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  1. xBloodyAndrewNiebax: im kinda hurt
  2. xBloodyAndrewNiebax: i kinda feel like i spent money on nothing
  3. xBloodyAndrewNiebax: i aint even cheated on you
  4. xBloodyRosex: Why? I didn't hit you..
  5. xBloodyRosex: Yo ass didn't spend money on nothin' just quit cheatin'
  6. xBloodyAndrewNiebax: you hid the marridge pack
  7. xBloodyAndrewNiebax: i aint cheating i promise you this
  8. xBloodyAndrewNiebax: i swear down on my grandads grave im not cheating
  9. xBloodyRosex: You're a cuddle slut. You wasn't getting cuddles from me so you went and cuddled other people, that's finding satisfaction in someone else, therefore cheating
  10. xBloodyAndrewNiebax: no
  11. xBloodyAndrewNiebax: it wasent that
  12. xBloodyRosex: Then Rain wasn't in yo lap for 2 hours?
  13. xBloodyAndrewNiebax: she invited me to her room to play coz her kids have bored her
  14. xBloodyRosex: Cuz I seen that sheit over Harley's shoulder as I was hanging a fly trap
  15. xBloodyAndrewNiebax: and no i wasent in her lap for over 2 hours
  16. xBloodyRosex: She had to play in your lap?
  17. xBloodyAndrewNiebax: she invited me to play games with her
  18. xBloodyAndrewNiebax: nothing more
  19. xBloodyRosex: In your lap..
  20. xBloodyAndrewNiebax: i dont see her like that
  21. xBloodyAndrewNiebax: i see her as a friend
  22. xBloodyAndrewNiebax: as an auntie
  23. xBloodyAndrewNiebax: nothing more
  24. xBloodyRosex: Mmhhmm
  25. xBloodyAndrewNiebax: im being truthful
  26. xBloodyRosex: You're being a cuddle whore
  27. xBloodyAndrewNiebax: no
  28. xBloodyRosex: ja
  29. xBloodyAndrewNiebax: wanna know how long i was in the room for
  30. xBloodyAndrewNiebax: about half hour
  31. xBloodyRosex: You was stll cuddling that hoe
  32. xBloodyAndrewNiebax: no i wasent ever cuddling
  33. xBloodyAndrewNiebax: even*
  34. xBloodyRosex: You lie cuz she was in yo lap
  35. xBloodyRosex: damn
  36. xBloodyAndrewNiebax: yes but dont mean i was holding her
  37. xBloodyRosex: She
  38. xBloodyRosex: was
  39. xBloodyRosex: in
  40. xBloodyRosex: you
  41. xBloodyRosex: lap
  42. xBloodyRosex: that's cuddling
  43. xBloodyAndrewNiebax: YES BUT THERE WAS NOTHING MORE
  44. xBloodyAndrewNiebax: ><
  45. xBloodyRosex: Now you yelling at me.. Why you yelling at me
  46. xBloodyAndrewNiebax: coz im stressed im sorry i shouldent yell at you its not ur fault
  47. xBloodyRosex: Mmhhmm... I ain't the one goin' round cuddling other peoples
  48. xBloodyAndrewNiebax: there was nothing more and it wasent ment to be cuddling
  49. xBloodyRosex: What was it meant to be if da hoe be in ya lap?
  50. xBloodyAndrewNiebax: no i only went there coz i got invited and she wanted someone to play with at first i thought it was strange she said come and play with me but then she said her kids are boreing so i jumped on her lap but coz she dint sit on the right dot it put me under her
  51. xBloodyAndrewNiebax: i should have left as soon as she said play
  52. xBloodyRosex: You "jumped on her lap" but yet she was in yo lap..
  53. xBloodyAndrewNiebax: yes thats what i dont understand
  54. xBloodyAndrewNiebax: she moved spot but it still put her under me
  55. xBloodyAndrewNiebax: on me i mean
  56. xBloodyRosex: Mmhhmm
  57. xBloodyAndrewNiebax: but then again it could also be my avi
  58. xBloodyRosex: I can't believe yo ass still cheatin' on me.. sheit... can you just... not cheat on me?.. that'd be great...
  59. xBloodyAndrewNiebax: can you reshow ur marridge
  60. xBloodyRosex: Iunno what a marridge is..
  61. xBloodyAndrewNiebax: marridge pack
  62. xBloodyRosex: marriage*
  63. xBloodyRosex: Sheit.. I'm married to someone who can't spell... Lovely..
  64. xBloodyAndrewNiebax: yeah that sorry i kinda cant see
  65. xBloodyRosex: You kinda cant see?
  66. xBloodyAndrewNiebax: yeah i aint got my glasses on coz there weak i need a new set
  67. xBloodyRosex: Mine are weak but I have to wear mine a lot now cuz if the headaches.
  68. xBloodyAndrewNiebax: i dont have headaches i just find it hard to see and well my lazy eye to
  69. xBloodyRosex: But naw I'm still pissed that yo ass cheated... Enjoy the new house and ya new hoe.
  70. xBloodyRosex: peace
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