CryptoNote connections

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  1. CryptoNote connections
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  4. The web archive shows that as of October 20, 2013 the CryptoNote website contained the information about Alain Meier’s project. Alan’s website and github are also indicated.
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  7. Who is this man? According to the account description he’s a chief technical officer at BlockScore, the project run by Stanford Bitcoin Group.
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  10. Stanford Bitcoin Group website corroborates this information.
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  13. This is Alan Meier’s project. It's described as follows: "CryptoNote is a simple open source web application that lets users encrypt and share messages that can only be read once". Now we can see what Alan used the domain name for.
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  16. Currently Alan Meier’s project can be found here.
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  19. Here Alain Meier claims to have sold the domain name on Feb 18, 2014.
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  22. The CryptoNote platform is a much more sophisticated project than the one run by Alan Meier. The CryptoNote technology allows for creation of completely anonymous cryptocurrencies and has been praised by top notch cryptographers such as GMaxwell (
  23. To create something with this level of complexity the highly skilled team of cryptographers, mathematicians and programmers would be essential. Those kinds of teams are in short supply around the world but Stanford Bitcoin Group clearly fits the description.
  25. 8. It's possible that Stanford Bitcoin Group and Alain Meier don’t have anything to do with CryptoNote. Still if Stanford Bitcoin Group wanted to keep the whole thing secret, Alan would have to deny any assumptions of his ownership of the domain, which he in fact does. The connections between CryptoNote and Stanford Bitcoin Group being haphazard are highly unlikely. What really might be the case here is that Stanford Bitcoin Group was at least partially involved in development of CryptoNote.
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