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  2. hasakToday at 1:46 AM
  3. [Carter] We might have even bigger problems.
  4. [Carter] I just met up with a girl named Sarah Nocturne. In close relations with Dale Greenwood. She came to me asking for help, but didn't want Dale to know she came to me, nor did she want him to know what she told me.
  5. [Carter] She told me who The Archon is. The Archon is Dom Simonis, (Dominykas or whatever).
  6. [Carter] Dom wants to monopolize the resistance, or make his own cell. She told me that he will kill anyone and everyone who gets in his way.
  7. [Carter] Unless the unite under him.
  8. [Carter] I'm not sure how reliable this information is... but I'll be lurking in the background of one of their meetings. Dom wanted to meet with Hywel, Dale, and Sarah to discuss more information about whatever the fuck future plans they have...
  9. [Carter] This also goes to show.... Dale is still working /with/ people who have been against us and or wanted all of us gone for a while.
  10. [Carter] Dale is a contractor though... he goes where the money goes.
  11. [Carter] But I have the rest of their group, I know all of their members... We knew Hywel and Dom were together... Now we know who the Archon is, and the arhcon is Dom... Writing bullshit about us and how we operate... As well, Dale and Sarah are with them... But Sarah Nocturne is afraid by the looks, and wanted to come to the someone who could help her and Dale, to get out of what they're in now.
  12. [Carter] There could be more members to their group, but all we've got is Hywel, Dom, Sarah, Dale..... Sarah and Dale might be excluded, depending on if the information is reliable.
  13. [Carter] /DOM/ is a problem.
  14. i'm sorry beeeender, we might have to PK another couple people BECAUSE they on some dumb shit
  15. after we've given them chances /shrug
  16. cause based off this information, if it's true. Dom and Hywel are gonna come after us /AGAIN/.
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