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  1. The Aloha point of sale software requires the use of a hardware security key. These security keys are manufactured by a company called Safenet (formerly Alladdin) and are called HASP keys. Older versions were LPT-based and newer versions are USB. The data on these keys can be dumped, solved, and then emulated via software.
  3. Download Team EDGE's HASP Emulator package here: or
  5. The HASP dumper only works on Windows XP, so the following steps must be performed on a system with Windows XP and with an applicable version of Aloha pre-installed.
  7. 1. Stop all FOH terminals, stop the ctlsvr service, and stop the edcsvr service.
  9. 2. Update the aloha.ini in both the DATA and NEWDATA folders with the security codes for the key you will be dumping. To make reverting back to the original security codes easier, cut and paste them into a new text document (notepad). Remember to save each aloha.ini once it has the new security codes for the key you are dumping.
  11. 3. Install the security key in the computer.
  13. 4. Extract the downloaded Run HASPHL2007. Install the driver from the Driver tab. When the driver status shows that it is installed, go to the Emulator tab and click the Start Service button. You should see HASP/HARDLOCK Emulator Service is running.
  15. 5. Start the edcsvr service. It is necessary for you to run a protected component of the Aloha POS software which requires the HASP key. Starting the edcsvr service does this.
  17. 6. Click on the Dumper tab of the HASPHL2007 software and you should see your dongle listed under HASP/HL Dongles. Click the Dump key. The file will be saved with a .dmp extension in the same location that you ran the HASPHL2007.exe from.
  19. 7. Run the edgehasp.exe tool inside the EDGE folder of the download. Click the HASP tab at the top. Load the .dmp Dump file and enter a save file / location. Click the Solve button. The tool should create a .dng file.
  21. 8. To permanently emulate the HASP key, go back to the HASPHL2007 tool. Go to the Driver tab and make sure driver status is installed. Set the driver startup options to Automatic and then Save State. Go to the Emulator tab and make sure the service is started. Note that the License window appears empty. Go to the Dongles tab and click Load Dump. Load the .dng file. If you go back to the Emulator tab, the License window should now display the license information for that key. You can then close the HASPHL2007 tool and the emulator will continue to work.
  23. 9. Remember to revert back to the original security codes in the aloha.ini in both DATA and NEWDATA on your dumping workstation.
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