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  1. <Jarrod> ta- was being rape by a...
  2. <FK04|Mobile> During which Jarrod sodomized Rolz with a...
  3. <Jarrod> Hard old rock that was in the shape of a...
  4. <FK04|Mobile> leading LaCN Member by the name of...
  5. <ta-> baigo
  6. <FK04|Mobile> BAHAHA.
  7. <Jarrod> lmao
  8. <FK04|Mobile> Meanwhile, in Jarrod's bedroom...
  9. <Jarrod> A rebellion known as the Steam team was planning to take down Baigo's LaCN, it was lead by ....
  10. <FK04|Mobile> ta-, Jarrod, and the rest of the...
  11. <Jarrod> SR leadership who believe in the freedom and peace of KingsofChaos; All the sudden
  12. <FK04|Mobile> Red gets another LaCN tattoo and...
  13. <Jarrod> Gem- gets both a LaCN and SR tattoo also, but in reality she was actually...
  14. <FK04|Mobile> Remco- in disguise and so...
  15. <Jarrod> that resulted in being a shemale, ta- was romancing Remco- and didn't realize...
  16. <FK04|Mobile> that Remco- was a shemale Gem- and so...
  17. <Jarrod> said "Prepare your anus" and then that's when the...
  18. <FK04|Mobile> act of buttsec.x occured.
  19. <Jarrod> As Ta- was about to unleash his hose a great white light lit up from the Shemale's Anus...
  20. <FK04|Mobile> and successfully snuck into ta-'s Armory and Sabotaged 2 of type testicle. The shemale's great white light returned to the anus safely. In retaliation, ta-...
  21. <Jarrod> Went to the great and wise Kab, he was a holy saint who would never cheat or lie to anyone and was the only one ta- could trust, he then
  22. <FK04|Mobile> chained Baigo and raped TGF_LaCN for the lulz.
  23. <Jarrod> Meanwhile, at the edge of Middle KingsofChaos, a new threat that no one could fight was emerging, people sometimes refer to her as the Kitten.
  24. <kitten> o.O
  25. <kitten> what did i do...
  26. <Jarrod> read our story
  27. <Jarrod> looks legit to me
  28. <kitten> =[
  29. <kitten> i didnt do anything!!
  30. <Jarrod> yeah u did
  31. <kitten> what
  32. <Jarrod> wat
  33. <kitten> what did i do then
  34. <FK04|Mobile> Shit was SO cash.
  35. <Jarrod> Waited till Kab destoryed Baigo and his army of LaCN and then kab rapes TGF_LaCN u then decide to raise an unstoppable army that the Steam Team couldn't even defeat. we wait for the end
  36. <Jarrod> THERE WILL BE BLOOD
  37. <FK04|Mobile> So much blood.
  38. <FK04|Mobile> Jarrod must be on her period.
  39. <Jarrod> yeah i have a river of blood every month
  40. <FiendKing04> A river?
  41. <Jarrod> yeah
  42. <FiendKing04> More like a damn pond.
  43. <Jarrod> lolol
  44. <FiendKing04> Maybe even a lake.
  45. <Jarrod> I have a lake of blood in my back yard
  46. <Jarrod> bitches like lakes of blood
  47. <FiendKing04> That's not what your mum said last night.
  48. <Jarrod> lolol SHES LYIN
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