Lightbulb Hosting providers Vs Storage Providers

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  1. Lightbulb Hosting providers Vs Storage Providers
  2. I was looking at various storage providers like dropbox, onedrive, pcloud etc who have a limit in storage for a price tag associated and also at some hosting providers who provide unlimited space and bandwidth for a considerable less price.
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  17. For instance, namecheap one of the most trust-able brand and provider i know personally provides a solution for unmetered space.
  20. Can i upload 1tb of photos and at the same time use the space for hosting too?
  22. Can i upload 1tb of photos and at the same time use the space for hosting too?
  23. No, you cannot upload 1TB of photos on a shared host that offers 'unlimited' storage... read their TOS before falling for the 'unlimited' gimmick.
  25. Disk Usage Provision. The content on your website must be linked from an HTML or similarly coded web page with all content is freely available to the public. Your website must consist of web pages of a standard design, essentially HTML based text and graphics. Your hosting account should consist mostly of html and php files.
  26. A maximum of 10GB of a shared hosting account can be allocated to music, video or other multimedia files including but not limited to .aac, .avi, .mp3, .mp4, .mpeg, .jpg, .png, .gif files;
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  30. So you can upload 10GB of photos, at best.
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  35. @Andei covered it nicely.
  37. You would be best off using typical shared hosting plan for the website and use a backup hosting type account from a provider who specialises in them (usually cheaper per GB) and then link to the data from the site. It should work out cheaper that way, and the download speeds of the large/high number of files should be faster too.
  38. Fast Host - Cloud Hosting w/ LiteSpeed & Imunify360 Security
  39. Backup Storage - Backup Storage w/ SFTP, SSH & cPanel Access
  41. As most have told you do not fall victim to the unlimited scheme. What you will see in just about every host terms of use policy is that you cannot store data or backups in your hosting account. Everything that is allowed has to be directly related to your web site and its operation. So if you upload 10GB they monitor this and will check to see if this data storage is related to your website.
  43. Its best to purchase a data storage plan that allows for 1TB of storage that way you won’t have problems or lose your data or incur additional charges.
  45. The 'unlimited' is just a marketing gimmick. Providers who offer it have created their own definition of the word 'unlimited', so if you are referring 'unlimited' to what you know it should be, you are wrong. In their definition, an 'unlimited' hosting account is such an account which has no limit but is limited by inoneds or ram or cpu or a 'reasonable' amount of storage or something else. They also have their own definition of 'reasonable'. To know what they actually mean, you'll have to examine their legal documents very carefully, which I am 'sure' most people are expert at.
  47. Sadly, the gimmick has become the trend. Many people want everything for free or for a penny and many other gain advantages of it in serving their own greed. They will say anything to a customer and create a provision buried in their terms and conditions defining what their version of 'anything' refers to. Is it shady? Of course, but nothing will stop them if it can earn them money. They promise the sun and the moon but customers get less than they are promised. Some providers no longer feel the need for being transparent. As a result, mistrust between providers and customers is increasing.
  49. A lot of hosting providers although may offer unlimited hosting, it usually isn’t. This kind of thing is usually not allowed.
  51. Personally I’d look at using Dropbox, google drive or OneDrive. I think Amazon had an image storage deal as well..
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