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  1. Game 1
  2. Pre-Game
  3. Holydeamonz: hey
  4. Holydeamonz: wanna come discord?
  5. Holydeamonz: teamwork makes the dream work1
  6. In-Game
  7. Holydeamonz: glhf
  8. Holydeamonz: hey Olaf, not too familiar with the matchup, how is top?
  9. Holydeamonz: k im doing the 'fuck with evelynn' minigame so i'll try to avoid 2v1 top at least
  10. Holydeamonz: not really
  11. Holydeamonz: i cant take q lvl 1
  12. Holydeamonz: or 2
  13. Holydeamonz: gj
  14. Holydeamonz: eve will be botside
  15. Holydeamonz: :/
  16. Holydeamonz: just fcking base
  17. Holydeamonz: omg
  18. Holydeamonz: are you saying draven is free gank?
  19. Holydeamonz: or
  20. Holydeamonz: ah so that is what you were sayign
  21. Holydeamonz: well i came bot
  22. Holydeamonz: and got 2v1
  23. Holydeamonz: by their jgl and supp
  24. Holydeamonz: while u afk
  25. Holydeamonz: so ye
  26. Holydeamonz: good
  27. Holydeamonz: lmao
  28. Holydeamonz: 1st this is a smurf so idc
  29. Holydeamonz: 2nd you dont get banned for not ganking
  30. Holydeamonz: :D
  31. Holydeamonz: this is why i dont come bot
  32. Holydeamonz: you legit ignore me
  33. Holydeamonz: lmaaoo make up your mind
  34. Holydeamonz: either youre trolling (dont want to win) or youre bad
  35. Holydeamonz: in neither case is it my fault
  36. Holydeamonz: you are the reason nobody likes spanish players
  37. Holydeamonz: does it matter olaf
  38. Holydeamonz: I said from the start I counter evelynn's movements this game
  39. Holydeamonz: and i did
  40. Holydeamonz: :shrug:
  41. Holydeamonz: i've been playing this game for years
  42. Holydeamonz: always been like this
  43. Holydeamonz: still not used to it
  44. Holydeamonz: same :feelsgladman:
  45. Holydeamonz: ah shes actively trolling me now
  46. Holydeamonz: following and taking farm
  47. Holydeamonz: nah i dont think i'll play more after this game
  48. Holydeamonz: need to get some sleep
  49. Holydeamonz: i dont know
  50. Holydeamonz: i dont count on anything happening from this game tbh
  51. Holydeamonz: jinx is an idiot but nothing shes said is particularly toxic
  52. Holydeamonz: doubt shed get banned
  53. Holydeamonz: hah
  54. Holydeamonz: ye maybe i should roleswap too
  55. Holydeamonz: jinx is actively trolling btw
  56. Holydeamonz: Flash / heal / ult on me for no reason
  57. Holydeamonz: and following around taking jgl camps
  58. Holydeamonz: Conqueror's busted man
  59. Holydeamonz: cause ZerO GAnKS NoB JgL
  60. Holydeamonz: should just ff tbh jinx doesnt wanna play
  61. Holydeamonz: no sense wasting our time
  62. Holydeamonz: Yea I was charmed morg
  63. Holydeamonz: Unfortunate :D
  64. Holydeamonz: idk why you duo with that guy tbh morg
  65. Holydeamonz: you dont seem like a child
  66. Holydeamonz: ah wlel
  67. Holydeamonz: cant win em all
  68. Holydeamonz: oof
  69. Holydeamonz: pls morg vote yes ? <3
  70. Holydeamonz: ggs 9x jinx pls
  71. Game 2
  72. In-Game
  73. Holydeamonz: glhf
  74. Holydeamonz: solid
  75. Holydeamonz: shit
  76. Holydeamonz: unlucky
  77. Holydeamonz: didnt have e
  78. Holydeamonz: FFS
  79. Holydeamonz: it fucking reset....
  80. Holydeamonz: at 1.2k
  81. Holydeamonz: shit game
  82. Holydeamonz: this is a tragedy
  83. Holydeamonz: seroiusly why couldnt you guys just come up while i was doing it earlier
  84. Holydeamonz: literally 3 autos
  85. Holydeamonz: instead of afk bot
  86. Holydeamonz: no
  87. Holydeamonz: earlier
  88. Holydeamonz: while you were 2v0 bot
  89. Holydeamonz: muted @ reported
  90. Holydeamonz: :)
  91. Holydeamonz: are you blind or
  92. Holydeamonz: spiders sorry
  93. Holydeamonz: EZREAL
  94. Holydeamonz: HELLOOP
  95. Holydeamonz: GOOD M ORNING
  96. Holydeamonz: god youre such a waste of oxygen
  97. Holydeamonz: k
  98. Holydeamonz: ff
  99. Holydeamonz: ff
  100. Holydeamonz: legit stop wasting our time
  101. Holydeamonz: that's pretty funy
  102. Holydeamonz: dont start my dude
  103. Holydeamonz: youre the last one who isn't fullmuted
  104. Holydeamonz: dont let me down <3
  105. Holydeamonz: dont forget to report Volibear btw
  106. Holydeamonz: neonazi name
  107. Post-Game
  108. Holydeamonz: wp rene
  109. Holydeamonz: hope you meet the 6 million in hell, volibear
  110. Holydeamonz: disgusting human
  111. Holydeamonz: you know what im talking about
  112. Holydeamonz: dont play stupid
  113. Holydeamonz: bet youre one of those fuckheads that browse Frenworld and pretend its all jokes
  114. Holydeamonz: honk honk
  115. Holydeamonz: you should be shot in the streets
  116. Game 3
  117. Pre-Game
  118. Holydeamonz: there you go
  119. Holydeamonz: good guy opponents
  120. In-Game
  121. Holydeamonz: glhf
  122. Holydeamonz: can i have the fun too
  123. Holydeamonz: ok worth i think
  124. Holydeamonz: wp
  125. Holydeamonz: he came out of base
  126. Holydeamonz: i just got 1v1'd
  127. Holydeamonz: by ryze
  128. Holydeamonz: at my raptors
  129. Holydeamonz: had to back
  130. Holydeamonz: muted
  131. Holydeamonz: this is what happens when i try to path up to gank for you
  132. Holydeamonz: but np
  133. Holydeamonz: inting lane never gank
  134. Holydeamonz: lemme mute more of you
  135. Holydeamonz: :hehe:
  136. Holydeamonz: bro the enemy team isnt gonna care leo
  137. Holydeamonz: died before it was in smite range bro
  138. Holydeamonz: But ty for your suggestion
  139. Holydeamonz: :)
  140. Holydeamonz: Very welcome!
  141. Holydeamonz: 3 losing lanes
  142. Holydeamonz: ^^
  143. Holydeamonz: Every time I tried to go to a lane I got collapsed on by their laners and olaf
  144. Holydeamonz: who actually reacted
  145. Holydeamonz: bot had an afk, top inting
  146. Holydeamonz: hard to do anything as elise
  147. Holydeamonz: but i dont expect you to understand
  148. Holydeamonz: mate
  149. Holydeamonz: you're making it sound like its an instaloss when you lose a buff
  150. Holydeamonz: lmfao
  151. Holydeamonz: "all of my team flames omfg" best attitude
  152. Holydeamonz: eksdee
  153. Holydeamonz: i just took a tower!
  154. Holydeamonz: 1-1!
  155. Holydeamonz: maybe if you bought boots
  156. Holydeamonz: seroiusly tho leo why dont you have boots
  157. Holydeamonz: at 26 min
  158. Holydeamonz: ggs!
  159. Post-Game
  160. Holydeamonz: reProT AlL omg
  161. Holydeamonz: You guys do know that you're not like
  162. Holydeamonz: obligated to report someone every game right
  163. Holydeamonz: lmao kaisa
  164. Holydeamonz: you did
  165. Holydeamonz: least damage
  166. Holydeamonz: LOLO
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