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Mar 22nd, 2017
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  1. Custom Tool Tutorial
  2. 1. Create a folder and name it 'Identification'
  3. 2. create a extensionless file and name it 'app'
  4. - Open 'app' with your text editor of choice
  5. - On line 1 write the name of the program. You can write anything here as this is cosmetic only.
  6. - On line 2 write a version number. Once again you can write anything.
  7. - On line 3 write a desciption. Can write anything.
  8. 3. Create a folder in the folder we just created called 'toolbar'
  9. - Create a 24x24px image in the 'toolbar' folder and call it icon.png. This will be the icon that show up on the toolbar.
  10. 4. Create a batch file (.bat) using your text editor of choice containing the full path to the program you want to run. Name it TilesetBuilder.bat. (ex: E:\Tools\Aseprite\Aseprite.exe)
  11. 5. Use bat2exe ( to turn said batch into something MV can find and execute. Make sure it's called TilesetBuilder.exe.
  12. 6. In MV open the RPG Maker MV Tools menu and press the 'Select Path...' button and navigate to the folder that contains TilesetBuilder.exe
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