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  1. for Monday, August 29th at 5:00 PM:
  3. TL;DR version:
  5. 1. Assemble *OUTSIDE* the civic center station, surrounding the main entrance.
  6. 2. Stay there, don't start randomly marching up and down the streets.
  7. 3. Stay on message. This is about police brutality and their censorship. (the below point on this doesn't do justice to the fact that anonymous isn't unanimous. Remember Anonymous' history. We're also about bashing censorship attempts).
  8. 4. SFPD are not the enemy. Keep the focus on BART. SFPD is also tired of having to clean up after BART.
  13. The detailed version:
  17. 1. ASSEMBLE OUTSIDE CIVIC CENTER STATION, IN THE LARGE PLAZA SURROUNDING THE MAIN ENTRANCE. This in NO WAY impedes the function of the station itself, and ensures that the public cannot reasonably see us as “the protesters who kept me from getting home”. The BART police would have NO JUSTIFICATION for shutting down the station, and would be unable to reasonably blame us.  Remember, they will be in control of the media narrative, and if they are able to say that we shut down the station, they will. To give BART any excuse whatsoever, is to shoot ourselves in the foot.
  19. 2. STAY THERE, STOP RANDOMLY MARCHING AROUND, AND PICK A TARGET. The area is highly visible, both to passengers and passersby. It places us within range of the institution with which we take issue. Marching up and down Market does not expose us significantly more than it would if we stayed put, and staying put again deprives the police and media of their “unreasonable protesters shut down civic infrastructure” monologue.
  21. 3. STAY ON MESSAGE. THE PROTESTS ARE ABOUT POLICE BRUTALITY FIRST, AND EVERYTHING ELSE SECOND. Leaping from topic to topic does nothing but confuse those not involved with the operation. The San Francisco Chronicle already has reporters saying that the third round of protests will be about station closures during the first two operations. We CANNOT ALLOW the media narrative to be twisted like this, and to leap from topic to topic based on whatever the newest injustice is does nothing but confuse potential allies and allow the police and media an easy out. The popular narrative already shifted to “hipsters mad about cell reception”, and we ABSOLUTELY MUST shift it back to the issue of POLICE BRUTALITY, and fast.
  23. 4. KNOW YOUR TARGETS. THE SFPD ARE NOT THE ENEMY RIGHT NOW. Our issue is with BART police, not the SFPD. Historically, the SFPD has been extremely accommodating to civil protest (see footage and reports from Operation Chanology, which had its biggest turnout in San Francisco), and to rail against them as though they were actually our targets is not productive. DO NOT CONFLATE THE SAN FRANCISCO POLICE DEPARTMENT WITH BART POLICE. The SFPD should not have to clean up the mess BART police created, and BART police should not get a free pass because the protest group wandered out of their jurisdiction.
  25. Anonymous is participating in noble action, placing itself in opposition to police brutality and corruption. Its dedication to the cause of social change is commendable, but its decentralized nature makes it susceptible to derailment by distracting voices. Ideological inconsistency will ultimately do more harm than good, even if the conflicting voices are individually beneficial. To sway people to our cause we must win in the court of public opinion, and to conduct ourselves in such an erratic manner does little in this regard.
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