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  1. Twitter @TheAnon0ne | E: | Voicemail: +1 (615)-Anon0ne
  5. More info:
  6. Official IRC:, #OpPedoChat  | Mibbit: No more Mibbit
  8. > BROKEN LINKS? Check for what you are looking for!
  9. > THIS PASTE PROTECTED BY ANONYMOUS; removing it again will have consequences, Pastebin.
  10. > Translated versions available in many languages:
  12. 7 July 2012 until Pastebin removed; put back up. EDIT 7/18
  14. Lately, there has been a surge of websites dedicated to pedophiles for chat, picture sharing, etc. These sickos openly advocate concepts like "man-boy love" with statements such as "If the boy [in this case only 8 years old] is asking for it, we shouldn't deny him". This is not limited to boys, boards for little girls exist as well and operate with impunity. Child pornography is frequently traded and even innocent pictures of random children (at the beach, on a playground, etc) are publicly fantasized about. This is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.
  16. WE Anonymous aim to diminish if not eradicate this plague from the Internet. For the good of our followers, for the good of mankind, and for our own enjoyment we shall expel from the Internet and systematically destroy any such boards that continue to operate.
  18. YOU are Anonymous as well. YOU can get off your ass and help. Spread the word to fellow Anons, to the press, and encourage them to do the same. Those that can attack are asked to fire their lazors; those that cannot are encouraged to learn. These pedos are very butthurt about being hit too, so there is some LULZ factor in it. SAIL SAFE!
  20. =========================================================================================
  21. #OpPedoChat - Section Edited 7/14 @ 7pm GMT
  23. "How can I help"? Read Operation PedoChat: A Field Manual For New Blood @ (EDIT: read it when PLF's website isn't under attack from anti-anons)
  26. The following sites are currently being targeted by Anonymous. BE SURE TO LET US KNOW IF A SITE SHOULD NOT BE ON THIS LIST; IT MAY BE "GUILTY BY ASSOCIATION" (eg, owned by a known pedophile, hosted on same server as CP, etc). This list will be updated with new information, victories, & targets so check back. Send new targets to @TheAnon0ne | Which one to hit?: ALL OF THEM, but in order starting with the four above this sentence. Use to see if up or down. If up, start hitting. If no luck, keep firing. Another anon will likely swing their ship around soon. SAIL SAFE!
  29. #############################################
  31. #############################################
  33. #OpPedoChat Victories / Media:
  35. At about 8AM GMT 7/8, 26 of 38 targets had experienced greater than 95% downtime since midnight.
  37. 7/8, 5:45 GMT: First round of dox >>
  38. 7/8, 7pm GMT: scratched from list
  39. 7/8, 8pm GMT: was defaced >
  40. 7/8, 9pm GMT: scratched from list
  41. 7/8, 9pm GMT: scratched from list
  42. 7/8, 9pm GMT: scratched from list
  43. 7/8, 9.15pm GMT: was scratched from list
  44. 7/9, 2am GMT: was defaced >
  45. 7/9, 3am GMT: 10 new targets added, WITH MATCHING DOX @
  46. 7/9, 3am GMT: Roderick Muit, admin of, email dump @
  47. 7/9, noon GMT: Video released >
  48. 7/9, 1pm GMT:  New Hive Link @ | Weaksauce, but ok for noobs
  49. 7/9, 2.30 GMT: & info posted @
  50. 7/9, 3.30GMT: Another dozen targets added.
  51. 7/9, 9.30pm GMT: Another 20+ targets added.  
  52. 7/9, 10.15 GMT: Another round of dox!
  53. 7/9, 11pm GMT: was defaced >
  54. 7/9, 11.40 GMT:Info >,, &
  55. 7/10, 4am GMT: Vulnerability assessment for @
  56. 7/10, 1pm GMT: Pastebin removed original declaration; reposted. backup @  ‪
  57. 7/10, 3pm GMT: Moar d0x soon. Official IRC: #OpPedoChat|Mibbit:
  58. 7/10, 7pm GMT: Vulnerability assessment for @
  59. 7/10, 7.30 GMT: Dox Round 5 released!
  60. 7/10, 8.20 GMT: Lost? Pub'd OpPedoChat: A Field Manual For New Blood @
  61. 7/11, midnight: Previously unannounced target defaced:
  62. 7/11, 4pm GMT: LOTS of new media cover, go check google. Also: My twitter was suspended, I created a new one and they shot it back down. Working on it. Stay tuned to this pastebin for any new info / targets / d0x, this will only slow me down not stop me! - if you need anything.
  63. 7/11, 7pm: Got twitter account back, and gave an exclusive interview to Reuters. ONLY TO REUTERS. The rest of the media can quit trying to contact me, thx.
  64. 7/12, 1230am: Removed, until we dig deeper. The site should be considered "Grey": see if you can tie the owners/admins, servers, etc etc to any of the targets and report via hushmail.
  65. 7/12, 2am: Vuln & Data Report MANIA! Multiple targets:
  66. 7/13 was spent countering disinfo, forgot to update this.
  67. 7/14, 7pm: NEW MASTER TARGETS LIST @
  68. 7/14, 7pm: LEARN ABOUT THIS SUB-OP: #Watchtower
  69. 7/15, 3.30am GMT: d0x happens, special disinfo agent edition!
  70. 7/15, 5.30pm: got #hacked, and they know it:
  71. 7/15, 6pm GMT: target list now has "near realtime" news:
  72. 7/19, moved to
  74. MEDIA: These were the first. Now, WAY too many to count! TY Anons / 99%!
  76. The Observer:
  77. The Examiner:  
  78. ZDNet:
  79. RT (espanol):
  80. The Register:
  81. Wired:
  82. New Europe:
  83. (Polish):
  85. We are Anonymous.
  86. We are Legion.
  87. We do not Forgive.
  88. We do not Forget.
  89. Expect Us.
  91. Twitter @TheAnon0ne | E: | Voicemail: +1 (615)-Anon0ne
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