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  1. 22:20   ENZ0    yo Cristal
  2. 22:21   Cristal ah hey
  3. 22:21   Cristal is it about indra?
  4. 22:21   ENZ0    have you talked to indra by any chance?
  5. 22:21   ENZ0    yea
  6. 22:21   Cristal I VMed him 3 days ago
  7. 22:22   ENZ0    he was looking for you too
  8. 22:22   Cristal but he hasn't been on since the 30th on smogon
  9. 22:22   ENZ0    i guess timezones
  10. 22:22   ENZ0    he has been on irc all the time
  11. 22:22   ENZ0    many times*
  12. 22:22   ENZ0    dont worry you are both busy ppl
  13. 22:22   Cristal can't be online very late as I am in an exams period
  14. 22:22   ENZ0    yea i understand
  15. 22:22   ENZ0    just try to get it done today
  16. 22:23   ENZ0    he might be on later
  17. 22:23   ENZ0    i think
  18. 22:23   Cristal but I don't understand that he didn't even go on smogon site
  19. 22:23   ENZ0    yea me neither
  20. 22:23   ENZ0    he just hangs out here
  21. 22:23   ENZ0    i guess
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