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Jun 30th, 2012
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  1. Hey everyone,
  3. You should really read every bit of the following:
  4. Questions should end with a "For 10 points, blah" OR "Consisting of 14 lines of iambic pentameter, for 10 points, name..."
  5. Tossups should be 5-7 LINES (preferably as close to six as possible) long, when you finish writing tossups, your last name should go under it like this <lastname>.
  6. Bonus parts should be 1-2 lines each, preferably closer to 1.5 or so (more info on a bonus part is always better than too little, but MAKE SURE IT DOESN'T GO PAST THE 2ND LINE)
  7. NO BINARY BONUSES (such as "given the work, name the author" or anything of that kind.
  10. BIG THING ON CLUES, avoid biography clues for scientists and authors. There's a reason scientists are in the science category; keep it to stuff that's relevant in a science class (unless it's is really famous or something).
  11. ALSO: please don't put useless clues like circumstances of creation, date of creation, general "ideas" or "themes" (such as "it shows the author's tendency to write in sonnet form"), unless it's really notable. Keep it to stuff that people would know if they studied it in science/history/whatever class or read the work!
  12. Clues are only useful if it is unique to the person unless you say say "it is not that other person, but.." or if it's the first clue and you allow it to be accepted until the next clue.
  13. If you're not sure if something is worthy of inclusion, ask someone.
  16. Italicize titles, poems are put in quotation marks.
  18. You should not mention anything in your answer line inside the question unless it is an alternate name which will not be accepted after mentioned. For example, [excised]. [excised] is not acceptable either. if you want to do something like that, put title character or title object instead of the name.
  20. Alternate answers or explicit prompting directions are put in brackets ([] these things) after the answer line
  21. Nothing except proper nouns and titles are capitalized in the answerline.
  22. The accepted answer should be underlined and bolded, only the part necessary is bolded like the last name or part of a title. If it can be pluralized or alternate spellings it can go like this Ganesha you don't need a [accept Ganesha]
  24. When you write questions, make sure it indicates clearly what you are looking for, example this author instead of he. Sometimes questions can become confusing if only pronouns like he, she, it is used too much, especially when another person was mentioned
  26. Try to make it unfraudable in the beginning, like if it is a woman don't say this woman in the first sentence, say this author or this scientist.
  28. For bonuses "identify" and "name" are only used in the first part or the lead in sentence
  29. bonuses are formatted like this, copy and paste it if you need to:
  30. He wrote works like blah. For 10 points each: (or answer/name/identify the following about blah, for 10 points each:)
  32. [10]
  33. ANSWER:
  34. [10]
  35. ANSWER:
  36. [10]
  37. ANSWER:
  38. <>
  39. Bonuses should have an easy, medium, and hard part, if there is an answer line you want to use make it into a bonus instead of tossing it up. It does not have to be in order by difficulty. Remember: an easy answerline can be hard if y
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