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  1. faggot |ˈfagət|
  2. noun
  3. 1 (usu. faggots) Brit.a ball or roll of seasoned chopped liver, baked or fried.
  4. 2 (US fagot )a bundle of sticks bound together as fuel.
  5. • a bundle of iron rods bound together for reheating, welding, and hammering into bars.
  6. 3 N. Amer. informal, derogatory a male homosexual.
  7. 4 Brit. informal, dated an unpleasant or contemptible woman.
  8. verb ( faggots, faggoting, faggoted;US fagots, fagoting, fagoted ) [ with obj. ]
  9. 1 archaic bind in or make into faggots.
  10. 2 (in embroidery) join by faggoting.
  12. faggoty adjective
  13. ORIGIN Middle English (in the sense ‘bundle of sticks for fuel’): from Old French fagot, from Italian fagotto, based on Greek phakelos ‘bundle’.
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