her eyes shut and brings her hand down on Tempest’s butt with a resounding *smack*
  304. >Tempest lets out a grunt, then her voice cracks and that grunt turns into a tiny squeal of pleasure
  305. >The room goes silent
  306. >Tempest rolls back over, tries to get her pants back on, but has a bit of difficulty
  307. >”Ah, fuck it,” she says, sliding them the rest of the way off and kicking them aside, leaving her clad only in her spats and tanktop
  308. >”Well, uh, guess we know what she’s into now,” Su-Z says. “That was a great performance, Derpy.”
  309. >”Um, thanks… oh, is it my turn?”
  310. >She looks around
  311. >”I, uh, dare myself to hug Tempest. And tell her I’m sorry.”
  312. >”Huh? The fuck?”
  313. >Derpy scoots over and wraps Tempest in a hug
  314. >”I’m sorry.”
  315. >”You’re fine, you big weirdo.”
  316. >Showing some impressive flexibility, Tempest wraps a leg around Derpy and returns the hug
  317. >”Don’t make it weird. Besides, I mean, yeah. It wasn’t, like… it wasn’t bad.”
  318. >Now Tempest is blushing
  319. >Aside from Derpy, everyone in this room is reaching dangerous levels of horny
  320. >Maybe the sexual tension is just in you, but… agh, you can’t stop thinking about Rarity knowing you’re a filthy little buttslut
  321. >You can’t stop thinking about how she likes being naked
  322. >Maybe she would…
  323. >Su-Z’s casting some appraising glances around too
  324. >She must be thinking her own dirty thoughts
  325. >Oh, oh, oh…
  326. >It’s your turn now
  327. >You look over at Rarity, who’s rosy-faced from drink, and she meets your eye
  328. >There’s a glimmer there
  329. >She looks afraid, but also excited
  330. >Just like you
  331. “Rarity! I dare you to… to walk down to the vending machine at the end of the hall!”
  332. >Rarity scoffs
  333. >”Darling, I think I can manage--”
  334. “Naked.”
  335. >Rarity’s jaw drops
  336. >”C-Coco! Just because I admitted that I *may* be into that sort of thing doesn’t mean that you can just go ahead and *say* it!”
  337. >Su-Z reaches out and nudges her foot against Rarity’s knee
  338. >”Too late. She dared you. Are you gonna back out?”
  339. >”I… I most certainly am not! But I’ll have you know, just because this is the type of thing I *would* like under other circumstances does *not* mean I’m going to be getting off to it.”
  340. >Tempest rolls her eyes, pretending to look bored even as she sits up, her eyes now trained on Rarity
  341. >Derpy is the only one who isn’t currently watching to see what Rarity will do
  342. >Rarity stands, struts over to the door, and peaks out
  343. >”Oh, Coco, the vending machine’s all the way at the other end! Someone’s bound to see me…”
  344. >The way she says it, it doesn’t sound like she’s complaining
  345. >She turns back to the four of you, pouting
  346. >”If any of you take a picture, you’re dead!”
  347. >”Please,” Tempest says. “There’s no way your ass is gonna be anything *that* special.”
  348. >”You’ve got my promise! Not like I’d need a pic. There’s no way I’m gonna forget this. You’re, like, seriously pretty ballsy,” Su-Z says
  349. >”Yes, well, I also don’t know how to tell other people no…” Rarity mumbles
  350. >She turns to face the wall and quickly strips
  351. >Her shoes go first, then socks, then she peels off her leggings, unzips her skirt, and pulls her shirt up and over her head
  352. >After only a few seconds, Rarity is standing totally naked before you
  353. >Your head swims as two different thoughts hit you:
  354. >She’s so beautiful
  355. >And, under her pristine outfits, Rarity’s body isn’t that different than yours
  356. >Her breasts aren’t huge, but they’re perky, with dark, tempting nipples
  357. >And her crotch is shaven bare, revealing a pretty, if slightly puffy sex
  358. >Every part of her is well taken care of, but still, under her clothes, she’s just a vulnerable girl
  359. >You’re trembling now, and so is she
  360. >Rarity glances back outside
  361. >”Okay. The coast is clear. It’s not actually that far, I just have to… GO!”
  362. >She sprints out into the open before you’re ready
  363. >You run to the doorway, with Su-Z and Tempest right behind you
  364. >The three of you watch as Rarity runs towards the fall end of the hallway, her bare feet thudding against the carpeted floor, her hair swishing just above her pale bare booty
  365. >She touches the machine and turns around, running back
  366. >Her face is bright red, and her slim chest bounces with the motion of her strides
  367. >She’s nearly halfway back when a door opens further down the hall
  368. >Rarity hears it
  369. >She covers herself with her hands as best she can and sprints, hiding her face, back into the room
  370. >”I… someone saw me! Oh, God, someone actually saw me…”
  371. >It’s impossible to miss the thin stream of clear fluid dribbling down her inner thigh
  372. >She collapses against the door, her chest heaving
  373. >”Sounds like it wasn’t too bad~” Su-Z says, wriggling her eyebrows. “You look like you had a pretty good time.”
  374. >”I… agh, why did I agree to this...” Rarity says
  375. >She flops on the ground, no longer trying to cover herself
  376. >It’s clear that the booze and adrenaline have made her a bit loopy
  377. >Her thighs clench together, and the way her hips shudder is unmistakable
  378. >You get the same way when you unbox one of your toys
  379. >She’s really, really horny
  380. >”Coco?” Rarity asks
  381. “Y-yes.”
  382. >”It’s my turn. And I have a question for you, darling. Did you bring any toys with you?”
  383. “W-what? I mean… yes, I guess. Just one. Just in case.”
  384. >”I’d like to borrow. That’s not a dare. Just, please.”
  385. >”If you borrow it, I’m gonna dare you to watch. Fuck it, this is hot. Let’s stop being coy about it.”
  386. >”I wouldn’t mind watching either~” Su-Z says
  387. >”Oh, you’re all going to be the death of me. But… I clearly can’t pretend to be against that anymore. Coco?”
  388. “O-one sec!”
  389. >You unzip your suitcase, unwrap a strategically mundane towel, and pull out a floppy rubber horsecock
  390. >Rarity raises an eyebrow
  391. >”You certainly have some unique tastes, darling.”
  392. “I… I just like how big it is,” you say, half telling the truth
  393. >Rarity takes the toy from you and eyes it up
  394. >”It’s an impressive piece. Darling, are you seriously going to tell me this fits in your…”
  395. “It takes a bit of work, but… yes.”
  396. >”My. I’m honestly impressed. I might need a moment. If you’ll excuse me…”
  397. >Rarity licks along the toy’s surface, moistening it with as much of her saliva as she can
  398. >Su-Z shakes her head
  399. >”Look, if we’re doing this, I can’t think of a decent dare. Uh… you know what? Dare to everyone in the room. Clothes off.”
  400. >Derpy is the only one who doesn’t look totally comfortable with that
  401. >She starts fidgeting with the hem of the plain gray dress she’s wearing, then freezes
  402. >”What happens if I chicken out?”
  403. >Tempest, surprisingly, is immediately as Derpy’s side
  404. >”Nothing. You don’t have to play if you don’t want to.”
  405. >”I do! I guess. This is just, um, I don’t know why Rarity’s doing that in front of everyone...”
  406. >”Because she’s a fuckin’ weirdo.”
  407. >”No! She’s really nice. I’m just worried, um, Rarity? Are you okay?”
  408. >”I’m more than alright, darling. Or, rather, I’m about to be.”
  409. >”Okay…”
  410. >Tempest rests her leg against Derpy’s
  411. >”You alright?”
  412. >”I think so. I just… I’m not sure if I want to do *that*.”
  413. >”Hey, that’s fine. You know what, fuck it. You three perverts get up to whatever you want. Derpy? There’s room on the bed.”’
  414. >Derpy looks relieved
  415. >”I am pretty tired! I came all the way from Ponyville…”
  416. >She and Tempest take the bed together
  417. >Derpy snuggles up against her new friend, and Tempest looks pleased
  418. >You can’t help but notice that her eyes are still on you, Rarity, and Su-Z, though
  419. >Rarity has the toy shimmering with her spit now, and she turns it so that the flared head is pressing against her entrance
  420. >”Oh! Darling, this is really… mmf… something…”
  421. “You kinda have to force it at first. It might hurt.”
  422. >”Coco, darling, you scare me. How on earth do you-- OH~”
  423. >With a wet pop, the toy slides into her
  424. >Rarity arches her back, her stomach trembling as she slides the toy as far into her as it’ll go
  425. >”Oh, okay, I take back everything. Darling, you are a *genius*. This is… nngah~”
  426. >Rarity starts to pump the toy into herself
  427. >Su-Z is already halfway out of her clothes when she glances at you
  428. >”You in? I think we’re just gonna go for it.”
  429. “Oh! Yes, yes. I’m in. I’m very in.”
  430. >You start pulling off your skirt
  431. >Both you and Su-Z struggle out of your clothes as Rarity continues to slam the toy into herself, sending small spurts of her juices cascading onto the floor
  432. >You have a tiny waterfall between your thighs as well
  433. >Finally, you pull off your moistened panties and toss them aside
  434. >You sit in front of Rarity, totally nude, your bare butt pressing against the soft blanket beneath you
  435. “So, should I just… go for it?”
  436. >Su-Z shrugs
  437. >She’s got her legs spread, already starting to play with the slightly fuzzy muff between her thighs
  438. >”Do what you want to. I think we could all stand to blow off some steam.”
  439. “I…”
  440. >You can’t take your eyes off of Rarity
  441. >She’s hilting all eleven inches of the horsecock inside herself now, spraying fluids everywhere
  442. >Her eyes are half-lidded, but she’s looking at you
  443. >”C-Coco… darling, if you don’t mind… could you play with yourself… down *there*?”
  444. “O-of course, Ms. Rarity!”
  445. >Some slutty instinct takes over you, and you roll onto your stomach, presenting your naked ass to Rarity, your cheeks spread and your filthy hole showing
  446. >She has your toy, so you’ll have to use your fingers
  447. >It’s not hard to find lube; you start with spit, sucking your finger in order to get it nice and wet
  448. >It’s rough at first as you press the digit against your hole, but soon your body adjusts, and you slip in the first finger
  449. >Rarity moans
  450. >”Oh, Coco. You’re so tempting, I never… oh, darling that is *filthy*...”
  451. >The raw, painful, dirty sensation of your own fingers writhing in your ass combines with the hot feeling of Rarity’s gaze dribbling over you
  452. >Even though you’re not touching your pussy, you’re sure you’re going to cum soon
  453. >Su-Z lets out a high-pitched, singsong moan
  454. >”Hey, Rarity? Sorry, but… nnf… I don’t think you’re the stare of the show anymore…”
  455. >”Darling, I’m more than okay with that. Just watching Coco go is… is… o-oh~”
  456. >Rarity is about to cum!
  457. >To you!
  458. >Watching you...
  459. >You try to fit another finger in, but it hurts so bad
  460. >You start whimpering, moaning, slamming your dirty hole like some deranged slut
  461. >All because she’s watching…
  462. >When you come, you’re a loud, spraying mess
  463. >Rarity reaches her climax with the toy still inside of her, spraying her juices all over it
  464. >She’s a squirter!
  465. >Rarity’s a squirter!
  466. >God, just being able to *know* that about her, is, ah…
  467. >Su-Z is still playing with herself when two of you calm down
  468. >You’re bent over, ass in the air, dripping and gaping
  469. >Rarity is sprawled against the door, a wet mess, with a drenched horse dildo next to her
  470. >Su-Z, meanwhile, is just fidgeting with herself, clearly enjoying the show
  471. >Tempest looks between the two of you
  472. >”Goddamn. Best R and R I’ve ever had. Just wish I could join the fun, but, y’know…”
  473. >She wiggles her stumps
  474. >Derpy peeks up from under the covers, where she’s been hiding from the lewdness
  475. >”Wait, you can’t… oh. Oh! I’m sorry.”
  476. >”It’s not a big deal. Usually I can find someone else to help, but…”
  477. >”I-I could. If… if it’s bothering you, I could help.”
  478. >”You serious? You don’t have to. I’m seriously fine.”
  479. >”No, if I can, I’d like to. But I’ve never… touched someone else like that.”
  480. >”Uh, I mean… if you want…”
  481. >Tempest looks as embarrassed as Derpy
  482. >Gently, Derpy scoots closer to Tempest
  483. >”I’ll try and do what feels good. But tell me if I mess up.”
  484. >”Just go for it. Holy shit, you’re the best for doing this. I have been so, *so* pent up, you have no idea.”
  485. >”Great! Um, can you roll onto your side?”
  486. >”Oh, yeah.”
  487. >Tempest rolls over, and Derpy slips her hand into Tempest’s pants
  488. >”Whoa, you’re really warm. And, heh, kinda wet…”
  489. >”Hey, those three sluts were giving me the… the show of a lifetime… what the hell, you’re *good* at this…”
  490. >”Thanks! Do you want me to… to put a finger inside?”
  491. >”Yeah. Fuuuck. Fuck fuck fuck.”
  492. >Tempest starts rocking her hips
  493. >”God, how are you this good… I’m… I’m really gonna… *oh*~”
  494. >Her voice cracks into a mewl of pleasure
  495. >As she cums, Tempest leans in and presses her lips against Derpy’s
  496. >Derpy’s eyes go wide, but she returns the kiss
  497. >Tempest shudders, then falls still
  498. >”Oh. Oh, *yeah*. You have no idea how bad I needed that.”
  499. >”Glad I could help!”
  500. >Derpy removes her slick hand from Tempest’s pants
  501. >”I’ll do you now… if you want…” Tempest says
  502. >”No thanks! I’m just glad that you got to, uh, release…”
  503. >Rarity sits up, still panting, and looks at the four of you
  504. >”Well, girls, I think we can safely say this game got a tad out of hand.”
  505. >”In the best way,” Su-Z moans. “Truth or dare always ends like this.”
  506. >”I think it’s exactly the night we all needed. But, now, what I need most is some sleep. And since we’re in slightly close conditions…”
  508. >As it turns out, the bed is exactly big enough for five girls, as long as you’re comfortable being intimate
  509. >And, after all that, you certainly are
  510. >You’re wrapped in Rarity’s arms, with Su-Z spooning you from behind
  511. >Her warm crotch is on your bum, and Rarity’s warm feet are pressed against your much colder ones
  512. >Near your tiny trio, Tempest and Derpy are snuggled together, Tempest’s head on Derpy’s arm
  513. >Outside, the blizzard has only intensified, and the wall of snow is now creeping up towards your window
  514. >The five of you might spend another night here; you might even spend several
  515. >And oh, you have *no* problems with that...
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