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  3. This thread is an "expose", or rather just complete clarification, on the events of the newly announced RC7 product - of which primarily feature Refactor as the main director and developer. Thanks to AzulX (AwareFLT) for helping with the thread.
  5. I have worked on RC7 by myself. I personally devoted time into developing RC7 in order to contribute to the community in which were patiently waiting for the product, alongside this, I was reached out by Refactor himself in order to help out for a simple cut of 30% (of the total sales). Judging from the percentage cut, I assumed that development is going to be not too major on my part, potentially providing certain features and giving out code that I have made in order to further development.
  7. After a very short while, I was basically made to create the entire RC7 internals in order for the project to work - primarily due to Refactors complete unawareness on absolutely anything related to Roblox internals (not just Roblox internals, rather anything). This was embarrassing, because he's unable to even contribute to the project - yet is attempting to maintain a seriously demanding project such-like RC7.
  9. Once spending a few hours trying to get the RC7 code to compile and work, I decided it would be better to simply rewrite the entire source, as Refactor was expecting me to do all the C++ work - because of that it would be better if I was working on a codebase I'm familiar with. This is primarily the reason I had decided to rewrite the project. We agreed on me getting 60% of the total RC7 profit, which we had agreed with. Refactor tried several times to credit me as a "supportive teacher" rather than crediting me for writing the project itself - which clearly demonstrates his personality (The code to the file below is "supportive teacher", include the space).
  11. After 2 entire weeks of RC7's functionality and sales, I had still not been paid anything for my work on RC7 (of which i had entirely done). Refactor, once again, wanted me to update the exploit for him; since he was unable to do so himself. I refused to do it due not being paid and he blamed PayPal for all the issues preventing from paying me my cut. He continued to command me around and treat me as if I was his enslaved worker. This is exactly where I realised that Refactor does not deserve the quality of owning RC7, and generating any means of revenue from the "work" Refactor had supposedly done.
  13. So, the reasoning of this thread is essentially a list sources that display Refactor's inability to perform anything, let alone maintain or develop such a high demanding project like RC7 (in relation to its bytecode conversion method).
  15. This is not about the money, frankly, I don't really give a shit about my money cut. I care about his word of mouth and the way he's acting and lying to the general community. I care that he has any money in general because he deserves nothing. He's useless to the
  16. development team and has contributed nothing to anything. Yet, people continue to respect him and act as if he is a true icon.
  20. In order to effectively provide you, the reader, with evidence towards RC7's instability due to the owner being so incompetent, here is an extensive list filled with lovely pictures of Refactors discussions, all listed underneath spoilers with a description.
  22. [+]Agreement
  23. [+]Incompetence
  24. [+]Treatment
  25. [+]Lies
  27. FINALE
  29. Myself and others who have interacted with Refactor can guarantee the fact that this project is utterly in shambles. If you want to buy a project, make it a project that is reliable and also run by someone who understand what they are doing - examples of this can be Sentinel, Synapse or even Calamari. Whatever you do, DON'T BUY THIS!
  31. And, for what you've all came for, the source of this current RC7 model. I personally was not about to do this but after reviewing the absurdity of what Refactor has done, I feel the need to provide my work to the community who may be able to use it for the better.
  33. Jordan's code has been completely wiped from this source. Jordan is not affiliated to this expose and as of such his work will not be included in the leak, only my work will be.
  35. Download Link:!Fg4hjSzQ!HljkfmXpGlCTF...tlAqJtR-tk
  36. VirusTotal:
  37. The key for the download is hidden in the thread.
  38. (If you have trust issues, you can simply use the source files themselves.)
  40. Thank you for reading.
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