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  1. So that you remember for later, just put the stat bonus you get in brackets beside your race.
  3. Humans get +1 to all skill rolls
  4. Elves get +2 MIND
  5. Dwarves get +2 STR
  6. Halflings get +2 DEX
  7. Gnomes get +1 to DEX, +1 to MIND
  8. Half-orcs get +4 to STR, -2 to MIND
  9. Orcs get +5 to STR, and -5 to MIND
  10. Half-elves get +1 to DEX, and +1 to any 2 Skills
  11. Lizardmen get +2 to STR, +2 to Dex, -2 to MIND
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