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  1.     Champter ONE
  3.     HOOOOOO one time in dreamland high there was this bro………... I thinkhis name was mark or marux or something eueughghgh Yes. that was it he was walking down the halllway with his friend galctacat kngiht >w< he said “AAAAAAAAAA MARX.YOu should TOTALLY come overe this evening ;D”and marx is like
  5.     “bro YEAHDGSF” and THENM. He bunmped into this hot dudue with cute neko ears. It went all slow motion just like in anime and marx was like “ooooooog m y bad oh shit your sexy LOL”magolor blushed>w< “u r so sweet nyaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!! Uwuw >//w//<” and marz bllsufbed. Htey both reached for a book and THEY TOUGHECDED  reached for a book and THEY TOUGHECDED. XD silly me! (ahem, anyway) “OOOOOOOOOOO FUCK!!! SEXY MAN I DID NOT MEAN TO HELJD YOUR HAND OOOO!!!!!!”
  7.     “its alright !! >////< ur sexy too btw hehehehe…….”  oh god he was very sexy and kinda og like in thhe anime when there is a sexy man and there is roses around him. “😳” marx yaoied. And oh FUCK I FORGOT galacta knight is there also and he is watchin g this go down like “bro… that’s gay O-O”
  9.      “a-anyway,” magolor said BLUSHING “wanna come over to my place this evening and play bideo game?????? oowah!! >w<”
  11.     “ABDSOLUTE WAITC FUCL galakacta knight my man can he come too smexy”
  14. “Or corse uwu” magolor said; they all meat up at margolor;s house and have lunchj it was tuna slalad btw XDD. “oh this is so good magolor your such a good cook :)” he . after EAsting they playes a super mario game but except it wasnt mario because that would be copyright infringement. It was….. Oreo.wait FUCK. it was called susper ballrios; bronkers and thye played it for like idk 3 hours or something?
  16.     “ wowa magolor your so good at this GAME what the fuck!!!! Marry me” marx said to magggorlr when he beat everyonone.
  18.      “Ya I habe a high score of uuhhh fuckiin 23195724689793246374863274843697234 or some shit lol…. Also haha what bro?” margolor looked at marx with his big anime eyes with like stars in them you could see the milky mway.  Marx blushd and looked away for asecond before saying “nothing… b-baka >-<” and going bak to his game.
  20.     galacta knigbt PUSHEHS them into eachother like OOPS LOL XD and they kis like in a anime. They bothgj bluhs before they still kis but like they’re in love now. They are boyfriendg and boyfiend. Congfarst you too ahha.” glatca ngiht siad “yoooo are you bouyfriends” and they say Yes.
  22.      “wow!” he XDd. galatca kngiht made the ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) face😏…. O//-//O. 7v7 >w< owo QAQ AAAA GUSY THEY ARE BOYFRIEMDS!!!!!! It was getting drak so the three of them headed home for hte night.
  24. “yoOU should come biy aagain HEHAHHA… mayybe for a sleepover 😏😜😳”
  26.     “ how did you say thise out loud” marx clowbed.
  28.     “;3c:” said magolor THEY KISSDEm and then marx headed to his house ans slept and has dreans oh his BE ef.
  29.     “See you tomorrow baka QuQ” said marx ijn the morning
  32.             the end
  35. CHAMPET two heehoo
  37. Glaacta. HE was walking home from magolor’s house and hye was looking at the house sadly becasuue je hasd never had a friend except marx :( WHENN SUDDENYL A Sexy Man WOOHSHSHSHED from gbehin d  him and said “ wow…. You are very h. Oooo OOOOOO dok you want to be boyfrienmssss….. 😳” and galacta night said YES. he was do happy he had boy freidn and he asked him if the sexy man if hje wanted to come over for the night and also  
  39.      “What is ur name sexy man -_-”
  42. “Meat kngiht” he said, sexilyand gkgaacta nkight said “ wow that;s hot let’s go”
  44.       As they walked home glaacta knight heard an unfamiliar sound. It was meat knight;s clapping assk scheceks…. Woah o////O. “Like what you see?  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)” meata jnghit said…. yses ;D.
  46.     They arrives at his house and sat down. They played monopoly. And then JNENGA and the tower fell down on them and they landed on top og weach othwr like in the romance movie HEHAHAH. They blushed as they cleaned typu the blocks togrther. how romnanic uwu! And then WOAH SHIT kiirby was there he said poyo lol.
  48.     “ kirby twe were having a moment -_-..........” said meata knight, sexily like a sexy wexy man uwu. And then kirby was like Aight and left them, with a wink hehe!. The two knightd had a FUCKING sleepover. They fuckding went to. SLEEP! They slept together like snsnnznzsnznszzz and it was gay ashell.
  50.     They wake up and!N they OH SHIT IT”s A SCHOOL DAY FUCK!!!!!!!!! They rRSH Over to The School Dreamland highg and woaw they have second perois together like some sorta homosexuals lol o_o. They are daring now the end. Gay
  53.             CHAMPTER three,,
  55.     It;s the fucking weekend nnow  and marx magolor galacta knight and meat nkigt are going to go on  ab double fateQ!!
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