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  1. I was told to dm you for appeals
  2. iSt_xrmToday at 10:44 AM
  3. You want to appeal?
  4. Aight.
  5. Got your case ID?
  6. That one dudeToday at 10:44 AM
  7. 383
  8. iSt_xrmToday at 10:45 AM
  9. Aighty.
  10. You were recetly banned.
  11. Recently.*
  12. That one dudeToday at 10:45 AM
  13. Correct
  14. iSt_xrmToday at 10:45 AM
  15. Tell me what for?
  16. That one dudeToday at 10:46 AM
  17. I was acting stupid for scamming first time i ever done it wasn't planning on doing it wont happen again.
  18. It was just at the heat of the moment
  19. iSt_xrmToday at 10:46 AM
  20. What happened
  21. Give me details
  22. That one dudeToday at 10:46 AM
  23. Okay, so
  24. I dm the guy for an Emerald right, He said 35 silver for it i told him to join me and go to castle Sancurary, I went there and we were doing the trade he dropped the Emerald right when we started, I paused to think if I should scam and leave and not give the silver, and i just did it I was low on silver, i just needed the emerald for enchanment i promise it wont happen again.
  25. I mean
  26. Souther Sanc
  27. iSt_xrmToday at 10:50 AM
  28. Hm
  29. Why you should be unbanned?
  30. That one dudeToday at 10:51 AM
  31. Because, I literally never scammed anyone, I wasn't even going into the trade trying to scam him, I will never do it again, I promise, also i'm willing to give the kid his silver aswell
  32. iSt_xrmToday at 10:51 AM
  33. Alright.
  34. Want to tell me anything else I should know?
  35. Be honest if so.
  36. That one dudeToday at 10:52 AM
  37. hmmm, nothing really just want to get back in RLI, just took the Emerald and left.
  38. iSt_xrmToday at 10:52 AM
  39. Alright.
  40. Anything else or nah?
  41. That one dudeToday at 10:52 AM
  42. nope
  43. that is all that happened
  44. iSt_xrmToday at 10:52 AM
  45. Alright.
  46. I wont accept your appeal.
  47. Starting because you tried to buy my mod.
  49. Gyazo
  50. Gyazo
  52. So yeh.
  53. That one dudeToday at 10:53 AM
  54. nonono
  55. iSt_xrmToday at 10:53 AM
  56. I will actually perm ban you.
  57. That one dudeToday at 10:53 AM
  58. I meant
  59. Wait
  60. wait
  61. i meant i'll give the silver back to him
  62. That's what i meant i dont buy mods
  63. iSt_xrmToday at 10:53 AM
  64. I read that part too.
  65. You said,
  66. UNban and I give the guy the silver.
  67. OR wahtever.
  68. Then you send that.
  69. So.
  70. That one dudeToday at 10:54 AM
  71. Yeah i didn't know that there was appeals
  72. Till after
  73. iSt_xrmToday at 10:54 AM
  74. I asked you if had anything else to add being honest.
  75. That one dudeToday at 10:54 AM
  76. he said i can get appeals
  77. iSt_xrmToday at 10:54 AM
  78. And you said :No.
  79. That one dudeToday at 10:54 AM
  80. I didn't know i was supposed to add that part.
  81. iSt_xrmToday at 10:54 AM
  82. Maybe retry your appeal in 1 month?
  83. That one dudeToday at 10:55 AM
  84. please don't perm
  85. no please..
  86. i promise i wasn't trying
  87. buy a mod
  88. I never even done a appeal before
  89. iSt_xrmToday at 10:56 AM
  91. Lightshot
  92. Screenshot
  94. Who should I believe?
  95. Your words or his words?
  96. That one dudeToday at 10:56 AM
  97. Ok look it looks bad
  98. But
  99. iSt_xrmToday at 10:56 AM
  100. It is bad.
  101. That one dudeToday at 10:57 AM
  102. I promise you i wasn't trying to bribe him I thought he could unban me sence he banned me
  103. I didn't even know there was an appeal system
  104. iSt_xrmToday at 10:57 AM
  105. You will still decline that you did not bribe him or attmept to?
  106. That one dudeToday at 10:57 AM
  107. Yes, I promise you i wasn't trying to bribe him or attempt
  108. iSt_xrmToday at 10:57 AM
  109. Lets take this to a trial!
  110. That one dudeToday at 10:57 AM
  112. Gyazo
  113. Gyazo
  115. iSt_xrmToday at 10:58 AM
  116. Add me.
  117. That one dudeToday at 10:58 AM
  118. Literally asking him how to get unbanned idk how this works
  119. Ok
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