A SPIRITUAL Adventure TG (Maya Fey TG) Chapter 1

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  1. It was a peaceful afternoon. Around 4:00 to be almost exact. It was the end of August, meaning it just the perfect day to be walking around and do who knows what. Tons of people could be heard walking around outside playing or just hanging out with one another. But there are those people who like to stay indoors and play video games and watch television all day. Our protagonist is no exception. He wasn’t a shut in, but he was also not so eager to interact with others when not needed.
  3. He was in his room playing Odin Sphere Leifthrasir when someone could be heard yelling for him from the floor beneath him.
  5. That would be his mom. “Chug, stop playing video games and go out for a walk or do something active! Stop playing that trash and hang out with someone! It would be so much better for you if you got some fresh air!”
  7. He sighed then yelled back, “Yeah, yeah! I will just give me a few more minutes!” This is about a boy named Chug Gaaconroy. Loves video games and watching anime, but hates how his name sounds exactly like…
  9. “Man, why does my name have to sound so much like Chuggaaconroy’s Youtube name? My last name even has two a’s side-by-side like his. What type of universe am I in to have that coincidence?” Chug seriously hated his name. Not because of how it sounded, but just how he can’t go anywhere without someone making a joke about him.
  11. Yes. As the narrator or god as you all could say. I have full control of Chug’s fate and he doesn’t know a thing. As god, I must narrate all the billions of lives that roam the Earth, but there are a few that I just love to toy with. Now getting back to the story, I will be acting as mostly the narrator and will talk in my point-of-view in a very select amount of instances.
  13. Chug was an average seventeen-year-old looking guy. He was five feet and ten-eleven inches tall. He approximately weighed 165 pounds with what he considered to be a lot of chub around his stomach, but no one else thought the same as him and thought he looked normal. You could say he had a complex about how he looked, but people thought he looked fine the way he was, not just he parents views. He had a bit of muscle, but nothing that is that noticeable since he would have to flex to be able to show it. He had almost no pimples and had green eyes. The only unique part about him was the fact that his hair was red all over his body. Even in his more private areas, which got him a nickname for a short time, but quickly faded. His eyelashes would get the most attention for being extremely red. He has only ever gotten true compliments from girls being that his eyelashes are pretty not making him feel the best for that being his only noticeable physical trait, but he will get what he could.
  15. Enough with the lengthy physical intro. As you, the audience could tell, he loves video games. He did love his social interaction, but kept it to a minimum so that he could have time to play video games, watch anime, and read manga. He was quite the shy person, but he tried to always challenge that part of him. He loved to put himself out there even though he hated to be watched upon by a lot of people. That may sound contradictory, but it’s how he works. He tends to call that his love for adrenaline. Even thought he hates making himself stand out, he would still preform in front of the school and make a pun to hear everyone groan and a select few people actually find it amusing for some odd reason. No one wants to hear when getting to eat a salad “LET-TUSE eat!”
  17. Sometimes, he would try to exercise, but not outside. He hates bugs so he uses the treadmill he has in the basement. He feels so happy to have a dad that makes a well amount of money to be able to have exercise equipment in the house.
  19. The only thing that Chug is not afraid to do in front of others is talk extensively about video games. It doesn’t matter that he knows that his friends like different types of video games than him and find his constant raving to be annoying. He will still continue doing it.
  21. As the god of this here “story”, I am really pained to have to give this pointless description about the main character in this story. Time to change things up. I don’t usually do this, but as god, I need some entertainment every there and now. So who to possess? Should I do his dog? Nah, too hard to communicate anything to him. Maybe his mother? Yeah, that would work. As I possessed his mother Emily Gaaconroy, I was able to quickly become her. I know how she acts since I technically created her, as I am god.
  23. She had a nice body. She looked younger than what her actual age was in which she doesn’t like to talk about. She looked like she could be an older sister of Chug. She had red hair the same as him with the sole difference being that hers had a much fiery blaze to it.
  25. I yelled, “Hurry up and just get going! Those video games will end up in the trash if you don’t get ready and leave within five minutes!” That should get him going. Also, for all of you that are wondering, I can possess most people, but there are a select few for reasons beyond me that I am unable to possess and control. That is why I have taken a particular interest in his life since I don’t know what will happen next. I can read his mind, but that’s the extent of what I could do. All I can do is manipulate what he’s going to possibly do. Now time to leave my host and get back to narrating this story.
  27. “What was that? I feel like I wasn’t myself for a brief moment… Oh well.” She actually knew full well what happened to her. She is just waiting for the right time to bring up what happened. After all, she actually allowed god to possess her. She let whatever happened to her slid and went back to cooking dinner, which consisted of hamburgers. She was about ready to start grilling them.
  29. Hmm… I feel like I couldn’t read her for a couple seconds. Meh. Must have been my imagination.
  31. Back to Chug who was now saving the progress in his game. “Gwendolyn is such an awesome waifu in my laifu!” As an otaku, he was fine saying those words. He scrambled through his closet looking for what to wear.
  33. He said to himself, “Hmm… I’ll take this,” He said while taking a Death Note t-shirt. “This as well” He said as he grabbed a pair of brown shorts.
  35. He then went to his charger where his iPhone was lying and picked it up. “Might as well lay some Pokémon Go while I’m at it.” He opened the app to see what would cause him disappointment. “And there is that stupid thing Niantic pulled by taking off any form of actual tracking.”
  37. He decided to play some Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney on his phone because how he would get much more fun out of it than a broken Pokémon game. “I just hope I don’t walk into a tree like last time.”
  39. He ran downstairs and said his goodbyes to his mom. She replied with, “Be back in around an hour. You probably don’t want to eat burgers that have been turned to ashes, would you?”
  41. “No mom. Don’t worry.” He walked outside and started to play his game. All was good for about thirty or so seconds until an object flew into his vision and within that second, he was drenched all over.
  43. He vigorously wiped his phone in a desperate attempt to keep it alive and kicking. After a few seconds, he pressed the button on his phone to see it turned on. He sighed in relief then slowly raised his head to see what or who hit him. He was met with the glare from a group of people that looked to be around his age.
  45. The guy in the front walked up a bit and yelled, “Hey Chug! How’s it going? Nice day were having?” The guy yelled from a couple houses away while tossing a blue water balloon in his right hand. He also seemed to be laughing as well along with the other guys.
  47. Chug just grinned and responded with, “Water you doing with that water balloon Dick?”
  49. They all stopped laughing and groaned. Dick yelled at him “its Richard! Not Dick you asshat! And your jokes are terrible.”
  51. Chug commented, “They are both the same in my books. And you wouldn’t know a good joke if it hit you right in the face.”
  53. Dick laughed. “Oh yeah? Well, if I don’t have a sense of humor, then let me be hit by a flying ice cream truck!”
  55. Let it be done! All of a sudden, a weird song was faintly heard and starting to get closer. Dick noticed all the people with him running away and he looked up. He was met with a large truck with wings that he could easily assume was an ice cream truck.
  57. He yelled, “And live!”
  59. Fine, but no one will come to help you.
  61. The ice cream truck landed on him and drove away leaving a groaning bully.
  63. A policeman came and said through a speakerphone, “No dropping flying ice cream trucks on the sidewalk.”
  65. “Anyone gonna…help…me…?” He fainted with everyone walking by him not noticing him as if he’s invisible. Someone even walked on his face and didn’t notice or hear a gasp.
  67. Chug looked over to Dick still trying to process what happened. He was about to go and help till I said He’s fine to him. He looked over his shoulder to see no one there. He thought maybe it was his conscious or something telling to leave him is.
  69. You as the readers are probably confused or not if you don’t care about me, which would be ridiculous since I am the awesome creator of this world, and maybe even your world. Let me explain something to you all. I have certain things I can do about the situation with Chug. I can’t control him and I am unaware of his destiny, but the most I could do is talk to him. You all better accept my explanation since I am god and there are no official documents that say what I can and can’t do.
  71. Chug continued to walk along completely drenched, but he didn’t care much. At least he had an excuse to say that he decided to go for a small jog by saying that the water on him was sweat. He might have been wet all over now, but he was hoping that his clothes would be dry by the time he was back so his mom wouldn’t be suspicious of him.
  73. He’s been bullied most of his life. Not a bad as others since his has all been only at school while others have had to endure the pain of cyber bullying. He hated social media except websites like DeviantArt since he felt that it was a waste of time and everyone can create fake personas through social media. This may seem biased, but he feels that anyone who goes on websites like Facebook or Twitter is at risk of being bullied.
  75. He felt that he’s been the cause of his mom’s change in personality recently. His mom was a caring and loving mom who loved him to bits, but he noticed that she could become extremely scary whenever she found out he was being bullied. He knew that parents never want to see their children be hurt, but she wasn’t just angry and sad, she seemed like she was releasing some type of power. He just thought that it was his mom’s way of showing how much she cared about his well-being.
  77. “That was really weird. Where did that ice-cream truck even come from? I feel like I’m getting déjà vu.” Chug continued to walk along then stopped looking forward. “Maybe I should take a detour into the woods. Nothing like changing up my route.”
  79. He walked along the trail into the forest. That gives me a great idea! I just hope he could say something that can allow me to mildly interfere with his destiny.
  81. Chug walked along in the shaded forest making a crunching noise as he walks over the wilted leaves. He said to himself, “I wish something interesting could happen to change my life. Nothing too severe. I’ve already seen a flying ice-cream truck. Maybe something else could happen to make things more exciting for me.”
  83. That’s it! How oddly convenient for me. Him saying he wishes for a change in lifestyle means I can do something. Sadly, I can’t go into full control of him or do anything to him, but I can do t least one thing. I will leave an item on the ground for him to pick up. That will be how I can use my powers. I wish I could give myself a pat on the back for finding that loophole, but I sadly don’t have a body. Now what should I use?
  85. Chug continued on his game. “Maya is such a sweet girl. Her powers are so cool and she is also great waifu material. I wish I had a Magatama like she does.”
  87. Even more convenience for me! I will create the Magatama necklace that the Maya character wears. I will just make one appear along the trail with some of my powers infused into it. As of now, I will let the rest of this story tell itself.
  89. He continued walking along until he kicked something. He glanced down to expect a rock, but found a necklace. It was tough for him to make out with all the leaves everywhere so he proceeded to picking it up. Upon further inspection, he realized that it was the same Magatama necklace that the character Maya wears in his video game.
  91. He was confused. “Why would something like this be in the middle of the small forest in my neighborhood?” He looked it over to see that it was a complete replica of Maya’s. It had four pearls on it having two on each side of the Magatama. “It is definitely an exact copy of Maya’s necklace. How oddly convenient for this to suddenly appear here as I am walking and playing an Ace Attorney game.”
  93. He continued to think aloud, “With what happened earlier. Me finding an abandoned necklace from my video game isn’t as weird as seeing a flying ice-cream truck fall on that guy. Except for the fact that both events happened as we were talking about them.” Chug was really conflicted with the events.
  95. He then had an idea. “This may seem a bit far fetched, but maybe this could give me Maya’s spiritual powers if I put it on!” He suddenly became excited with his new idea. “Maybe I can channel the dead. But that would create problems I guess since I won’t be conscious at all.”
  97. He was worried for a second, but shacked it off. “Whatever. This is all too unlikely to happen. I will try it on though. Trying never hurt anyone…I hope.”
  99. He put on the necklace and waited. After around five minutes of waiting, but with no results, he said, “Maybe I need to do something. Maybe I should close my eyes and try my hardest to empty my thoughts.” He scanned the area until he noticed a bench in his sight. “Maybe I should sit there. There is no one around to see me act like this at least.”
  101. He ran on over to the bench and sat down. He felt a bit uncomfortable since he was wet, but he tried to not think about it.  He closed his eyes and began to concentrate. He tried his hardest on keeping his mind blank. As he did this, he was unaware of the Magatama around his neck suddenly glow brightly. It was so bright that a large shadow surrounded the bench.
  103. He then started to change. First it was his height. He was originally five feet and ten-eleven inches tall. Now he was shrinking down to a much smaller height of five feet and one inch tall. His clothing was now extremely baggy on him, but he was concentrating so hard that he didn’t notice or feel anything. As he shrunk his legs also shrunk, but were a bit longer in relation to his body size now than what they were when he was full size. His skin then shaved itself of any hair except for on his eyebrows and hair that was on his head. His skin then became softer and smoother all across his body. His shoulders were pushed inwards making his frame smaller. His waist thinned out taking away any fat as if a spoon making him much lighter scooped everything out. If he noticed the changes, he wouldn’t be able to guess what his weight was, but he would’ve known that he was pretty thin.
  105. The changed moved upwards to his head. His head compressed itself and became smaller and more rounded. The skin on his face became softer and got rid of the small amount of pimples he already had. His eyes grew a bit becoming more feminine. The color was mostly the same, but with an added hint of brown to the mix. His nose shrunk becoming cute making him sneeze. Yet he was still unaware of any changes that were happening to him. His ears also shrunk along with his nose. His mouth shrunk, but his lips plumped a bit making them soft and kissable. His eyebrows thinned and his eyelashes grew a bit longer and both turned jet black. The hair on his head started to become the same shade of black as his eyebrows and eyelashes. Once completely black, his hair slowly started to grow. It grew and grew passing his shoulders, and going down his back until stopping just above his butt. It even had a nice shine to it. The changes moved to his neck causing it to thin. You could say his Adam’s apple disappeared, but in actuality, it just shrunk making his voice much higher.
  107. The changes went back down and landed at his arms. They started to thin and became a bit shorter leaving them nice and smooth. His hands then started to shrink and become more delicate. The same went for his fingers as they shrank and also elongated. His nails even grew longer and became well manicured and shiny.
  109. The next changes traveled down to his special area. In a few seconds his special area disappeared and created a new special area for him… I mean her. The interesting thing about all this is that she was still oblivious to the changes and her new gender.
  111. The changes were still around the same spot and started to increase the size of her behind. It didn’t increase by too much, but just enough to make her feel better as she is sitting. Her hips got wider as they cracked, giving her child bearing proportions and helping her with having a more female structure.
  113. The changes moved downwards again and were now changing her legs and feet. They have already shrunken down a bit, but were now finishing up what was started at the beginning. Her legs got even smoother and curved a wee bit. Her feet shrunk even more making them too big for her shoes. Her toenails also became well manicured and shiny. Her thighs started to gain a big of fate making them quite beautiful and fit well with her new legs and butt.
  115. Last, but not least, the changes moved up to her chest. Her chest became smooth and flat like a chopping block. Then two small mounds started growing under her nipples. They grew slowly with each breath she took. After about a minute, she had a small B-cup.
  117. Now that she is a complete girl, her clothes are to come next. Her hair divided itself up into a few areas. Two of the sections were on both sides of his head in the front and the other one was the rest of her hair still down her back. The two in the front had a purple pearl hair ornament at the bottom of both stands. The rest of her hair had a larger one at the bottom and at the top of her hair, another small hair ornament created a small bun.
  119. The stuff on her t-shirt started to vanish until there was nothing there. Once the stuff was gone, it started to turn into that of a light purple. The same was going for her shorts. The shorts were losing anything that was in the middle until her underwear could be seen if you were to go underneath. Both pieces of clothing starting to come together until both were attached together. Her underwear changed into panties. An added bonus to the change of clothing was that her clothes were now dry instead of soaking wet. A new piece of clothing started to form out of thin air around her. It was a purplish red color and was really long. It formed a nice ribbon and wrapped around her body then tied itself up leaving some of it to drag behind her. Another piece of clothing was forming over her. It was like a thin vest with a nice darker purple color on it. It went over her back and her arms went through it. All that was left were her shoes. Most of the material disappeared leaving the bottoms and a strap over his feet. They then turned black and started to rise a bit. They were a nice pair of sandals that made her seem maybe an inch taller. Now that her transformation was completely done, she was a real life replica of Maya Fey in her complete outfit, which is a kimono and her Magatama.
  121. The Magatama stopped glowing and she decided to open her eyes since her idea was obviously wrong. Upon opening her eyes, she immediately noticed something was wrong. She wasn’t wet; she felt smaller; there was something weird against her back and neck; her clothes felt connected and there was a draft underneath her legs. She then quickly grabbed what was touching her to get a lot of jet-black hair in her hand.
  123. “Wh-what’s this?” She looked down and screamed. “What happened to me!? I-I-I look just like Maya Fey!” She quickly grabbed her phone and turned on her mirror app. “My face even looks like her.”
  125. She was frantic. “I should go home and figure out what happened. Maybe mom will understand. Will she even believe me if I told her I was her son? I hope she does.” She rushed back home.
  127. This is going to be quite interesting. Not as much as I was hoping for, but I will get some fun out of this.
  129. To Be Continued…
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