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  1. //STEP03  EXEC PGM=SORT              
  2. //SYSOUT    DD SYSOUT=*           OUTPUT messages from SORT      
  3. //SORTIN    DD DSN=...,DISP=SHR   Input IF SORT request          
  4. //SORTOUT   DD DSN=...            OUTPUT for SORT request
  5. //SORTOFxx  DD DSN=...            OUTFILE OUTPUT data sets      
  6. //SORTXSUM  DD DSN=...            OUTPUT eliminated by the SUM stm
  7. //SORTWKnn  DD UNIT=SYSDA,        Work files IF SORT request      
  8. //SYSIN     DD *                  Control statement input data SET
  9.    SORT control statements                                        
  10. /*
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