city of largo continues #slavery/#peonage/#inmatelabor

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  1. Inmate Crew:
  2. • Installed 120 one gallon red Penta, 80 one gallon Bulbine, 35 one gallon Jasmine plants and five
  3. yards of pine bark mulch in the back property of the Community Center.
  4. • Turf treatment with a selective herbicide intended to kill the dollar weed and other various broad leaf
  5. weeds was used at Highland Recreation Center, Largo Police Department, South Central Park Drive
  6. and the Community Center.
  7. • Delivered and retrieved 50 chairs to Bonner Park.
  8. • Delivered and retrieved 10 kayaks, life jackets and paddles for Highland Pond Park kayak training
  9. demonstration on January 7.
  10. • Cut and lifted the low branches and sprayed herbicide in the turf around the base of the trees to
  11. create a bed for the City planted street trees located on 7th Avenue Northeast, Betty Lane South,
  12. 137th Avenue, Patlin Circle South, Patlin Circle North, Patlin Circle East, Shirley Drive, Neva Drive
  13. and Kay Drive.
  14. • Finished disassembling the Christmas lights in Largo Central Park.
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