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  1. #lbchat's Actually Enforced™ rules:
  3. 1) No excessive op abuse. While deopping/kicking/etc as a joke is fine, please do not do it excessively or completely randomly. Joke bans on other users are off-limits. Breaking this rule will lead to op status being revoked.
  4. 2) Please break up all potentially NSFW links. Discussion of such materials is perfectly fine, as is mostly any sort of sexual discussion, but please break up links to NSFW content in case of image or video embedding.
  5. 3) No hate or discrimination allowed. This includes racism, anti-LGBT remarks, kinkshaming, etc. Negative comments on other users not in the channel is permitted (as long as it isn't outright flaming), but any threats made will not be tolerated.
  6. 4) Take care to avoid spoilers for newly-released or story-heavy games, TV shows, or movies. When discussing such material, please use spoiler tags.
  7. 5) Feel free to add stuff to the topic, but please ask me before adding, changing, or removing any links. Please do not include any self-promotion without my permission.
  8. 6) If someone is banned from the channel, the expectation is that they will not be unbanned. Please follow this expectation by not unbanning anyone who received a legitimate ban.
  9. 7) Absolutely no removing of this pastebin from the channel topic. Only LB carries the authority of adding, changing, or removing rules (and therefore changing the pastebin) for the channel. Changing the pastebin link will lead to immediate loss of op status and potentially a ban.
  11. tl:dr don't be annoying and we'll all get along. hokay? hokay
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