Danuki Diary (revised) pt. 3

Jan 10th, 2018
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  1. Entry #3 6th March, AIEG
  3. Does lady Miyabi take me for an idiot because I lived on a farm? I've had a good education growin up. So angry I can't think straight after what I've been put through. After writing about the events yesterday early this morning I followed the maid downstairs to the dinning hall. Again to find a plate set not only for lady Miyabi but myself. Her attitude was cheery as always, as when I sat down she asked me if I had slept well. At the time I was still unaware of what was coming up ahead so all I could muster was some dry witless 'yes'. Our breakfast went the same way as supper last night went, with lady Miyabi seeming to be dripping with cheer. There must be a word for someone who gets their jollies making people suffer, because I'm sure it'd fit lady Miyabi's person. What still puzzles me is why I'm eating with her like we're equals? Is she gonna pull the rug out from under me once she thinks I'm used to it?
  5. After breakfast, I followed lady Miyabi and the two maids that were to either side of her outside to where Matilda was waiting, polishing the hood of the automobile. Compared to the other Kikimora in the mansion, Matilda's outfit (which I guess is called a show-fer's uniform), is very different from the maid's long skirts and frills. It's more like Pa's formal wear he's got stashed away. Matilda had to have been going at her work for a bit because the car's white paint shone really bright in the morning light, could even see my reflection on the front of it. Trying not to hard to stare at the shining coat of paint I noticed lady Miyabi handing Matilda another map, tellin her where to go and to consult the map. That got a jolly out of me I'll be honest, cause Matilda didn't seem all too keen on takin it. Though that merriment was short lived when lady Miyabi grabbed me by the hand as she gave one of her usual smiles. She told me in a almost teasing tone that she'd be putting me to work today following her around. The sugar coated smile never left her face the entire time.
  7. Sat down next to lady Miyabi, not like I had much choice, I sat opposite of her doing my best not to stare. Matilda told us to watch out as she shut the door before getting up front and starting up the engine. I felt the auto move underneath me not long after, the mansion getting smaller as we left through the main gates. The entire time I did my best to avoid eye contact and talkin with lady Miyabi choosing to instead just watch the world go by us. That didn't last long though because a bit into the ride I felt a tap on my shoulder. Turned to see lady Miyabi looking at me and asking why I was being so quiet. When she asked if anything was wrong I tried to end it there by saying 'no' by shaking my head and going back to watching the window. I will admit as I looked outta the corner of my eye she looked like I had done something wrong, not angry or anything but like I had made her sad. Not even a few seconds later she spoke up again, askin if anything was wrong to tell her.
  9. “I only wish to carry out whatever assignment I’m going to be given and to be done with it.”
  11. I remember clear as day what I said. I expected some kind of comeuppance from her for being haughty but nothing came. Instead she just gave me one of her smiles and told me not to worry as she'd be doing just that. After that, the rest of the ride till we got to town was boring. Nothin but fields, makes me wonder how far away this woman lives from the rest of us. When we got to town however I found out lady Miyabi was toying with me.
  13. The town we arrived at was a place not far from my own called Warehaven. They grew over the years cause they were a major port city. I've visited before with Pa when he needed to talk to someone down here. Usually the foreman over at the docks since Pa sells to em sometime. We parked however in the upper crust part of town. A lot of the buildings were newer and the old stone streets in the area were paved, big difference since a lot of the older town is still those really bumpy stone roads. Stopping outside a cafe, Matilda got out and let us out with Miyabi second and me taking the lead. This is when I found out my 'task'.
  15. “Your job today is to have lunch with me, then we’ll go shopping and pick you out some nice clothes more suitable for a man.”
  17. I stood there with a cocked eyebrow, asking her if this was some kind of joke. I felt something boiling over as I snapped and demanded to know what was really going on. However that smile of hers never left and looked like it grew a bit when she told me that it wasn't a joke and my work for the day was to follow her around while she shopped and had lunch with me.
  19. Feels like I may have to write on a 3rd page here and break my 2 page limit journal. but I need to recount EVERYTHING that happened today. Still madder than a bull underneath. Lunch was like our ride over, mostly neither of us talkin or nothin. Then after that I carried all her purchases, some of them being clothes she had me try on and buy. Nothin out of the ordinary with the clothes. Just they're a bit on the fancy side. Used to my slacks and shirts, a lot of these outfits look more like what Mr. Tom, the local lawyer back home dresses in. Did have to make a few trips back to the car to load up, only so much I could carry after all. Did feel a bit bad for Matilda, who had to stand guard by the auto the entire time. That is till our third trip and we found her lounging in the drivers seat, she looked content, lettin out a big old sleepy yawn when lady Miyabi woke her up.
  21. Ride home wasn't eventful either, except when lady Miyabi fell asleep on the ride home. I had sat next to her on the way home and near the end of it I felt something lean on me. Turned to find her fast asleep. Even though I ain't too fond of her, I let her sleep since she looked happy and peaceful like. I just let her stay like that till we pulled up to the estate, nudging her awake. I think she realized what she had done really quickly since she jerked awake and apologized to me for using me like a pillow, askin if she had said anything while she was sleepin. Course I said no, I hadn't heard her say anything anyways so I was honest.
  23. By the time I helped lady Miyabi out of the auto, Matilda had started to unload some of the stuff we had bought. I went and helped her as some of the other maids brought lady Miyabi inside. A lot happened today, bit queer what did go down though. Not lookin forward to tomorrow if being tricked is the name of the game with her.
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