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  1. Slackware% x64
  2. Detecting ISA HardSID boards.
  3. Could not open '/dev/port'.
  4. Cannot get permission to access $300.
  5. Detecting PCI HardSID boards.
  6. No PCI HardSID boards found.
  7. HW scale not available, forcing to disabled
  8. HW scale not available, forcing to disabled
  10. *** VICE Version 3.0 ***
  11. OS compiled for: Linux glibc 2.23
  12. GUI compiled for: GTK+
  13. CPU compiled for: AMD64/x86_64
  14. Compiler used: GCC-5.3.0
  15. Current OS: Linux 4.4.38 (glibc 2.23)
  16. Current CPU: AMD Athlon(tm) II X2 220 Processor
  18. Welcome to x64, the free portable C64 Emulator.
  20. Current VICE team members:
  21. Andreas Matthies, Martin Pottendorfer, Marco van den Heuvel, Fabrizio Gennari,
  22. Groepaz, Marcus Sutton, Kajtar Zsolt, Stefan Haubenthal, BSzili, AreaScout,
  23. Bas Wassink.
  25. This is free software with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.
  26. See the "About VICE" command for more info.
  28. X11: GTK version compiled with: 2.24 (xf86 ext:yes cairo:yes pango:yes VTE:yes hwscale:no fullscreen:yes ui-threads:no)
  29. XRandR: XRandR reports current display: 1280x1024@50
  30. Loading system file `/usr/lib64/vice/C64/kernal'.
  31. Loading system file `/usr/lib64/vice/C64/basic'.
  32. Loading system file `/usr/lib64/vice/C64/chargen'.
  33. Loading system file `/usr/lib64/vice/PRINTER/mps803'.
  34. Palette: Loading palette `/usr/lib64/vice/PRINTER/mps803.vpl'.
  35. Loading system file `/usr/lib64/vice/PRINTER/nl10-cbm'.
  36. Palette: Loading palette `/usr/lib64/vice/PRINTER/nl10.vpl'.
  37. NL10: Printer driver initialized.
  38. Palette: Loading palette `/usr/lib64/vice/PRINTER/1520.vpl'.
  39. Loading system file `/usr/lib64/vice/DRIVES/dos1540'.
  40. Loading system file `/usr/lib64/vice/DRIVES/dos1541'.
  41. Loading system file `/usr/lib64/vice/DRIVES/d1541II'.
  42. Loading system file `/usr/lib64/vice/DRIVES/dos1570'.
  43. Loading system file `/usr/lib64/vice/DRIVES/dos1571'.
  44. Loading system file `/usr/lib64/vice/DRIVES/dos1581'.
  45. Loading system file `/usr/lib64/vice/DRIVES/dos2000'.
  46. Loading system file `/usr/lib64/vice/DRIVES/dos4000'.
  47. Loading system file `/usr/lib64/vice/DRIVES/dos2031'.
  48. Loading system file `/usr/lib64/vice/DRIVES/dos2040'.
  49. Loading system file `/usr/lib64/vice/DRIVES/dos3040'.
  50. Loading system file `/usr/lib64/vice/DRIVES/dos4040'.
  51. Loading system file `/usr/lib64/vice/DRIVES/dos1001'.
  52. Drive: Finished loading ROM images.
  53. openGL: GLX_SGI_video_sync extension is supported
  54. Sound: Available sound devices: pulse alsa uss sdl dummy fs dump wav voc iff aiff mp3 flac ogg soundmovie
  55. Detecting PCI CatWeasel boards.
  56. No PCI CatWeasel found.
  57. Detecting libieee1284 ParSIDs.
  58. use ieee1284_data_dir to change data line direction!
  59. use ieee1284_data_dir to change data line direction!
  60. use ieee1284_data_dir to change data line direction!
  61. use ieee1284_data_dir to change data line direction!
  62. Received signal 11 (SIGSEGV), exiting.
  64. Exiting...
  65. Drive 8: RESET.
  66. Sound: Opened device `pulse', speed 44100Hz, fragment size 1.5ms, buffer size 100ms
  67. reSID: MOS8580, filter on, sampling rate 44100Hz - resampling, pass to 19845Hz
  68. Sound: Closing device `pulse'
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