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  1. 1918:
  2. -Lenin dies from his injuries sustained by Fanny Kaplan's assassination attempt.
  3. -Leon Trotsky becomes leader of the USSR, alienating several people in the Red Army.
  4. -The SRs, led by Chernov, begin setting up shop in Petrograd.
  6. 1919:
  7. -A schism between the Bolsheviks and a united SR party takes place, splitting the Red Front down the middle.
  8. -The schism causes the USSR and the SRs to turn their attention on themselves, neglecting any sort of White faction.
  9. -The failure of Kolchak in 1918 leads to the Whites fracturing as per OTL.
  10. -The Polish-Soviet War is butterflied away as the Ukrainian State has set up shop completely and has no threat of being overthrown due to the events in 1918.
  11. -Sentiment between the Ukrainians, Belarussians and Poles takes a turn for the worse with several border conflicts. Poland takes a chunk out of both Ukraine and Belarus.
  13. 1921:
  14. -Russia is now at its most fractured point as the release of Deutsche Volgaland commemerates the most statelets in the Russian region.
  15. -The 'Petrograd Front' manages to overrun Pskov and annex them, radical elements of the SR killing Kerensky in the process.
  16. -Petrograd Front is winning a Pyrrhic victory against the USSR as they have more support with the peasantry than the Bolsheviks.
  17. -A schism between the democratic socialist and agrarian socialist parts of the SR threatens to split the SR apart, but Chernov uses the war to keep them together.
  19. 1923:
  20. -Deutsche Volgagrad is invaded by the Orenburg cossacks and annexed.
  21. -The USSR is annexed by the Petrograd Front, forming the Russian Republic.
  22. -As a result of the four year war in the center of Russia, the Petrograd/Moscow area is heavily damaged.
  23. -Chernov undertakes industrialization procedures, greatly angering the agrarian socialists in the party.
  24. -A Duma is established by Chernov, using only leftist parties and banning parties that might have some part with the Whites.
  25. -The Russian Republic is too weak to wage war with the White warlords, thus asking all of the White warlords bordering them for status quo.
  26. -Both parties saw themselves in a tenuous situation in Russia, so the Whites accepted one by one.
  28. 1924:
  29. -Radical agrarian socialist elements lead a coup of the SR during industrial rebuilding with rural peasant support.
  30. -The Duma is abolished only after one year of operation as the 'Red Russians' take over and establish a brutal agrarian socialist regime.
  31. -'Democratic Russia' cancels all rebuilding plans and begins running collectivist farms that are poorly managed and atrocious in terms of conditions.
  32. -The mass farming of the land begins to take its toll on Russian soil.
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