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  1. ```
  2. Acronym list
  4. TLA- Three Letter Agency (FBI, CIA, NSA, Etc)
  5. RTFR - Read the fucking rules
  6. LG - Learning Grounds
  7. IT - Information Technology
  8. IS - Information Security (InfoSec)
  11. Hat colors and what they are
  13. White - Ethical hackers, employed by individuals or businesses to test security systems or as a systems administrator to keep the systems online. Most commonly found hired with authorization for compromise security and computer systems and/or networks.
  15. Black - Unethical hackers, violating computer security for personal gain or pure maliciousness for the simple sake of enjoyment. Nine times out of ten the people who wear this hat are violating laws and regulations.
  17. Grey - An inbetween, rarely hacking for malacious intent, most commonly found penetrating and compromising systems and networks without authorization, but goes to the individual and/or business after-the-fact to inform them of the weaknesses in said applications.
  19. Red - Vigilantes or dormant , never really an inbetween. Most commonly found hunting black hats, however the dormant style would be considered highly skilled and can be found breaking (DDoS, virus upload, etc) an attempting unauthorized entry in return for trying to gain access to their(the red hats) systems.
  21. Green - The noobs of the playground, unlike skidz, they actually have an inclination for learning and strive to become a fully educated hacker. Often found being bullied or flamed for asking too many questions, but when answered will listen intently.
  23. Blue - Solo individual who typically bug tests, pen tests, and exploit tests a system or network before it launches, so it can be fixed appropriately. Also known as the security professionals Microsoft invites to find vulnerabilities in Windows distributions. Less commonly seen but still existing for some reason under blue hats are "Skidz who take revenge".
  25. Skidz (Skript Kiddie)- an individual with no desire to learn how to properly hack, instead copying other individual(s) code and putting it to use for themselves as a virus, SQLi, or other various means. Most commonly seen overusing LOIC or Metasploit, and watching youtube videos on how to use said programs.
  27. ```
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