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Dennis Carrillo Pueblo Colorado Is Secretly Gay

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  1. Dennis Carrillo Pueblo Colorado
  3. I wanted to let everyone know that Dennis Carrillo is secretly gay. His birthday is December 17, 1983 and his Facebook is http://www.facebook.com/dennis.carrillo.73. He has been know to post ads on Craigslist in the gay section looking for other men. He has hooked up with quite a few men and was rumored to possibly have HIV. If you are looking for info on Denniss Carrillo, consider straying away if you are a male.
  5. He does have children and also a in a relationship with Crystal A Rothmeier. He has always been struggling with his sexuality and often wanted to look into counseling over his secret. I have been his lover for over two years and the stress involved with being with him can get overwhelming sometimes. He confided in me before he stopped wanting to be exclusive in telling me that he might have aids which is why he always wanted me to wear protection.
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