Adorable Malevolence

Mar 28th, 2014
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  1. The roaring cries of the machine finally began to die down as steam poured out of the capsule in all directions. The ever-faithful servant, working the controls of the machine at the time, stopped to observe the results of his master’s latest insanity. Donning his mask, he waited for the fumes hidden within the steam to dissipate before stepping out from behind the console and approaching the chamber that he had observed his master step into moments before beginning this crazed scheme.
  3. Much like a movie, thunder crackled outside as the master chose this particular night to perform this deed. The cliché was not lost on the master at all; in fact, it was the sole reason behind the date he had chosen. Nothing quite like a nice severe thunderstorm when you… hmm, perhaps now would be the worst time to say why.
  5. A small hoof emerges from the fog as the color begins to drain from the servant’s face. The master rarely calculated wrong, but this could still prove disastrous. More hooves emerge as does the body, the figure slowly coming into focus from behind the veil of steam and fumes. Backwards the figure stepped, its tail swishing about in some vain attempt at dispersing the surrounding blanket.
  7. As the figure finally comes into clear view, the servant can only stare in horrid amazement. His master had succeeded. There, exiting the capsule was a filly, a filly of rather unusual characteristics. Almost cartoonish in appearance, which did fall in line with the master’s goal? It met all the specifications, but was this small child horse really the goal?
  9. The filly looked herself over, eying with great interest her every curve and contour of her form. Each detail being carefully crafted and specified, each capable movement of the muscles, and it all came together to give her a quick, nimble, and most importantly, an adorable size.
  11. A smile etched onto her face as she gave a few experimental hops around her immediate area. The smile quickly turned into glee as she stared up at the servant, who had now made his way to her side and was kneeling before her. The stare she gave asked many questions as the servant remained silent, letting his face answer each.
  13. “Is your heart still beating, my servant?” the filly questioned. The servant could only nod in affirmation. The filly sat upon her haunches and giggled. “Good, but the real test will have to come very soon. We will need someone not yet loyal to me in order to see how well this works out. For now, I want to rest. You will take me to my room.” Upon finishing her sentence, the filly reached her forehooves outward towards the servant. He obliged quickly, lifting her up and carrying her off towards the master’s room.
  15. As he walked, he couldn’t help but continue to study the small creature in his arms. In that body resided the mind of his master. He had successfully changed his form into that of a small pony from a show he recalled his master taking an unusual interest in watching. Of course, fans came in all shapes, sizes, and lifestyles, but the master’s interest was different. He believed the show to be his key to unlocking his dream, a dream that only those not in their right mind would ever dare chase after.
  17. Still, the servant was faithful. The master could not be the same as those others who sought after such a dream. The care he provided his servants and the devotion to his work proved to all his servants that his heart had to contain some level of purity. The servant could only hope, as he opened the door to the master’s room, that the purity they all felt would still remain strong, even after the master fulfilled his- no HER wishes.
  19. A pain ripped through the servant’s chest as he tucked the filly into the master’s bed. The most important ability they planned for was already starting to emanate from her sleeping form. As she curled up under the blanket, the servant could feel the aura they dubbed “cuteness” overwhelming him. Slowly, it was beginning to eat away at his will like acid. The master promised that should the servant succumb to this effect, no real change would emerge. At worst, it would feel like a intense hug from someone of great strength. The servant took comfort in these words as he retreated from the room.
  21. Returning to the room with the capsule, the servant began to look over all the information the machine had recorded during the transformation. Everything must be double-checked to ensure absolute success. If even one thing should go wrong, the master wouldn’t have very long to live at all.
  23. As he worked, the servant recalled the spark that began this descent into madness. It stuck with him because it seemed, at least at the time, incredibly odd for the master to suggest such a thing. Sure, the master had long since held a lofty dream, but there was never any indication that he would go about an unorthodox method to achieve it.
  25. The servant continued reading through the data on the screen before him, his thoughts drifted towards that night two months ago. The night the master returned home from the ball in silence. It was highly unusual for the master as he always had something to say concerning that ball. The only difference of that night was the belle of the ball. This one was new, as one of the bodyguards had relayed to the rest of the servants when they met to discuss the master’s behavior. He appeared captivated by her appearance, as did every other attendee. As they all observed her walk down the stairs, the master was observed examining the reactions of all the others around him.
  27. The growing frustration on the master’s face was incredibly apparent as he watched. The only other time he wore such a look was when he was confronted with something he didn’t understand, yet it was clearly outside of his grasp. The master hated not being able to comprehend things he took interest in, even if it was something as simple as why those around him were so transfixed by the beauty of the belle.
  29. The master’s gaze returned to the belle with a new look. He wasn’t taking in her visage anymore, he was studying her. Meticulously going over every detail his mind could perceive of this girl. Realization must’ve struck near the end, according to the bodyguard, as the master quickly downed the rest of his champagne and instructed the bodyguards that they were departing immediately. No other words were exchanged after that, save for the formal goodbyes to the hosts, not to mention the apologies for the early departure.
  31. The ride home with the master was nerve wracking for each guard within the limo. Even the driver felt sweat beating down his forehead and neck, as the silence within the vehicle was frighteningly thick. Each one recounted the look on the master’s face as being one of the scariest things they had witnessed that night. It was almost unreadable, but they could each tell the master had something on his mind that none could dare attempt to tear him away from without fear of dire consequences.
  33. Neither servant could tell what went through the master’s mind that night once he entered the mansion, but they all agreed: had they known what the master would tell them the next day, maybe then they would’ve had a chance at stopping this before it had began.
  35. “I’m sure you all are curious as to why I gathered you like this,” the master addressed his servants as they were all standing within the entrance hall of the mansion the day after the ball. None of the servants responded, but they all had given a response the master was quite accustomed to either way. “Today, I am going to begin work on realizing a goal. A goal I thought impossible until the answer struck me last night. Soon, I, your esteemed master,” the master spoke to his servants, each one listening intently before collectively recoiling in intimidation and surprise, “shall rule the world!”
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