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Arc Magica Session 2 (fixed)

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Nov 10th, 2012
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  1. <CJ> OK, we all here? Silas, can you start us off be recapping briefly the events of last session. I'll play Calpurnia till she turns up!
  2. <Silas_> Well, we arrived, after much hassle and a drake, on the ground in a swamp, traveling past a few villages we headed south-west towards the Tribunal and ended up in a larger town
  3. <Silas_> armies at one side of the river
  5. <CJ> The nose of the boat is now lying on the muddy shore of the river. A huge field of knights, sergeants and squires bustle around pavilions and camp fires. A walled town with what appears to be a huge cathedral is just to the south, where the river is blocked by a portcullis set in to a fortified bridge that leads from open water meadows in the east to a walled priory type building in the...
  6. <CJ> ...western shore, where you are
  8. [Class yawns and wakes up Baruch]
  10. <CJ> No one has noticed you yet, because the river bank is steep and covered in nettles, shrubs and reeds, so the river is about 6' below the field where the knights are camped
  12. [Silas_ mumbles something about carrots and continues sleeping]
  13. <Baruch> I'll quietly wake everyone up
  14. <Makara goes find a carrot for silas]
  15. <Helpax> "From now on, I'll not be sleeping in strange places."
  16. <Baruch> "It seems our way is blocked. We will have to find a way around this army."
  18. <CJ> A tried guard who is meant to be watching the river hears voices, and starts to force his way through the weeds and rushes to see what is happening down where you are. He is wearing leather amour, has a tin Helmet and carries a billhook on a pole, with which he is slashing the vegetation away
  20. [Silas_ tries to stifle a yawn]
  22. <Class> I whisper to Barauch: "As I'm no help in talking as beside Latin I only understand German I go to sleep now. If healing or other assistance is needed weak me up"
  23. <Helpax> "Does anyone speak English?"
  24. <CJ> Helpax he shouts out in English
  25. <Makara> I speak Breton.
  26. <Silas_> "I know some phrases..."
  27. <CJ> "Who is down there?"
  28. <Silas_> "Not enough it would seem - let’s just improvise."
  30. <CJ> Then as if an afterthought "and what is the Password?"
  31. <Silas_> "[in Latin] Ho there! Can you help us up?"
  32. <CJ> The guard Looks down, sees you all. He mutters something, and waves to you
  34. [Silas_ waves back]
  35. [Makara came out of the kitchen, sees Silas wave, so he waves too]
  37. <CJ> He slashes a path through the nettles, and holds down the blubt end of his polearm to help you all climb up
  38. <Helpax> sighing, Helpax tries to stall the guard, (in English) "Sorry, it's been a long night, we'll be quieter." (in latin) *so what is the plan now?*
  40. <CJ> Calpurnia attempts to cast a Mentem spell to learn the password
  42. <Silas_> "See, friendly people"
  43. <Silas_> "[in poor English accent] thank you!"
  45. <CJ> Suddenly you all hear in your *minds* only calpurnia scream, but in a sort of exhilarated laughter, and she falls to the floor, unconscious.
  46. <CJ> The sergeant looks panicked, drops the polearm and starts to run down to the boat
  47. <CJ> He stumbles, gets covered in mud and stung by nettles, but makes it to the boat
  48. <CJ> Who has Blatant Gift ?
  50. [Calpurnia has it]
  52. <CJ> Yep, Calpurnia has, but she lies rigid, unmoving, her face fixed in a weird smile
  54. [Helpax offers a hand to help the Guard into the boat, Helpax speaks in English "Are you alright? That was quite a tumble."]
  56. <CJ> The guard looks at her in growing confusion, and produces a flask of cheap rough wine, which he holds under her nose
  58. [Makara ask his fellow magus who is this guard]
  59. [Silas_ is working to find something to help Calpurnia get comfortable]
  60. [Helpax Turning to the others and less speaking than hissing in Latin, “Please check on her, I'll distract the guard"]
  61. [Baruch is looking at all this with a puzzled and slightly worried expression]
  62. [Class still tries to get sleep despite the ruckus]
  63. [Silas_ picks up a blanket and tugs under Calpurnia's head]
  65. <CJ> Helpax, the guard looks at you and asks in English "Brother, what is going on? Is she sick or in a religious ecstasy?"
  66. <Silas_> "[in poor English] She was so happy that she lost coins"
  67. <CJ> The guard seems more confused, and looks up at the encampment, but sees no help.
  68. [Silas_ tries hard to make sense of the conversation]
  69. <Baruch> I don't understand what they are saying, but since this doesn't seem too threatening, so I'll let them keep handling it.
  70. <Helpax> Speaking what he thinks as a low soothing voice, Helpax gently place his hand on the shoulder of the guard before speaking, "It is very charitable to help our injured, but you must remember your duty
  71. friend. You still want the password?"
  72. <CJ> "you monks don't need the bloody password" says the guard. "Is she a noble?"
  73. <Helpax> "Forgive me brother, but the two are not always separate."
  74. <CJ> Helpax Presence + Charm roll please :)
  76. [Helpax made a weak roll]
  78. <CJ> He looks utterly confused and agitated, and decides to climb back up to the camp
  79. <Silas_> "[whispering]what was he saying?"
  80. <CJ> Makara, what you up to?
  81. [Makara still waiting for someone to tell him what happened.]
  82. <Helpax> In Latin, *This is not good...He was concerned for Calpurnia but I think the effects of the Gift...*
  83. <Silas_> "oh alright. A good kind man, to dirty himself for others welfare"
  85. <CJ> Baruch, a large and beautifully colored Kingfisher bird flaps down the river past the boat
  86. <Baruch> Does it seem natural?
  87. <CJ> It does, but how can you tell. It is a majestic bird
  88. [Makara say good morning to the bird with animal ken.]
  90. [Makara made a strong roll!]
  92. <CJ> Makara: The Kingfisher flaps back round, and lands on the edge of the boat eyeing you warily. You get 11 because your Gift penalty reduces total
  93. <Makara> I have Inoffensive to Animal virtue, which negate that penalty with animal.
  94. <CJ> Excellent. In that case, it looks at you, and says "Good morning polebearers who steal fish. Where are your poles and string? How come you speak my language?"
  95. <CJ> The kingfisher seems friendly, joking even. "Human, how can I help you?"
  96. <Makara> "Morning, bird, why are you here? And I am a special polebearer that can speak your language!"
  97. [Silas_ looks from the sleeping guard to the bird to Makara to the bird again. He decides to find another blanket for the guard]
  98. <Makara> "and our poles and string is in this boat I think"
  99. <CJ> Kingfisher to Makara "I am here because from the stones here - nods at bridge to the stones up there - nods back towards a small stone bridge you passed under - is my territory. Shall I catch you a fish?"
  100. <Makara> "No need, my friend, and I must tend to my other friends, farewell."
  102. <Baruch> I'll try to put the guard to sleep sponging call to slumber
  103. <CJ> Right So that’s your Rego + Mentem + Stamina + 1d10. It is stressful. I assume you are using Standard words, but gesturing lots for +1? You probably don't want to shout?
  105. [Baruch made a skillful roll!]
  107. <CJ> Baruch that's 19. You can spend confidence to succeed, as I believe Call to Slumber is ReMe 10?
  108. <Baruch> yes, I'll spend the confidence
  109. <CJ> OK, the guard turns, stumbles, and climbs back in to the boat. He lies down by Calpurnia, and moments later is snoring away
  110. <Helpax> Upon realizing what Baruch is doing, Helpax goes after the guard, to catch him before he falls down again.
  111. <Baruch> "I feel we should attempt to circumvent this camp ... I doubt they will take kindly to our being here."
  112. <Silas_> "... should I get him a blanket as well?"
  114. Baruch> (Do I have any idea how far the tribunal is from here? How long by foot? Also: does it look like we could just walk around the camp?)
  115. <CJ> (do you have Area Lore: England? - you know it's at Stonehenge in 3 days from now)
  116. <Baruch> (No I don't; I mean more along the lines of "did I bother to look into the area a bit before departing")
  117. <CJ> (Nope, because Goricius said he knew the Tribunal intimately and you would be flying all the way)
  118. <Baruch> (If we head around the priory, do we have to move through the camp?)
  119. <CJ> the priory is the same side as the camp. if you land in the other side, just open fields
  121. <Helpax> *So...anyone know the password?*
  122. <Silas_> "What password?"
  123. <Helpax> *The guard, who is now asleep, asked for a password before Calpurnia...I assume it's so they don't kill their allies*
  124. <Baruch> "Would anyone be capable of reading this guard's mind for the password?"
  125. <Helpax> *I am, but I need eye-contact. Hence why I was trying to get him to look at me.*
  126. <Silas_> "Hmm, maybe! Let me try"
  128. [Silas make a strong roll of 25!]
  130. <Silas_> (Fizzle I suppose, as I didn't know the spell offhand)
  131. <CJ> Yep, no luck Silas
  132. <Silas_> "Sorry, I botched the spell"
  133. <Baruch> "Don't worry about it Silas, failure is a part of life."
  134. [Silas_ shrugs goodheartedly and tries to find a blanket for the guard]
  135. <CJ> The guard snores contentedly
  136. [Makara walks back to the group] "What's this about password?"
  137. <Baruch> "I asked if anyone would be capable of reading this guard's mind for the password he requested; this might come in handy later."
  138. <CJ> Helpax, a large wriggling trout, a local fish, is dropped on your head by the Kingfisher
  139. <Makara> "Oh! oh! Let me try"
  140. <Baruch> "Please do, makara."
  141. <Helpax> Sighing, Helapx knock the fish off his head, "Why was there a fish on my head?"
  142. <CJ> The kingfisher drops a second trout in the boat
  143. <CJ> It cries out in words only Makara can understand "Breakfast!"
  144. <Makara> to bird: "Thanks friend, I appreciate it!"
  146. [Makara then ask the tin helmet of the guard with the Speech with the Silent ability to ask for the password.]
  147. <CJ> The helmet replies "what is a password?"
  148. <Makara> "Is the thing that your wearer asks people and the word that people reply to let them pass."
  149. <Makara> "I am looking for that replied word"
  150. <CJ> "bugger" says the helmet hopefully. "he says that a lot?"
  151. <Makara> "What about the word that people said the most to him?"
  152. <CJ> "Bring ale!"
  153. <CJ> or "By Edmund's Arrows?"
  154. <Makara> "Thanks."
  155. <Baruch> "Did you get the password, Makara?"
  156. <Makara> To everyone else: "I think it's either 'Buggers!' or 'Bring Ale!' or 'By Edmund's Arrows?'"
  157. <Silas_> "Ergh... Maybe we could just change the protocol?"
  158. <Baruch> "Well, out of those alternatives, I would certainly bet on the arrows bit."
  159. <Helpax> *By Edmund's Arrows it is then. Trust me.*
  160. <Makara> *Yes, what can go wrong?*
  161. <Helpax> (After all, the password had to be said in English)
  163. <CJ> Another guard is walking along the river path, but has not seen you all yet.
  164. <CJ> Class is sleeping soundly too now
  165. <Helpax> *Where did the guards wineskin go? I think we may need it.*
  166. <CJ> It's still by him
  167. <CJ> The other guard shouts out "Tom?"
  168. <Silas_> "[whispering]Quick! What do we do?!"
  169. <Makara> "[whispering] stop, drop, and roll?"
  170. <CJ> "tom?!!"
  171. <Baruch> "Shout the password, quick!"
  172. <Helpax> Helpax pours half of the wine on the guard, careful not to wake him, before answering the other Guard *He is over here. Oh and the Password s By Edmund's Arrows!"
  173. <Helpax> The Helpax puts then wineskin down, cork properly of course
  174. <CJ> The second guard comes down, and looks horrified. "Asleep on duty? Wake up Tom, for St Withun's sake" - he kicks tom in the privates, and Tom, wakes, groaning in pain, and thrashing around!
  175. <CJ> As Tom gets up, the second guard looks at you all. Everyone make Presence +Charms rolls, then subtract 3 for The Gift
  176. <Helpax> "So, what is the latest from this end?"
  178. [Most rolled weakly]
  180. <CJ> The guard looks nervous. "My lords, the Army of God still haggle over their paper. I wish the tournament would start. The Prior is furious, and the Abbott still lies in bed sick"
  182. [Makara doubled on the dice and gotten a huge roll]
  184. <CJ> Makara, he smiles at you, and bows low.
  185. <CJ> "My name is Richard, or Dick for short" he says." Tom and I guard the riverbank"
  186. [Makara bow back]
  187. <CJ> Where do you need to be? Are you scholars?
  188. <CJ> Tom is still spluttering after being rudely awakened
  189. <Silas_> [whispers] "he said his names and something about having no genitals"
  190. <Helpax> *That ones Tom, the other one is Richard or Dick, their guards* [translated Helpax]
  191. <Silas_> "oh"
  192. <CJ> "The barons plan to make the King sign this document they are drawing up, but no good will come of it I tell 'ee" remarks the remarkably friendly Dick
  193. <CJ> You are headed in to Bury?
  194. [Silas_ blinks]
  195. <CJ> I can open the portcullis if need be. Let me wake Harry and George, they can guard the river till we return?
  196. <Helpax> *Some barons are forcing the King to sign a document they've written. Richard doesn't approve* continues the translation
  197. <Silas_> "is he suggesting we dig a hole for Tom?"
  198. <Helpax> *No, he is asking if we are heading to a place called Bury.*
  199. <Silas_> "ah"
  200. <Baruch> "Just try to get us through this camp to the tribunal, their affairs hardly concern us."
  202. <CJ> OK, you have made friends with the guards, by some lucky dice rolls. They do not appear at all concerned you don't speak English, because nobles, monks and clergy do all speak Latin or French after all, and
  203. it's all the same to these two. So where now?
  204. <Helpax> "Indeed Richard, we are. We've a bit of bad luck though..."
  205. <CJ> "Can we help you?" says Ruichard. Tom is staring at himself confused
  206. <Helpax> "maybe you could give us some direction-Just one moment." *I remembered something. It's not good."
  207. <Silas_> "what?"
  208. <CJ> The guards are looking at you curiously now
  209. <Silas_> "what did you remember?"
  210. Baruch> "What is the problem, Helpax?"
  211. Helpax> *Before the drake showed up, Goricius said something about a drake a king and a French priest I just thought it was a criamon thing at the time...*
  212. <Helpax> *But that is two of the things we've encountered and...there was something about someone dying?*
  213. <Silas_> "he did say a lot of things though..."
  214. <CJ> Tom absent mindedly guts and bones the two trout for you
  215. <Helpax> *Agreed, he said something about the great reward being upon him too...*
  216. <Helpax> "Thank you Tom."
  217. Baruch> "Yes, you may be right. But is there anything we could do about any of this? I doubt it. I think the most prudent course of action would be to continue. Please instruct the guards to let us through."
  218. <Silas_> "how friendly these natives are."
  219. <CJ> Dick rushes off and raises the portcullis, waking the two guards on the bridge
  220. <Makara> "I think Goricius likes apple. His ways of liking apple is like no other apple loving lover"
  221. <CJ> He returns with some rope.
  222. <Helpax> *As you wish...* "Sorry about that, had to double check that the plan had not changed. Could you let us through? Thank you"
  224. <CJ> Calpurnia is still not moving at all. You realize she has entered Wizard's Twilight through botching that spell. When she returns you know not
  225. <CJ> Dick ties the rope round his middle, and throws you the other end.
  226. <Helpax> *Ah yes, now I remember what he said: "The Great Reward is almost upon me. Baruch must lead you to safety. Farewell. The Drake must be slain, or the King will be bound in vellum, and the French priest
  227. will rule where blood lies on the altar", that was it.*
  228. <CJ> "I'll tow you up to the town!" He shouts
  229. [Silas_ catches the rope]
  230. <Helpax> "Thank you very much Dick"
  231. <Silas_> "what do I do with it?"
  232. <Baruch> "Tie it to the boat, perchance?"
  233. [Makara goes collect the 'breakfast' and goes to the kitchen.]
  234. [Silas_ ties it to the boat]
  235. [Makara cooks the fish~~]
  237. <CJ> You start to make your way upstream, away from the camp. As you pass under the bridge you are once again in fields, but can see a walled city ahead, and the river enters it through another portcullis. There are
  238. low hills to your left and right now, and vineyards scattered across them, ripe with grapes
  239. <CJ> (yes in England in this period grapes were grown. Warmer)
  240. <Baruch> "We did not slay the drake, I believe, which would seem to indicate that the king shall be bound in vellum now, and so on."
  241. <CJ> Now the camp is behind you, but there is a constant stream of knights riding in to and out of the town
  242. <Silas_> "And the French priest will rule the bloodied alter? how does that make sense?"
  243. <Silas_> "They don't have blood cults here do they?"
  244. <CJ> Tom is still trying to wake Calpurnia
  245. <Helpax> "tom, please let her rest. She was up all night and now the Lord is speaking to her."
  246. <CJ> Tom understands and helps with the cooking
  248. <Silas_> "I am not saying that Goricious isn't right - wasn't right - but how does all this piece together?"
  249. <Baruch> "Goricious had a habit of not making much sense sometimes, but this does not mean that his prophesies are meaningless. Let us see what the future holds, perhaps it will make more sense in due time."
  250. <Helpax> *Not last I checked, but bloodied alter could mean a murder at a wedding*
  252. <CJ> OK, the town is approaching now.
  253. <CJ> This is what you are entering, on the far left -
  254. <CJ> (You can see the river you are on back left of picture)
  255. <Baruch> "I feel uncomfortable with the cathedral - let us get out of here as soon as possible."
  257. <CJ> Suddenly you come to a junction in the river. One branch runs off around the city, the other enters it. This map may help.
  258. <Helpax> "Thank you Richard. You and Tom better get back to your posts. I wouldn't want to get into trouble."
  259. <Baruch> "Could you tell the guards we wish to go around the city, Helpax?"
  260. <CJ> OK, which branch of the river. Dick seems to assume you want to enter the city, and you will be heading that way unless you tell him otherwise
  261. <CJ> Dick is pulling you steadily towards the city :)
  262. <Baruch> "Helpax?"
  263. <Helpax> "It's all right Richard. We can manage the rest of the way. I know you must be tired after working all night."
  264. <CJ> Dick pulls the boat to shore and smiles
  265. <CJ> I'm Dick Southgate, my wife is the washerwoman. I drink in the Risbygate tavern, with Tom. Come find us when you are in town, scholars, pilgrims, monks or whoever you are!
  266. <Silas_> "[in English]Thank you Dick!" *waves*
  267. <Makara waves farewell to them>
  269. [Makara goes and kick up everyone for breakfast]
  270. <Silas_> "[low voice]Hey! I am already awake"
  271. <CJ> Tom says "off duty now. Sun is up"
  272. <Makara> "No one is awake until they are from time itself!"
  273. <Class> (So you kick me when I just got to sleep?)
  274. <Silas_ looks at Makara for a long while, then sighs>
  275. <Makara> "Come, don't sleep with empty stomach"
  276. [Class Yawns]
  277. <Helpax> "Excellent! Then we won't keep you from your rest much longer. Join us for breakfast?"
  278. <Class> Looking at the stand of the sun And then asking " What is up? Any problems?"
  279. <Makara> "Big problem, you didn't have breakfast"
  280. <Silas_> "just food Class, nothing to worry about"
  281. <Class> "Oh Thanks"
  282. <Class> "So what happened the half hour or so I was asleep?"
  283. <Silas_> "Ergh, not a lot Class, you could get some more sleep if you need I think"
  285. [Calpurnia's player logged in]
  287. <CJ> Suddenly Calpurnia sits bolt upright!
  288. <Class> (Oh nice, right at the breakfast)
  289. <CJ> She has no idea what has happened. Tom yelps in terror and jumps up, and the boat rocks violently
  291. <CJ> Dexterity +Athletics test versus difficulty 3 for everyone please
  293. [Everyone make it through]
  294. <CJ> OK, everyone survives the boat being unsettled. Tom joins Dick on the shore, and they wave you off, as you start to sail on towards the Northgate. How are you moving the boat?
  296. <CJ> (Hey Calpurnia - you not missed much, but you have had a Twilight Episode we need to resolve)
  297. <Calpurnia> "pffffff"
  298. <CJ> OK, as the guards leaves you, let's take a moment as you tell Calpurnia what has occurred
  299. <Calpurnia> rubs eyes "I should have went to sleep that night"
  301. <Baruch> "Could someone propel us with the spell again?"
  302. <Helpax> *Away from the city please.*
  303. <Class> "Wouldn't it be strange when we do so at daylight within a city?
  304. <CJ> You are just outside the city wall, but yes you will be overlooked by mundane
  305. <Silas_> "Would you prefer we oar with giant frying pans?"
  306. <Helpax> "Yes...but the alternative is going into the city..."
  307. <Calpurnia> "no city"
  308. <CJ> The two guards walk back to the city. They took the rope with them sadly
  309. <Makara> "City is too loud for me"
  310. <Silas_ looks wistful at the city>
  311. <Class> "DO we have some animal skins to use as sail?"
  312. <CJ> Sadly not Class
  313. <Baruch> (CJ: So we would be sailing against the current without oars right next to the city, right?)
  314. CJ> yep
  315. <Silas_> "Can we not take a stick, make it look like oars and just have the spell propel us ahead?"
  316. <CJ> Sounds plausible. You need a barnch, and a muto herbam spont
  317. <Calpurnia> (How far would a propelling spell get us?)
  318. <Baruch> "Yes, this seems like the best alternative. Could you go find something for us?"
  319. <Silas_ gets onto shore and stretches his legs>
  320. <CJ> It will move you against the current, which is faster here, but look odd to the people who are working in the fields on either side of the river. They seem to be growing peas and beans in their strips mainly, with some turnips and a few orchards of apple trees
  321. <CJ> Silas, you see the river just ahead meets a large well maintained road heading west
  322. <Silas_> "There is a road up here, going,.. west I think"
  323. <CJ> Baruch, you know that Stonehenge should be southwest from here. How far you know not
  324. <Baruch> (And the river flows south?)
  325. <CJ> yes.
  326. <Silas_> "[calls back] Maybe we could find some sticks faster if someone helped?"
  327. <Baruch> "We could take to the road, perhaps ... I suspect the tribunal would be to the southwest, the river south, so neither is heading quite in the direction we wish to go."
  328. <Baruch> I'll go give him a hand with the sticks
  329. <Baruch> "Yes, surely this will be faster with the two of us."
  330. <Class> (What level would be a Muto Animal Spell to transform my Wolfskin into a small Leather sail?)
  331. <CJ> You can find wood lying around on banks :)
  332. <CJ> Wolfskin to Leather Sail?
  333. <Class> (yep I wonder if this is within the things I can do)
  334. <CJ> Class, you need to roll 10, you just get tired for 2 minutes. :)
  336. [Class made a good roll!]
  338. <CJ> Silas has made an oar that will last till sun down, then turn back in to a stick
  339. [Silas_ takes the oar back to the boat]
  340. <CJ> Class your wolfskin lying in the bottom of the boat becomes a light leather sail
  341. <CJ> You need a mast fixed to boat to use the sail though :)
  342. <Class> "I hope you can make use of this small sail, I go to bed now"
  343. <Helpax> *Does anyone know how to set up a sail...without a mast?*
  344. <CJ> Class is very tired :)
  345. <Class> "Sorry Wood Is not my thing"
  346. <Calpurnia> "What kind of spell would even do that?"
  347. <Baruch> "Good work, apprentices. We'll see if we need the sail later. Let us cast the spell to move us after the monk has ridden past."
  348. [Silas_ waves to the monk with a smile]
  349. [Makara continue to ate breakfast]
  350. <Silas_> "hey, save some for me!"
  351. <CJ> The monk rides past, and calls out something in English -- "Bless you brothers"
  352. <Helpax> Helpax tries some of the breakfast, before he is asked do anything more.
  353. <CJ> He looks curiously at you for a moment, then rides on...
  354. [Silas_ get into the boat with the oar and takes a bit of the breakfast (fish)]
  355. <CJ> With the oar you are making slow progress upstream
  356. <Calpurnia> Ill start moving the water CJ
  357. <Baruch> "Try not to rouse attention - without gestures please!"
  358. <Silas_> "maybe she shouldn't be pushing herself..."
  360. [calpurnia make a decent roll]
  362. <CJ> You take a level of fatigue, and the boat is moving upstream, with whom rowing?
  363. <Silas_> (I'm rowing)
  364. <Silas_> "We really ought to have asked directions back there..."
  365. <Calpurnia> "Directs to what?"
  366. <Helpax> "Ah...I was going to ask about directions but...I was sidetracked..."
  367. <Baruch> "Yes, you are right. The guards could surely have helped us. Oh, what foolishness on my part! Well, we will have to try to make do."
  368. <CJ> For the next couple of hours you glide along, the city falling behind you. Suddenly you come across a small waterfall, blocking your way. The land is rising, the fields have dropped behind you, and this is woods and meadows. You sail under a wooden bridge for the road west, and the terrain rises slowly and are much drier and lush here
  369. <CJ> No more swamps!
  370. <Silas_> "where we were, for one"
  371. <Calpurnia> (Is it still cold)
  372. <CJ> It's a warm sunny day!
  373. <Class> (~6-7h after breakfast I will get up from sleep)
  374. <Class> How many hours after breakfast are we now? Just that I can estimate how long it will take bevore I get full active.
  375. <CJ> Won't be long now - three hours after breakfast
  377. <CJ> OK, time for a break.
  378. <CJ> Back in 10 everyone?
  380. [Everyone agree]
  382. <CJ> Calpurnia, while people have a break, we need to resolve a Twilight episode. :) You botched a mentem spell trying to learn a password from a guard, and vanished into Twilight, which is a good thing for you
  383. <CJ> OK, add two warping points to your character, which is good for a Criamon.
  384. <Calpurnia> Okay I have 5 warp points then CJ
  385. <CJ> OK you have a waping Score of 1 and 0 xp.
  386. <CJ> Now it gets weird!
  387. <CJ> What’s your score in Vim?
  388. <Calpurnia> 5
  389. <CJ> OK, I ruled you chose to enter Twilight, riding the experience :)
  390. <Calpurnia> WEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!
  391. <CJ> Did you understand the meaning of it though? What are your Intelligence + Enigmatic Wisdom total?
  392. <Calpurnia> 1
  393. <CJ> You have any specialty in Enigmatic Wisdom?
  394. <Calpurnia> with enigmatic wisdom of interpreting signs
  396. <CJ rolled 7>
  398. <CJ> OK, you need to roll 1d10 +2 to beat 7 to understand the Twilight Episode
  399. <Calpurnia> goody what was the vim score for?
  400. <CJ> Avoiding, but I ruled you did not do that so need to worry about it
  402. <Calpunia failed to beat the 7>
  404. <CJ> OK cool, who is back?
  405. <Silas_> present
  406. <Makara> me
  407. <Baruch> me
  409. <CJ private messaged some players!>
  411. =-= Makara are now known as Goricus
  412. =-= Silas_ is now known as King_John
  413. <CJ> Baruch, you are playing Tom the guard, but you are a talking humanoid fox in human garb, and are a false friend to Calpurnia, trying to tempt her to betray her friends
  414. =-= Baruch is now known as Tom
  415. =-= Class is now known as black_robed_priest
  416. <Calpurnia> (WTF)
  418. <CJ> Calpurnia in Twilight
  419. <Calpurnia> (WOOO)
  420. <CJ> OK, Calpurnia. You cast the mentem spell. Then everything goes wrong.
  421. <CJ> The blue sky overhead shatters like glass, and the world around you melts
  422. <CJ> Suddenly you stand in a court room.
  423. <Calpurnia> Looks around
  424. <CJ> A regal Kingfisher, Kingfisher John, wearing a crown sits upon a throne, preparing to pass judgment upon you
  425. <CJ> Everyone please describe how you appear to Calpurnia
  426. <CJ> Your parents Goricius, heavily bound in chains, stands by his side
  428. <King_John sits on the throne, a great Kingfisher in robes and gold, looking lordly down at you>
  429. <Goricus is looking at Calpurnia, jumping up and down trying to do something. It gesture, and gesture, pointing up and down, left and right, seemingly annoyed that it can't speak with the gag>
  430. <Tom guards the king>
  431. <CJ> (Tom has the form of a smiling humanoid fox, but is otherwise dressed as a soldier)
  432. <black_robed_priest looks apparently human, he stand next to the Kingfisher but beside the black robe and the cape that is drawn deep into the face not much is seen from him>
  434. <King_John> "You have been charged with heresy, and treason against the crown!"
  435. King_John> "For this, and the crimes of your kin, I, the great King John, sentence you to life imprisonment"
  436. <Calpurnia> "By who king?"
  437. <Calpurnia> ".... and want kin and want crime is put upon me?"
  438. <King_John> "You will work the salmon mines until your skin is yellow and your eyes blue as the sea!"
  439. <King_John> "The kind kin of course. Kind and wasteful!"
  440. <Calpurnia> "I have no kin for I lived for most of my life within Transylvania"
  442. =-= Helpax is now known as Magic_Yellow_Wind
  444. <CJ> A yellow swirling whirlwind with a kind human face buzzes around the courtroom
  445. <King_John turns to the priest>
  446. <King_John> "what is this?!"
  447. <King_John turns back to you>
  448. < Magic_Yellow_Wind A swirling vortex, yellow in color cowers before the king>
  449. <King_John> "You admit your treason then! Treason and spying. Pointy black eyes!"
  450. <black_robed_priest> "Yes yes quit suiting for some on yellow in harmony"
  451. <CJ> A solemn bell tolls
  452. <CJ> The court shudders
  453. <Magic_Yellow_Wind> The child is a stranger, we are in no danger!
  454. <Goricus do a wavy dance and rub the floor.>
  455. <Calpurnia> "But, I am not a member of Transylvanian society, I was no one until I was found"
  456. <CJ> You see Gorisius chains are made of vellum, with magical secrets written upon them. He is gagged with vellum too, a page from his own grimoire
  457. <Magic_Yellow_Wind> If it pleases the king, I'll help her take wing
  458. <black_robed_priest> "but you where trafficking with demons all the way back"
  459. <King_John> "Take wing and wind, but make her a salmon!"
  460. <CJ> The whole room sparkles a swith diamonds as the whirling speaks
  461. <Calpurnia> " looks at black robed priest with a face of ununderstanding"
  462. <CJ> The black robed priest develops a black halo, and dark, crimson horns
  463. <Calpurnia> "...."
  464. <CJ> Lightning seems to flash casting strange shadows
  465. <King_John> "Brother?! Is that you I see?"
  466. <Goricus flex his left hand muscle and grab it with the right hand.>
  467. < black_robed_priest looks confused>
  468. <Magic_Yellow_Wind The beautiful feminine voice of the whirlwind seems to shudder at this new arrival>
  469. <CJ> The bell tolls again...
  470. <Magic_Yellow_Wind> We'll fly far away, no time to lose today
  471. <CJ> Calpurnia, the wind seems to be trying to lift you away?
  472. <King_John> "A bell tolls and the belly of mine are drained. Salmon. Salmon I say!"
  473. <Calpurnia> (is there any way I can stop it)
  474. <Magic_Yellow_Wind> Hurry now child, his wrath is not mild!
  475. <Goricus swim on the floor madly like a Salmon.>
  476. [<King_John looks at Calpurnia with hungry eyes>
  477. <CJ> Yes if you wish!
  478. <Tom walks up to Calpurnia, whispers>
  479. <Tom> "Anyone else might have done this thing of which you stand accused, milord?"
  480. <black_robed_priest> "Stop the sinner before she escape!"
  481. <Goricus stretch his arm backward and flap like wings>
  482. <King_John> "Sinners! All of them! Salmon! Eat them! Eat them all! And tax them too!"
  483. <Calpurnia> I fly
  484. <CJ> :)
  485. <CJ> A bell tolls a third time. Suddenly Calpurnia, you awake, and are in the boat
  487. [All players goes back to their characters]
  489. <Calpurnia> (well that was interesting and VERY CONFUSING LIKE HELL!!!)
  490. <Silas_> (ah I feel slightly more sane after that outburst)
  491. <Helpax> (Yay! it was an authentic Twilight via chat!)
  492. <Makara> (always wondered what it feels like in Alice in Wonderland)
  493. <Helpax> (Now we know)
  494. <CJ> Calpurnia, you have a new Flaw, a magical Restriction - your magic does not work on kings. I doubt you will find it too taxing! :)
  495. <Calpurnia> WOOO!
  496. <CJ> You gain two more points in Warping, taking you to 1 with 2xp. I will also give you 2xp in Enigmatic Wisdom, as I sent you to Twilight rather than you
  498. <Baruch> "I suggest we scout ahead to see if we can find Stonehenge. This way we won't waste time trudging the countryside."
  499. <Class still sleeping>
  500. <CJ> Class is sleeping! He prefers to travel by night
  501. <CJ> There appears to a village just ahead of you, and the river runs through it. The waterfall however blocks travel by boat
  502. <CJ> (which does have the advantage less mundane around)
  503. <Silas_> "So, water travel was not the best idea. Now what?"
  504. <Makara> "Now we swim".
  505. <Calpurnia> Capurnia lays down and starts resting as best she can
  506. <Baruch> (Are there mundanes here?)
  507. <CJ> Nope, you seem to be small wild wood, but there are rabbits around.
  508. <CJ> Calpurnia, the twilight episode was before you joined the session. It's how I explained your absence :)
  509. <Calpurnia> (Figured that out, but did you really have to give me a flaw because of it)
  510. <Helpax> (It was fun, though I had some trouble with it)
  511. <Makara> (its part of twilight, everyone will have to get it)
  512. <Makara> (You get virtue if you had succeeded though)
  513. <Calpurnia> GAHHH!!!!!!!!
  514. <CJ> Twilight always gives flaws or virtues, and one that only stops your magic effecting Kings is not really a flaw - there are only twenty five in Mythic Europe!
  515. <CJ> (A Flaw that’s cops your magic working on men, women or peasants, now that's a flaw!)
  516. <Helpax> "What is it Calpurnia?
  517. <Makara> "Are you hungry, woman?"
  518. <CJ> A fox wanders past, looking for fat juicy rabbits
  519. <Calpurnia> (But that's 25 people I can't destroy/control/create/twist)
  520. <CJ> You can, jut not directly :)
  521. <Calpurnia> "Somewhat, but D*** IT IS HOT HERE!!
  522. <Baruch> "Let us continue by foot from here. Perhaps we should ask for directions from the village up ahead?"
  523. <Silas_ frowns>"she is fine".
  524. <Silas_>"Yes, Helpax and I could ask directions"
  525. <Helpax> "You're English...could use a little work Silas"
  526. <Silas_> "It could, and it is always interesting to talk to mundanes"
  527. <Calpurnia> Calpurnia goes under sail
  528. <Makara> "We should swim up the waterfall!"
  529. <Baruch> "Helpax, please, lead the way. I'm sure the people here can help."
  530. <Helpax> "Noted. So shall we pull up alongside the woods and walk from here?
  531. <Makara> "yes, wood is silent to me."
  532. <Silas_ uses the oar to push us towards one shore>
  534. <Calpurnia> "wait Baruch why don't you know how to fly the boat?"
  535. <Baruch> "Well, that was always Goricious' strong suit. Flying a boat full of people ... well, I would rather not try."
  536. <Calpurnia> "Well it's not like we are going to fly in the air, you could use it to help the boat move over the waterfall."
  537. <Makara> "Maybe you can make the boat swim on water someday"
  539. <CJ> Helpax and Silas lead the way. You soon come across a*fat* peasant women washing her clothes. She has a fine *blue* woolen dress on. Peasant? Nope, she is too clean, beautiful and richly dressed to be a
  540. peasant surely?
  541. <Silas_> (oh, blue, she must be loaded ^^)
  542. <CJ> The women looks up at you, and says "hullo you owed bors, you look loike you be lookinh for Libellas?"
  543. <CJ> Exactly Silas. A really rich, attractive blue too.
  544. <Makara> (oh god the accent in my head)
  545. <Silas_> "[whispers]her English is worse than mine!"
  546. <CJ> She continues to pound her washing with a stick
  547. <Silas_> "[whispers]Say something Helpax!"
  548. <CJ> "You look loike roihght rum buggers. Yew be wizzards looking for that der Libellass place? Yew dont loike roihgjt in the'ed, and my old mah she tells e dem wizzards are always a bit queer, rest 'er sainted
  549. bones"
  550. <Makara> "[whisper] is she singing?"
  551. <Silas_> "[whispers]I can't understand a word..."
  553. <Silas_ coughs>
  554. <Helpax> *Different dialect Silas, just be thankful we're not in sussex!* "Well, you aren't wrong. We seem to have gotten lost and directions would be greatly appreciated".
  556. <CJ> She looks thoughtfully at the clothes. "Den again, you might be the others. if so, gegging your pardons surs, but I be waring the wolfsbane, so you just trot roiught orrff"
  557. <Helpax> *She knows we're wizards, and was rather impolite about it!*
  558. <Helpax> "By the way miss, may I ask why wearing wolfsbane is important?"
  559. <CJ> She looks pleased " I knows Latin. Amo, Amas, Amant, Amatus, Pedenat, An Ant". Soemthing like that"
  560. <CJ> "Oooh, cos of the Curse of the werefwolf of course. Next you'll be asking me why Red Barns are unlucky!"
  561. <Helpax> "Yes very impressive. Now if you could just give us the directions we'll be on our way. So you plea-"
  562. <Helpax> *Werewolf?*
  563. <Silas_> "[to the others] Did she say werewolf?"
  564. <CJ> (She clearly does not know Latin. Well not well :))
  565. <Helpax> "What werewolf miss?"
  566. <CJ> "oh yes, at noight, comes snuffling bout my cottage door. Roight scared old meedletwinkin me pussy"
  567. <Helpax> *Yes she did. Also red children are lucky.*
  568. <CJ> "She don't loike it. You got any relics or amulets for sale?"
  569. <CJ> "Dat there werewolf, he'd like to gobble poor meedletwinkin up he would. Poor pussy cat"
  570. <Calpurnia> (ask why red barns are unlucky one of you)
  571. <Makara> (but she's talking in English)
  572. <Calpurnia> (DO YOUR BEST SOLDIER)
  573. <Silas_> "ah, she is a trinket peddler. I recognized some of that"
  574. <CJ> She continues with the washing, seemingly satisfied.
  575. <Helpax> "I am afraid not...wait!"
  576. <Baruch> "Werewolves, eh? Hm, all the more reason to make haste to the tribunal. Does she know where Stonehenge is?"
  577. <Helpax> *Anyone have a good luck charm?*
  578. <Makara attempt at English. " Mo... moo... cha... chah.">
  579. <CJ> The woman look at Makara with interest. "mooo!" she says. "oooh, does that lady thinks she one of dem coos?"
  580. <Silas_> "Not really, but why does that matter?"
  581. <Makara decide to answer "yes" to everything in English.>
  582. <CJ> "We have good coos round 'ere. Nearly all sheeps these days though, cos wool trades made us all rich as kings"
  583. <Helpax> *I'm not sure. She mentioned that, as wizards we must be looking for Libellas.*
  585. <CJ> "Anyhows if you be wantin' the covennat, it's at Lonmg Melford, near as the debbil can spit. Take path south, turn west at my cottage"
  586. <CJ> "Long Melford"
  587. <CJ> The local accent is rather strong
  588. <Silas_> "[ignoring the woman] What is Libellas?"
  589. <CJ> Intelligence + Order of Hermes lore rolls
  590. <Helpax> "Thank you, that is helpful. I don't suppose they've left for Stonehenge already then?"
  592. [Makara and Helpax succeed]
  594. <CJ> Helpax and Makara - A spring covenant in the Stonehenge Tribunal, with one senior magus and a number of newly gauntleted magi. It's in East Anglia, a province of England
  595. <Helpax> *I think it's the covenant she just gave us directions too. It's young. and in East Anglia.*
  596. <CJ> She continues washing. The cats always skeered dem there werewolves
  597. <Baruch> "Well, there should be someone there still, the tribunal is not upon us yet. Let us pay the covenant a visit, shall we?"
  598. <Helpax> *And just down that path there, provided we make the turn west*
  599. <Makara> "yes, time to go visit our new home"
  600. <CJ> "Oi Mr Wizard, won't you pay a young lady with a living to make?" says the rich washerwoman
  601. <CJ> (She is at least aas well dressed as you lot, if not more so)
  602. <Makara> (do we have money?)
  603. <CJ> I got some bred and I gor sum bu'er, and I can makes ya all yuh tea if ya loike?
  604. <Silas_> [in latin] many thanks for the directions kind maiden! *low bow*
  605. <CJ> Baruch has thirty silver pennies
  606. <CJ> The washerwoman laughs, and curtsies badly
  607. <Baruch> I'll give her a penny and a smile.
  608. <Helpax> "Thank you Miss but we are late as is, I am sorry if we disturbed you." Helpax starts heading south down the path, as per the directions.
  609. <CJ> She smiles back, delighted, and says Meedle will have trout for tea tonight
  610. <Class> (how many hours from breakfast by now?)
  611. <CJ> You walk to her cottage, whitewashed - but pink. It's a half timbered building with a thatched roof that would not disgrace a rich merchant in much of Europe.
  612. <Silas_> [worried to the others] "Did she just threaten us?" [looks back to her and smiles]
  613. <CJ> Four now class
  614. <Class> (tx)
  615. <CJ> As you turn west, you look down form a rise, and see a walled settlement close by, a mile from a road. It looks like it may be a covennat. In the dustance is a small town, with another huge cathedral!
  616. <Class> (btw I wonder how Calpurnia manage to sta up for so long doing night watch and after the twilight she now up for the complet time)
  617. <Helpax> *She said Meedle, her cat, will have trout for suuper silas.*
  618. <CJ>
  619. <Helpax> *supper
  620. <Calpurnia> (She runs on insanity)
  621. <CJ> lol, yep!
  622. <Calpurnia> (If anything she's getting even more fuel the longer she stays up)
  623. <Makara> (speaking of running on insanity)
  624. <Helpax> (Doesn't all of Criamon?)
  625. <Baruch> "The church here sure is wealthy."
  626. <Silas_> (hehe)
  627. <Makara run toward the covennat and gesture the group to follow>
  628. <Calpurnia> (also where is the group, are we all at the town?)
  629. <Baruch> (I presumed we would be; if not, we should go get anyone left behind)
  630. <CJ> The complex consists of a dozen buildings, with nine with thatched roofs, three tiled. The wall if of black stones (flints) held together with nortar, and all the buildings are whitewashed - well pink washed - and half timbered. Only three are of stone - th tiled ones. It's about a mile away. You can see peasants moving about, all well dressed
  631. <CJ> (Everything here appears insanely wealthy compared to most of Europe)
  632. <Silas_> "They sure build beautiful"
  633. <CJ> The meadow you are running across holds hundres of fat white sheep, like clouds on agreen sky
  634. Calpurnia> {following Baruch around the place with hood over head}
  635. <Helpax> *Most Impressive*
  636. <Makara> "This is my new la la land."
  637. CJ> Suddenly you see man in chainmail on a horse, with around shild and a lance, riding up from the settlement towards you
  638. <Calpurnia> (not good for me)
  639. <Silas_> "oh, someone to greet us"
  640. <Silas_ waves to the man>
  641. <Makara> "Yes." Mankara waves at the horse
  642. <CJ> Class, no it will work just fine!
  643. <Helpax> "Hello sir! Good day to you."
  645. <CJ> Suddenly a nearby sheep says "you alright bors?"
  646. <Calpurnia> Ignores sheep
  647. <Helpax> Helpax greets the man riding toward us
  648. <CJ> The man hails you "Salve! You seek Libellas?"
  649. <Baruch> "Yes, were are traveling for the tribunal."
  650. <CJ> he switches to Latin - "sir stephen left some days ago with Gregorius and Justin, but the others are here"
  651. <CJ> "Pray follow, but not too close lest my horse is pooked by your Gift" - he turns and rides back to the settlement
  652. <Silas_> "Oh, that was easy"
  653. <Baruch> "Good. Let us get some rest here."
  655. [Everyone follows]
  657. <Helpax> Helpax couldnt smirking as he followed after *Never look a Gift hourse in the mouth silas*
  658. <CJ> As you arrive at the covennat, servants rushg out ot gather your things. They are plainly nervous, but wait orders. A women in red directs them, and soon you are in a longhouse, with six beds of simple design laid out as in an infirmary, with a cauldron of soup on the fire, a brrel of ale, and bread, butter and hooney prepared
  659. <Silas_> "mmm! smells delicious!"
  660. <Calpurnia> (Gah don't know what I should do first, eat or rest.)
  661. <CJ> The woman introduces herself very briefly, almost curtly, as Lucidia of Flambeau. She suggest you meet in the council chamber at sundown when you have all rested
  662. <CJ> OK, time fo toyu all to rest. :) You have found "civilisation"
  663. <Calpurnia> Calpurnia takes a pieces of bread and heads to bed snacking
  664. <Class> (Except me as I'm still on the boat ^^)
  665. <Helpax> (At last!)
  666. <Baruch> (Oh, Class was left behind after all? We should ask one of the grogs to get him.)
  667. <Silas_> "Many thanks my lady" *bows*
  668. <Helpax Tilts his head>
  669. Helpax> *I feel like I'm forgetting something.*
  670. <Makara nod. "My thanks, Flambeau of Lucidia.">
  671. <CJ> Yes, I was wondering who would fetch Class!
  672. <Calpurnia> "Your just imagining it Helpax, just go to the tavern a find a nice lass"
  673. <Helpax> *Thank you, Lady Lucidia. It is pleasure to partake in your hospitablity*
  674. Baruch> "One of the apprentices stayed behind in our boat near the waterfall. Could we ask, lady Ludicia, one of you servants to bring him here?"
  675. <CJ> Lady Lucidia has scurried off :(
  676. <Helpax> *I knew I forgot something!?*
  677. <Baruch> Since I don't want to order our hosts' servants around without asking them, and since the don't seem to be around, I'll go get Class myself. I'll fly over as an owl, since the people here seem to be familiar
  678. with wizards anyway.
  679. <Makara> (and then the fat lady say "oohh mai, wha a nice owl dinna we gonta have today)
  680. <CJ> lol!
  681. <CJ> OK Baruch, how oyu flying?
  682. <Baruch> Using my talisman
  684. <CJ> Class, you awaken in the boat. The sun is low, and you have had six hours sleep. There is no sign of the others, but I want a Perception + Awareness roll
  686. [Class made a nice roll]
  688. <CJ> Class you hear the sound of something splashing in th ewater. A fluffy cat is trying to catch fish on the river bank. And something big is padding towards it, snuffling...
  690. [Class made a decent roll to sneak out stealthly to see what's going on]
  692. <CJ> Class the cat has landed a fat juicy trout. A wolf trots out of the woods and walks towards it, stealthily...
  693. <Baruch> Anyone who saw me use it before: It's a fan; whisking it produces a strong wind that picks me up
  694. <Class> (As I didn't know about the talks bevore I don't realy care for the cat as its just natural)
  695. <CJ> Baruch, you take off, to amazed laughter from the grogs outside as you fly off. A passing seagull regards you with interest
  696. <CJ> The cat pulls the trout on ot he bank, and turns and looks at the wolf. The two commence to eat the trout togther. Suddenly you hear something approaching through the air
  697. <Class> I only dampen my personal smell as fare I can gwet with spontan casting without stress.
  698. <CJ> Anyway sure. Just at that moment Baruch arrives in the boat wit a thud, the cat launches up a tree and the wolf looks ta you both with interest
  699. <Baruch> "Class, you are still here, good. We found a nearby covenant, join me..." Then I notice the wolf
  700. <Baruch> "What is going on here?"
  701. <Class> He just hounted a cat and now we are his targets apearently
  702. <Baruch> (He didn't hunt the cat, though, but they ate together. I don't know about this, however)
  703. <Baruch> Does the wolf seem hostile?
  704. <Class> Strange, usualy cat and wolf not go along together but there was a cat sharing food with this wolf
  705. <CJ> The wolf growls, then speaks in Latin "When the crown I guarded in yesteryear, is stolen from the tomb of gold so dear, then foreign armies invade may this realm, and the Franks the English shall soon
  706. overwhelm..." The wolf gives you one steely eyed look, then strolls off defiantly.
  707. <Class> Ohh that says all.
  709. <Class> (Lore roll alowed for my Tradition?)
  710. <CJ> Which Lores you using? :)
  711. <Class> (Organization House Bjornaer Lore)
  712. <CJ> Give it a go. :)
  714. [Class made a good roll]
  715. <CJ> You don't think that was a Bjornaer magus. It was a real talking animal. :)
  716. <Baruch> "Well, there was also a talking sheep down the road. And large cathedrals dot the landscape. I am not sure what to make of any of this. We have found shelter, however, and that is priority now. So follow
  717. me, I will lead you there."
  718. <CJ> And there is a sweet pleasant smell, like perfume, in the air. A hint of incense?
  719. <CJ> The cat jumps down and scurries off south at speed, seemingly annoyed
  720. <Class> Sorry for distrubed your meal
  721. <CJ> You walk back to the covenant?
  722. <Class> yes
  723. <Silas_> (I like the fact that we are all basicly ignoring the huge warning signs presentet to us from just about everyone ^^)
  724. <CJ> The cat is making for the cottage and does not look back. Yoiu hear a voice calling "Meedle - yer bloody trout is ready!"
  725. <Baruch> Yes, we'll walk back
  726. <CJ> As you cross the meadows filled with sheep, I want a Perception +Awareness roll please from each of you
  728. [Class succeed the roll]
  730. <CJ> Class, you solve the mystery of the talking sheep. There is a little pit with a straw mat in it, and a young bouy dressed in blue with a horn is started awake by your approach and calls out "Evening bors!"
  731. <CJ> You get back to the covenant :) OK, I have just seen the time. Shall we wrpa up for today?
  733. [Session end]
  736. Extra Lore:
  737. -Suffolk rhyme originally, and you are in Suffolk. Kersey and lavenham blue were the two most expensive dyes of medieval English wool, and you are close to both villages
  738. -The wool trade made the area fantastically rich by normal standards
  739. -Helpax recgonize that the King has signed the Magna Carta, thereby paving the way for personal property laws. Also we are in fairy Land.
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