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  1. Today’s the day, the day in which I change my life for the better. I enthusiastically get out of bed and open the blinds. It’s beautiful outside. The birds are singing, the flowers are blooming, and the sun is shining. I open the window and take a moment to breathe in the fresh air. It sure feels like I’m to have a great day ahead of me.
  3. I get in the bathroom and do all the human essentials to start off the day. I brushed my teeth vigorously to avoid any plaque since I don’t want a repeat of last year. I shivered from the thought. I’m not scared of the dentist, but let’s just say that you should always brush your teeth kids. If only I started to listen to that sooner…
  5. I got in the shower and allowed my body to soak under the hot water that continuously rained down. Making sure to rinse every nook and cranny of my body. I applied the same soap I used for my body and squirted some in my hair. Good thing for those two in one soaps that were for both the hair and body. Spending less money always felt good. I kept my eyes closed to avoid any unwanted pain from the foamy liquid that slid down my body. Once done, I dried off with the nearest towel making sure not a single drop was left behind other than a few in my hair since it’s a pain in the ass to get completely rid of.
  7. When exiting the bathroom, I rummaged my closet for what to wear. I grabbed a pair of black boxers and slid them on. I took out a thin pair of black elastic shorts that were void of any zippers or button and as well as a plain white tank top. I also got out a pair of ankle white socks and encased my feet in them. Now with all that done, I am almost ready to go out. I dug deep into my closet and pulled out the remaining items that I needed for success.
  9. I took the items downstairs and quickly took out two hard-boiled eggs from the fridge that I made the previous night. I opened up the eggs and removed the yolk and gulped down the egg whites. After about five minutes, I made my final preparations and headed for the door. Upon opening it, I made this awkward grin and ventured onwards.
  11. I finally got started. Started on my goal to becoming fit, and what better way than jogging? There isn’t any. I’ve never looked all that fit. I’m a bit smaller than the average and I don’t really have much muscle. That is what I decided to get into shape, maybe be noticed a little more. I made a workout schedule that outlines what I will be doing everyday to help myself get fit. Jogging for the first day, and weight training tomorrow. I’m also making sure to eat healthier. I made sure to rid my house of anything I deem unhealthy. I even ate egg whites this morning for protein even though I have a strong hatred of eggs. Their lack of taste just makes me want to hurl sometimes, but I will power through it to meet my goal.
  13. As I continued to jog, I couldn’t help but notice the stars that were directed towards me. Can’t blame them though, especially with what I’m wearing. I was sporting a blue hoodie, blue sweat pants, and green running shoes. The shoes were mine to begin with, but the sweater and pants were borrowed. People could’ve been looking at me weirdly because it is too hot to be wearing this, but I think it was more so how it looked. The clothing didn’t look too weird per say, if worn by the right person that is.
  15. When I said I borrowed these, it was from a female friend of mine. Her name is Sarah. She was about my height since I was a bit below average and she was a bit above average. She looked like a goddess. No joke! She was so breathtakingly beautiful, that you might as well put her on a pedestal and worship her. Not only that, she is also the smartest person in my entire university! She isn’t only beautiful and gifted, but she is also super kind! She has her weird ideas at times, but that’s what makes her who she is.
  17. I don’t want to brag, but we are childhood friends. It’s almost like an anime if you look at it that way. I even have the biggest crush on her, but I’ve never told her in fear of running the friendship we have. I must sound like the most cliché anime protagonist out there. The only difference is that I know she isn’t into me. You all may think that that makes me sound like an even bigger anime protagonist. Yeah well…she is openly gay. She isn’t going out with anyone, but she has stated on multiple occasions her love for females.
  19. Back to how I got the clothing. I went to her for advice on how to become fit since she seems to keep herself in check. She helped me with the schedule for exercising and eating healthier. Before I left, she came to give me something. It was her sweater and sweat pants. I questioned her about it since it looked like it was for a more feminine figure. She said that she had bought one a bit bigger than what she needed, but couldn’t return it. She did stat that she still went and bought another one in her size and said that it was really helpful. I told her that I could just take one of mine out if she wanted, but she refused. She said that these specific articles of clothing could help me a lot. She came up with this weird idea about how wearing these pieces of clothing help me burn more when sweating. I didn’t believe her, but she showed me online all the reviews and somehow proved me wrong. I noticed however, that all the people who reviewed them were female. I asked her why no males have reviewed it and she said that they don’t like to talk about wearing woman’s clothing, but it worked for them as well. I decided to take her up on her word since I know she wouldn’t lie to me and I don’t want to see her sad face.
  21. So here I am, running in woman’s sweat pants and hoodie. I can see what she meant about how the hoodie was too big on her. It wasn’t that she was too small in height to wear this. I would know since we are basically the same height. The problem is the chest area. It seems that the hoodie was made for a woman with huge breasts, maybe DD-cups or even E-cups. I don’t know the exact measurements, but I think from her looks that she’s a B-cup. This however makes me look like an idiot. The chest part of the hoodie is flopping up and down as I’m running and I can easily guess from the onlookers how ridiculous it looks.
  23. I managed to carry on though as I swallowed my pride and continued to jog. I don’t know why, but today, I was running for much longer than I can usually go. That being said, this is my first time trying to jog, but whenever I’m just running around doing different tasks, I end up exhausted. Even walking for five minutes makes be want to pass out, but right now, I’ve been running for over half an hour and I’m barely breaking a sweat. I guess I should start picking up the pace now. It’s as they say, ‘No pain, no gain’.
  25. As I continued to jog a bit faster, I started to feel an aching pain in the legs. It took around ten full minutes to feel any form of exhaustion, but I decided to keep pushing myself. It was a matter of time before I started to sweat. I felt the tiny drop trickle down my forehead and fall from the tip of my nose. What’s odd is that it took me this long to start sweating. It is scorching hot outside and I’m in a hoodie and sweat pants. Usually, people would star sweating from the heat, but I only started recently from the exercise and I still don’t feel the actually heat affecting me at all. Maybe it’s from the hoodie and pants since I know for a fact that I’ve never been this resilient so the heat.
  27. The more I ran, the more I felt the pain that goes along with exercising. What started to happen at the same time, I wasn’t going to expect. My body slowly, very slowly began to change, however, it was so subtle and the feelings of the changes happening were completely outweighed by the feeling of exhaustion, I never noticed a thing as it happened. Not a single person would notice me change as well since it would take so long for a small change to happen that when looked at for a full ten seconds, they wouldn’t notice a thing. Doesn’t matter how much my body has changed; they would think I would normally look like that at any moment in the process.
  29. The first part of my body that changed was my height, or didn’t change? I don’t know. It was just so subtle. With every two steps I took, I lost a single millimeter in height. This process continued until I lost a full 2.54 centimeters or a full inch in height. However, once I was done shrinking, my legs started to grow. They went by that same two-step rule and brought me up to exactly the same height as I was before. I didn’t look too different, but if I were paying attention, I would’ve noticed how my pants rose a tiny bit.
  31. My skin started to pale. It wasn’t by much, but it would’ve been enough for someone to notice if it suddenly happened as fast as a snap of the fingers. It just happened at a gradual pace that no one would notice. The hairs on my body took a rather different approach. Instead of taking a long time to disappear, it all just sucked up into my body within mere seconds. I didn’t notice it though since I was wearing clothing all over my body and I already lacked any facial hair to begin with. That hair didn’t disappear, but instead traveled all the way to my head, where the only known hair on the outside of my body still existed. It started to accumulate there. It continued to accumulate and build up until my head couldn’t’ take it. To make sure I would not feel anything, the only option my body had was to expel it. The hair on my head started to grow really slowly. It grew and grew until it reached the middle of my back. It straightened out and became smooth and silky. Some of it flew in my face so I instinctively brushed it off without giving it a second thought. Even as it continued to fly around a bit, I never seemed to notice that it was about five times it’s original length. It even started to change from its old brown color to a new and beautiful silvery color. And for some reason, I still haven’t noticed a thing.
  33. As the sweat fell down my face, it triggered my next set of changes. These changes probably looked the most weird since it happened at a gradual speed, but changes a lot of visuals. My entire face rounded out to give me a more feminine facial structure complete with risen cheekbones and then the skin completely softened to make it delicate to the touch. My eyes enlarged slowly giving them a more beautiful and innocent look. Even my irises started to change color from my normal green colored eyes to a piercing and unusual reddish color, but oddly complemented my hair to a tee. Even my eyelashes changed as they grew longer and more refined and even changed colors to red to match my eyes, which is odd since my head hair is silver, but once again it somehow looks right. As the sweat slid down the bridge of my nose, it began to shrink making it as cute as a button. That same droplet of sweat rolled down to my lips rather than falling off and plumped them up to make them cute and kissable.
  35. People continued to star at me as I ran, but I couldn’t care less. I know this sweater looks weird but it’s a noble sacrifice to wear so that my appearance can improve. Little I knew what improvements my body was getting though. People actually assumed I was a girl that possessed to curves whatsoever or that I was wearing a very strong sports bra as I jogged. Some girls unbeknownst to me pitied me for wearing this sweater with no breasts to show. It’s hilarious how I still never noticed a thing.
  37. I started to pant, but made sure to continue onwards. As I panted however, some sweat went down my neck and over the area that my Adam’s apple was. Due to that, my neck started to slim down and my Adam’s apple started to shrink into almost nothing. As this was all happening, my panting started to get higher and higher pitched; yet I never noticed a thing. My mind was way too focused on burning calories and gaining endurance to hear myself pant in a completely high pitched and feminine voice.
  39. The more I ran, the more I continued to rain bullets. The sweat was now arriving faster and faster and started to build up in my shoulders, armpits, arms and hands. It first started with my shoulders that had the most sweat if you included the armpits. They slowly crashed inwards making my overall frame more petite and helping the sweater become a bit more comfortable in that area. My arms that were already hairless started to loose mass. I know that I wasn’t that muscular. Heck, you could even call me scrawny, but the rest of anything I had just disappeared leaving my arms slim and pretty. At least now my weak arms actually looked good but for a different reason entirely. My hands slowly began to shrink in size until they became smaller and cute. My fingers followed suit and slimmed down while at the same time elongating to make them more delicate and fragile. My fingernails smoothed and lengthened while becoming well manicured. Even with my hands being swung back and forth by my arms in the corner of my vision, I still never noticed a thing. Never noticing how different my hands looked.
  41. My waist was the next to change. It slowly but surely started to cave in. It was so slow that anyone watching me jog would’ve assumed that I was that thin upon a glance. It continued to happen until I had a slim waist, void of any of the fat I was trying to loose. Even though the fat in my gut vanished, it didn’t really go away. It just lay in my stomach and waited for further orders to move from my body. With my now slim waist, the hoodie was now fitting my body even better except for one area.
  43. As I continued to pant in my female voice that I’ve still to not notice, my gender started to change. There was this faint slurping noise that my ears didn’t pick up on. In only five seconds flat, I lost my manhood and it quickly formed into a womanhood. The organs in my body started to change a bit as well to give me what every woman needed to properly carry a child. Now I was officially a girl.
  45. My legs and feet started to go through changes similar to my arms and hands, but were different on their own. Just like my arms, my legs started to slim as well becoming smoother and softer. There were now even some curves added to them making them quite the gift to see. My feet slimmed down while arcing a bit. They also started to feel more comfortable in my shoes as well. My shoes were originally too small on me since I got these as I was still growing and felt it would be a waste to throw away perfectly good shoes. My nails didn’t grow much, but they did also become smooth and well manicured just like my fingernails.
  47. Going back to the fat they lays in my body that originated from my stomach. The cells there have been multiplying at a terrifying speed, but are now ready to start being distributed. The huge condensed mass of cells split into three parts, all of which were varied in sizes with the one at the top being the biggest and the one at the bottom being the smallest and the one in the middle being the average.
  49. The smallest mass went to my thighs and started to expand. It may have been the smallest, but it was still rather big. The sizes were all relatively similar. As the mass expanded, so did my thighs. They continued to plump up until they became quite sexy. They were now super soft and just all around perfect. They even helped my sweat pants feel even better from the addition of cushiony fat and the fact that the sweats were more so for a female figure.
  51. The next change went to my butt and hips. That’s also where the next mass of fat went. My hips slowly pushed outwards with small cracks that I was unaware of with my mind being somewhere else. They continued to push out until I was left with the most perfect hips anyone would ever see. The perfect size to be able to carry children with no problems…except when you’re nine months in and the pain is unbearable. As that happened, the mass started to expand in my butt. Think of my butt as a sponge, but not one that is absorbing water and one that already absorbed water but the water is expanding while not leaving the sponge. That’s what my butt did. It expanded outwards becoming softer and rounder. It could easily be considered the softest seat in the world.
  53. The changes were starting to wrap up now. The next change involved my chest. The final a biggest piece of the mass situated itself in my chest. From there, the mass split up into two equal halves and each half was placed underneath a nipple. The mass started expanding, but at an extremely slow pace. As I panted through my mouth with my high pitched feminine voice, my chest start to push out. The amount that it pushed out by each time I gasped for air was so minuscule that it would only be noticeable over time. It took a full two and a half minutes to go up by any noticeable size. First it was an A-cup, then AA-cup, then B-cup, and from they’re the other B-cup, the C-cups, and finally growing to huge and healthy DD-cups. Even as my new breasts started to jiggle while increasing in size, I still didn’t notice a single thing. It was only when my breasts finished growing at E-cups almost twenty five minutes later, it was for some odd reason that I went off balance and fell over. When I hit the ground, my back cracked as it arched back permanently sticking my big breasts and butt out. Now my body was completely transformed.
  55. I groaned in pain as I lifted myself up from the pavement. I wondered why I felt some cushioning under my chest since I knew that it was pavement the whole way through. I couldn’t help but notice that my voice sounded weird. I tested it out and covered my mouth in shock. I sounded like a woman, and a cute one at that! I look down at my chest where I fell on. The mountains that interrupted my field of vision of the rest of my body took me back. I shrieked and once again covered my voice to avoid any people from staring. I looked around and noticed people were indeed staring at me, but most of them were guys. They were staring at me, but for what I could assume were completely different reasons.
  57. Before I could think any further, I ran. I couldn’t comprehend a single thing about what happened to me. I was also surprised by how fast I was running while it left me without much exhaustion. After a couple of minutes of searching, I finally found a public bathroom. I ran in and was greeted by a ton of stares. I wondered what was wrong when I looked at myself and realized the problem. I ran out of the male’s washroom while apologizing and ran into the female’s washroom.
  59. I was hesitant to go in, but I was now a girl and desperate times call for desperate measures. I peaked inside and made sure the cost was clear. To my luck, it was. I ran to the mirror and inspected myself.
  61. I couldn’t believe it, even though it was staring back at me. In the mirror wasn’t me, but the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen in my entire life. Her beautiful silver hair…my beautiful silver hair. Her soft huge breasts…my soft huge breasts. Her big cushiony butt…my big cushiony butt. Her deliciously curvy body…my deliciously curvy body. Her pretty and cute face…my pretty and cute face.
  63. ENOUGH!!!!! This isn’t the time to ogle at myself! I need to figure out what happened! I walked back and forth and thought of every possible reason this could’ve happened. Sadly, I couldn’t think of anything right away. How am I supposed to figure out how I turned into a girl? You don’t hear about that everyday on TV!
  65. I raked my head for answers. I took off the hoodie and threw it on the ground since I was so hot and frustrated. When I threw it, I noticed something odd with my fantastic vision. I pick it back up and look at the tag. It said ‘TURNS INTO THE PERFECT FEMALE BODY PERMANENTLY! ALSO WORKS ON MALES! USE CAUSTIOUSLY!’
  67. My mind went blank, and then began to process of one single thought. I grabbed out my cellphone and dialed Sarah's number. When she picked up, I unleashed my wraith on her. Her silence also told me that se was probably half listening and holding the phone away from her head and letting it dangle from her fingers.
  69. When I was done raging…mostly, I asked her why she did this. Her answers were unexpected.
  71. After we were done talking, I hung up. I stood there with an awkward grin on my face. Sure, I was still extremely angry at what she did, but I guess I can let it slide. All I know is that I should head to her house now. She did promise me a fun time.
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