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Joseph&Maria Part 1)

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Feb 15th, 2017
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  1. Maria
  2. Hiiiiii! I saw your ad and I'm looking for some FUN! I'm about 5'3, 115
  3. Pounds and Im into hip hop as well,also from the Sydney area. Im also into bigger guys as well so I can work with that cause I'm not like other girls. Though I can't meet up yet,I can do some online fun or exchange pics ;).
  4. If you're looking for some fun,give me a holla! My pic is included too sweetie :*.
  7. Joseph
  8. ooh nice you're sexy here's me (Sends picture of face)
  11. Joseph
  12. truly nice to see someone like you on here
  14. Joseph
  15. so, how are you, maria? my name is Joseph
  17. Maria
  18. Oh tell me about it,I don't see too many cuties like yourself ;). Your eyes are so pretty and the smile...oh it gets me going.
  21. Joseph
  22. aww thanks. not many peoole like me honestly I am glad you do and god this snow is terrible
  24. Maria
  25. I absolutely hate the snow! :( Though it looks super pretty,the roads are always terrible and it's just so terribly cold.
  27. Joseph
  28. I know, I wish it was summer already
  30. Maria
  31. Oh for sure! you think I'm cute?
  33. Joseph
  34. I would love to send a pic of me when I am in hip hop form those pics are actually on craigslist I'll have to save one and send it to you :)
  35. and yes I really find you cute
  37. Maria
  38. That's good cause I find you cute too. You should save and send one! It's adorable!
  41. Joseph
  42. well there ya go there's one for ya cutie :) (Sends pic of him in "Gangsta" clothing")
  44. Maria
  45. That bandanna is poppin! :* I love it!
  47. Joseph
  48. Thank you :) wanna send more pictures of you? I would love to see more
  50. Maria
  51. I kno I look silly but hey it's cute (Sends pic)
  53. Joseph
  54. Would love to meet up with you when the time is right, but yeah, what do you like to do
  55. I love it that's cute and I love the bulls too omg
  57. Maria
  58. Oh definetly! Though I won't be able to soon but when the time is right,I agree!
  59. Oh I love to shop,hang with muh frannz,sit at home and read,listen to hip hop and I'm a bit of a gamer :p. I'm also a little naughty if you're ok with that ;).
  61. Joseph
  62. oh yeah gaming and naughty is fine with me and I love shopping too and going to the mall. that's the life
  64. Maria
  65. All of those are great! Speaking of naughty,I like to talk dirty. You wanna? ;)
  67. Joseph
  68. it depends. but yeah
  70. Maria
  71. Great! So...what do you wanna do to me? Remember,there's no limits so it's ok ;).
  73. Joseph
  74. I'd definetly wanna give you a nice fuck if only I could see that pussy hehe. I would love to see a pic at least but I'm ok with dirty talk, maybe lick your pussy touch your body like yeah ;)
  76. Joseph
  77. Got skype? maybe? you there?
  79. Maria
  80. I hope you like it ;) (Sends pussy pic)
  82. Joseph
  83. mmm oh baby I do. damn you look hot I so want you but this snow sucks
  85. Maria
  86. Oh me too...mmmmm. I wanna suck your cock so good. Send me some pics :*.
  88. Joseph
  89. Hope you don't mind a small one because I get rejected alot by women for this really (I think you know by this point what he sent)
  91. Maria
  92. Oh I don't mind at all;) Mmmm it looks so good. I'd lick the head for days. Is it all hard?
  94. Joseph
  95. I'm glad I like your mentality I'd so tell you where Iive but that will be for another time, it's almoat 5 am here haha
  96. oh yes that is my hard and I like someone who'd be naughty with me while liking the other things I like
  98. Maria
  99. Oh baby yes! If I show you one more,can you show me one more?
  101. Joseph
  102. sure I'll take another picture well try too I'll see what I come up with
  104. Maria
  105. Here you go ;) now I wanna see your body ;). Maybe see some of your ass too? (Sends another pic)
  107. Joseph
  108. I'll try for body one sec (Included penis pic)
  110. Maria
  111. It's so wet and I can see myself deep throating you now mmmm. I wanna see your ass cause I'm into that ;).
  113. Joseph
  114. I tried to get my ass but I am a big man so it's hard babe (Literally sends pics of his overhung gut and titties)
  116. Maria
  117. Here's one more babe ;). Now I want one more,cum for me and send it to me. I wanna look at it and imagine licking it all up!
  119. Joseph
  120. Here's a bit of my big ass for you (Literally sent a pic of his ass)
  121. It makes me wanna meet you give me a sec babe
  123. Joseph
  124. It won't let me send the video and I came for you
  126. Maria
  127. Oh no I just wanted a pic of it babe ;)
  129. Joseph
  130. oh well I already came I have a tiny bit on my hand to try and make it up so yeah couldn't get the pic but I have to go to bed now nighty
  132. Maria
  133. Nighty night! Dream of me :* <3
  135. Joseph
  136. I will babe I promise you I wanna meet you whenthe snow clears up a bit maybe at tim hortons in the pier if you want if I go out tm which it may be hard with all this wind and snow, good night hun
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