Cum addicted Rarity thing (Love, Sweat and tears Cont.)

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  1. >It's been a week since you became bros with benefits with the only human in Equestria, and life has been pretty sweet.
  2. >Twilight scored you over four hundred bits for the vial of Anon's jizz, and you made sure to spend a lot of it on repaying Anon for supplying it and for the shitty bronight.
  3. >Wings stretched out, you duck forward, plot going up and back as you work out your post work kinks.
  4. >If you told Anon, you probably wouldn't even need to work, just by selling his sweat and stuff.
  5. >But on the other hoof, if he found out...
  6. >"Hey, Dash, you there bro?"
  7. >Speak of the human.
  8. "Yeah, just working out the kinks from work. What's up?"
  9. >"Eh, not much. I was planning on going camping this weekend, and was wondering if you wanted to come?"
  10. "Where at?"
  11. >"Was figuring I'd go out into the Everfree, maybe snag some rare stuff from there if I can."
  12. "Sounds dangerous, I'm in. You planning on inviting anypony else?"
  13. >"Haven't asked anyone, but feel free to ask your friends. Make sure they bring some food and stuff though, I can only pack so much."
  14. "Can do. Meet you at your place on friday afternoon?"
  15. >"Yep, see you then."
  16. >He waves as he takes off, and you head inside to pack.
  17. >A couple empty containers, because honestly, the two of you deep in the Everfree forest, there's gonna be a lot of sweating and sex. At least, you hope so.
  18. >Food, beer, a couple snacks and some towels and bedding.
  19. >After a moments debate, you stow the encapsulated tear, just in case something happens to you.
  20. >This weekend is gonna be sweet.
  22. ~~~
  24. >After letting your bro know, you head to Rarity's place to pick up your tent.
  25. >You had to order it from Rarity since none of the stores here carried a tent big enough.
  26. "Ugh, hopefully she didn't cover it in gems or anything like that."
  27. >Pushing open the door, the bell jingles overhead, and you hear Raritys signature line.
  28. >"Welcome to the Carousel Boutique, where every article is chic, unique and magnifique."
  29. "Hey Rarity, I'm here for my order," you call back to her, and her head emerges from the back room.
  30. >"Oh, yes, just a moment Darling, I'm sure you'll be impressed."
  31. >Vanishing into the back again, she comes out with a tent rolled up into a bundle.
  32. >"I made sure it was water-proof, just like you asked, and added a few custom touches to the inside."
  33. >The surface is a muted forest green, and overall it looks like it will work for your needs.
  34. "How much do I owe you?"
  35. >"How does fourty bits sound?"
  36. "Seems reasonable. By the way, are you busy this weekend? Dash and I are going camping, and the more the merrier."
  37. >Taking your payment, she nods and says, "Of course, I'd love to come."
  38. "We'll be meeting at my place after Dash gets off work, but feel free to come early."
  39. >She waves dismissively, the gears in her head turning already, and you take your leave with your new tent.
  41. ~~~
  43. "Aww yeah, this weekend is gonna be awesome, just me and Anon, getting sweaty, drinking and rutting like animals."
  44. >Bag swaying on your back, you drop to the ground from your cloud house and run to Anon's house.
  45. >Opening his unlocked door, you set your bag aside.
  46. "Looks like it'll just be you and me this weekend, Anon, none of the others wanted to come."
  47. >"Nonesense, Dash, I was asked by Anon and I'm coming with you," you hear Rarity's voice say.
  48. >'No, this is wrong, it was supposed to be just us..'
  49. >"Yep, but since none of the others wanted to come, it'll just be us three," Anon says, stepping in beside you and landing a soft smack on your flank.
  50. >Swatting his hand away with your tail, you head for the couch.
  51. "So, Rarity, I wouldn't have figured you'd be one for camping in the Everfree."
  52. >"We've been there before, it's not that dangerous, and besides," she starts, before swinging around to Anon's side, "we have our own big, strong, human to protect us."
  53. >News of your 'closeness' to Anon has spread, and he's been starting to get a little interest from mares in the past few days.
  54. "Yeah, don't I know it," you say, flying up and wrapping around his shoulders, flashing your bits at Rarity, "I know it very 'personally'."
  55. >You can almost hear her fuming, and you flit off, landing by your bag.
  56. >Anon already has a massive bag sitting by the door, and Rarity's is unmistakeable.
  57. >"We're all here, so let's get going, alright," Anon says, hefting his bag onto his back.
  58. >"After you, Darling."
  59. "Alright, lets get this weekend started!"
  61. ~~~
  63. "Really Rarity... What made you think this would be a good inside for a tent?"
  64. >"But it's done in the latest Prench designs, don't you like it?"
  65. "Because it's supposed to be a tent," you say, hand pressed to your face, "It's supposed to be used to get away from fancy stuff like this."
  66. >"Yeah Rare, you're supposed to be 'roughing it' when you're camping," Dash says, putting a strange inflection on roughing it.
  67. >Rarity humphs, and walks inside, saying "Well, I think it's perfect for camping."
  68. >With no point in arguing with her, you shrug, grab your hatchet and set off to gather firewood.
  69. >"Rarity, why did you have to come and ruin the weekend I had planned?" Dash asks, out of earshot of you.
  70. >"I have no idea what you are talking about, Dash, can't a lady enjoy a weekend away from it all with some friends?"
  71. >"Yeah, but not when some friends plan on fucking other friends silly all weekend."
  72. >Brushing her mane aside, Rarity rolls her eyes, "Isn't it a little unfair that only you get to sample his fluids firsthoof?"
  73. >"What, you want me to ask him if you can suck his cock or something?"
  74. >"Not at all, but I wouldn't mind getting to sample some fresh, if you would be so generous."
  75. >Faking gagging, Dash flits back, "Ugh, You like that stuff?"
  76. >"It's an aquired taste, and a fancy one at that. Of course, I'm surprised you don't like it, given how much you get the opportunity to taste it."
  77. >Dash's wingtips twitch a little, and a smirk slowly forms on Rarity's face.
  78. >"You do like it, don't you Dash? You like Anon's sperm."
  79. >"Yes, fine I do," she says, a pink flush spreading across her face, "promise not to tell anypony, and I'll get you some fresh."
  80. >"You have a deal, Rainbow."
  81. >Dash takes off after you, and when Rainbow is out of eyesight of her, she lets out a squeal and clops her hooves.
  82. >Back with you and woodchopping, you feel a pair of hooves wrap around your waist, one of them dangerously close to your junk.
  83. >"Hey, Anon, you got wood?" Dash asks, her voice shifting into sultry tones.
  84. >The hoof starts rubbing, and you start pitching a tent, despite your attention on the job at hand.
  85. "Well, not enough for the weekend yet, but I guess you can help me get 'more'."
  86. >Wiping your brow as you set down the hatchet, you flick the drops off, and from behind you, Dash watches them as one would watch gold being flung away.
  87. >Pulling off your shirt, Dash rubs herself up your back, her soft fur like fleece sheets on a cold night.
  88. >As Dash wraps her arms around your shoulders, you grab her forehooves and pull her over your head and hold her around her waist, her head down near your tent and your face near her already winking slit.
  89. >Fumbling with your belt buckle, she tries to get to her toy, and you run a teasing finger around her marehood.
  90. >Her rear hooves buck a little, one on each side of your head, and she lets out a happy "Aha!" as your belt is undone and your pants fall around your ankles.
  91. >Eager to interrupt her celebration, you plunge two fingers into her soft, velvety depths, making her moan and lose her grip on your boxers.
  92. >"Hey, don't you want some fun too?"
  93. "I dunno, it's pretty fun teasing you like this, Bro."
  94. >She slips your boxers off and takes you into her mouth, making you shiver.
  95. >"Two can play that game," she replies, letting you out for a moment.
  96. >Blowing a cold breeze across your shaft, you shiver again, and she lets out a chuckle.
  97. >Leaning down, you massage around her slit until she winks, and you gently bite down on her clit.
  98. >Fighting back, she takes you deeper and deeper, brushing her tongue along your rod.
  99. >Playing back and forth like this, you make her cum twice before she gets you close, and she shifts to sitting and starts deep throating you.
  100. >As you reach to grab the back of her head, she pulls off and gives a hard suck, tripping you over.
  101. >Spurt after spurt of sticky white love spray all over her face and in her mouth, which she swallows immediately.
  102. >Pulling up your boxers and pants, she pats you on the back, almost tilting you forward.
  103. >"Good luck with getting more wood, cya back at camp," she says, taking off.
  104. "Yeah, leave me here with my pants around my ankles," you retort, and you hear her giggle in the distance.
  106. ~~~
  108. "Here you go, Rarity, fresh from the source," you say, landing next to her, your face still covered in Anon's sperm.
  109. >"Oh my, that's quite a daring fashion statement, Dash," she replies, stepping over, before licking a small patch off your cheek.
  110. >A shudder runs through her body, and she gets closer.
  111. >"Oh that's incredible, so fresh," she murrs, rubbing against your side before licking off another strand.
  112. "R... Rarity, you're getting kinda weird here..."
  113. >"Oh pish posh, I'm savouring this," she replys, licking right above your eye, making it close instinctively.
  114. "Uh... Rari Whoah!"
  115. >Rarity's weight pressing against you pushes too hard, and you fall over, and she quickly straddles you, still licking your face.
  116. >"Ahn~ this is heavenly."
  117. >Her lower body starts grinding against you, and she keeps licking and cleaning off Anon's sperm.
  118. >Quickly finishing with your face, her nose twitches, sniffing for more.
  119. "That's all there i..."
  120. >You're cut off as her tongue dives into your mouth, seeking every corner to find any small traces left, her grinding getting intense, a wet spot already formed on your stomach.
  121. >Her movements become more and more erratic, before she gives a loud moan, and collapses on you, a tide of juices escaping her rapidly winking vag.
  122. "Ugh, Rarity, what the buck was that?"
  123. >"I can't *pant* oh my it's so much more *gasp* intense when it's fresh," she says between breaths, not answering your question.
  124. >"Well now, I didn't know you bent this way, Dash," you hear Anon's voice say, and red flares across your face, "I gotta say, it's pretty hot."
  125. >Scrambling to push Rarity off, you hear him drop a pile of wood.
  126. >"Oh, no need to stop on my account, what happens in the Everfree stays in the Everfree."
  127. >Finally worming your way out from under her, you groan and try to brush off your belly.
  128. "Come on, Rarity, what was that for?"
  129. >You don't get an answer, as Rarity is already drifting towards Anonymous, the tip of her nose twitching.
  130. >"I can smell more, so good..." she says, ears straight forwards, every sense focused on Anon.
  131. "Anon, watch out! Something's up with Rarity!" you call out, and he turns just to have Rarity dive nosefirst into his crotch.
  132. >Unlike you, though, Anon keeps his balance, and grabs her by the horn and pull away.
  133. >Snapping his fingers in front of her face, he asks, "Rarity, what is wrong with you?"
  134. >She seems to snap out of a daze, shaking her head and looking around.
  135. >"Oh my, I must appologize, I must have dozed off there or something."
  136. "Or something? Are you sure you weren't tripping on..."
  137. >Realizing Anon's right there, you mentally scramble to think up something, when Rarity points.
  138. >"Is that poison joke? I must have brushed against it, and gotten some on me."
  139. >"You aren't the only thing you got on," Anon jokes, wiggling his eyebrows.
  140. >Red fills your cheeks again, and Rarity's as well this time, and Anon laughs before walking off to get more wood.
  141. >Watching Anon's retreating form a moment, you grab Rarity and drag her into the tent.
  142. "What the buck was that? You were practically molesting me!"
  143. >"I'm sorry, the reaction has never been that bad, but haven't you felt it?"
  144. "Felt what?"
  145. >"That primal urge to rut. Whenever I take some of Anon's sperm, it comes out and everything feels sooo good."
  146. >Thinking back to the few times you and Anon have done it, nothing like what she says comes to mind, and you slowly shake your head.
  147. "No, it's never happened, but then, I'm usually get his load after we've rutted like animals, and I'm already feeling higher than Cloudsdale."
  148. >"You lucky beast, how dare you not kiss and tell?"
  149. "You wouldn't believe me if I told you."
  150. >Her eyes stay locked on you, and she waves at you to continue.
  151. "He can do wonders with those fingers of his, and he goes so much longer than a stallion."
  152. "I don't want to toot his horn so much, but I may not go back to any other colt after him."
  153. >"I'd love to toot his horn, if you know what I mean, darling."
  154. >"That so? I'd never have figured you'd be so... open, Rarara, but I guess after what you did with Dash, nothing would surprise me," Anon's voice says from just outside the doorway.
  155. "Geez, Anon, don't do that!" you exclaim, jumping up, "besides, you're my fuckbuddy for now, and I'm not keen on giving it up."
  156. >"Oh, I'm your's huh? I guess that means I have to take you with me to go and get all this sweat off of me in the river, huh?"
  157. "Can't you just towel off here? I mean, who knows what's in the water around here?"
  158. >He feigns thinking, before saying "Sure, if you don't mind my pit stink filling the tent. No, I'm gonna go take a bath. you two can join me if you want, I don't care."
  159. >After grabbing a towel, his hot, sweaty form slips from view, and you and Rarity share less than a moments glance before triping over each other to follow him.
  160. "Look, I don't want you moving in on him, but if you are willing to help, I guess we can work together to get some of his sweat before he hits the water."
  161. >"I can agree to that, but I want something in return."
  162. "I already let you pretty much molest me for his seed, why should I owe you?"
  163. >She lets off a huff, brushing her mane aside, before looking at you with partly closed eyes.
  164. >"Because, darling, think how much more you could get, if Anon had two partners. After a hard days work, he comes home to his loving wife, me, and after a sweet, but sweaty kiss, he takes a shower, where the pipe is filtered to gather his sweat."
  165. >"Afterwards, he heads out with you, to go to the gym, or to play sports, getting sweaty and valuable all over again."
  166. >"And after a lovingly made dinner, he takes to bed his wife or heads out with you for a booty call, I don't mind. You see, the more ponies working with and on him, the more we can get, and of course, we can keep his 'skill' between us."
  167. >Rolling your eyes at her, you pick drop your pace a little.
  168. "What makes you think he will do anything like that? He's shown no interest in anypony but me so far."
  169. >This time Rarity rolls her eyes, and you quickly come upon Anon as he jumps into a river.
  170. >A massive wave of water splashes out, and you jump back to avoid it, letting Rarity take the brunt of it.
  171. >"So, you two gonna join me in here, or just be soggy on land?"
  172. >Taking his offer, you get a little more height, before diving it.
  173. >Rarity joins soon after, doing the silly looking pony paddle out into the deeper water where Anon is treading.
  174. >You can't deny the loss of his sweat sucked, but you also can't deny he looks pretty hot, water distorting his body just enought to give you tantalizing glimpses at his junk.
  175. >With your wings to help, you swim circles around Rarity, splashing her here and there just to annoy her.
  176. >She tries fruitlessly to splash back, but gets nowhere.
  177. >About to go in for another splash, you feel something wrap around your hoof and pull you under.
  178. >Flailing for the surface, you feel something brush under your tail before you reach the surface for only a moment.
  179. >With fresh air in your lungs, you are pulled back down under, and the feeling of something under your tail returns, before something slides into your slit.
  180. >The familiar feeling of the bony, jointed appendage makes you smile, and you twist to face Anon underwater.
  181. >He pushes the two of you above the surface, and after taking a breath, he says, "Gotcha."
  182. "Oh no!" you cry out, "The wild ape caught me, and there's nothing I can do!"
  183. >"It's not just you," he exclaims, his free arm wrapping around Rarity, "I got the fancy pony too."
  184. >Rarity lets out a girlish scream as he grabs her, playing along.
  185. >Unlike ponies, his strength is largely unaffected by the water, and with litte effort, he drags you both down underwater.
  186. >Even with just his legs for power, he easily pulls the two of you through the water, surfacing briefly to let you breathe here and there.
  187. >You feel yourself released from his grip, and you paddle to the surface, Rarity's head popping up next to you.
  188. >"Do you... do you think we're safe?" Rarity asks, giving you a knowing wink.
  189. "I dunno, I've never encountered one of those out here."
  190. >Your body quivers in anticipation, knowing what comes when Anon and you play like this, but the seconds tick by and nothing happens.
  191. >Looking around, you try to see through the water, but their is no sign of Anon.
  192. >Fear starts to settle in your heart before you suddenly feel something wrap around you.
  193. >"GRAAAAARGH!!!!" Anon roars off, pulling you down, where your flank brushes up against something hard.
  194. "Eeeek! Rarity! Help!" you squeal out, really getting into this damsel in distress playing.
  195. >Your friend paddles over to help, but it's too late, as you are dragged under again.
  196. >His muscular form squeezes you, not tight enough to cause you to lose your breath, but tight enough to trigger some primal fear.
  197. >Pressing you down, he penetrates into your depths, and you hold back losing your breath.
  198. >He hilts inside you, before suddenly pulling out and pushing you towards the surface.
  199. >While you take deep breaths, Rarity paddles over, feigning concern.
  200. >"Are you alright Darling?"
  201. >Nodding, you feel the water ripple under you, and you prepare for another dunking.
  202. >This time though, it's not you who goes under.
  204. ~~~
  206. >Wraping your arms around Rarity's waist, you slip above the surface for a moment, taking a deep breath before pulling her under.
  207. >She flails innefectively in your grip while maintaining her calm.
  208. >Slipping your fingers around onto her belly, you gently claw at it, and she squirms, air bubbles slipping from her lips.
  209. >feet pressing off the muddy bottom, you swim to the surface, letting Rarity catch her breath again.
  210. "Are you alright Rarity? I didn't mean to startle you like that."
  211. >"Yes, don't worry, it was just... different, your fingers on my stomach."
  212. "You mean this?"
  213. >Dancing your fingers across her stomach, she bites back a moan, and you hear Dash trying to sneakily swim behind you.
  214. >Spinning around, you remove your hand from Rarity's stomach and wrap it around Dash, pulling her against the white unicorn.
  215. >Both of them blush, and you can't help but chuckle.
  216. "Feel free to continue what you were doing earlier, just pretend I'm not here."
  217. >Dash tries to swat at you, but you have them both held too tight.
  218. >To your surprise, Rarity leans forward and locks lips with Rainbow, and you lose your grip.
  219. >"Play along," she whispers to Dash, unheard by you, before kissing again.
  220. >Moaning into eachother's mouth, they make out in front of you, Rainbow's hooves drifting towards Rarity's flank.
  221. >"You want to join, stud?" Rainbow says, glancing over at you, as Rarity nibbles her ear.
  222. "I dunno, this is pretty hot, just seeing this."
  223. >Dash tilts her head up, her long, equine tongue tracing up Rarity's horn, making her moan.
  224. >"You sure, Anon?" Rarity asks, looking back at you with half lidded eyes, "I don't mind, I go both ways."
  225. >If you could measure your cock on the mohs scale right now, it would surpass 10.
  226. >Rainbow's eyes match Rarity's and you feel what little resistance you have fade.
  227. "Well, I can't say no to asses like that."
  228. >Rarity lets out an unamused sigh, before feeling your hands gently knead her tight, soft flanks.
  229. >Dancing up her sides, your hands catch under her forelegs, and you start pulling her and Rainbow towards shore.
  230. "I may enjoy teasing you two in the water, but I'm not going to risk drowning you for an interesting fuck."
  231. >Your feet touch ground, and Rarity spins herself around, pulling herself up to kiss your cheek.
  232. >"Such a caring man, I can see why Rainbow likes hanging out with you."
  233. >"You'll get to feel it too, soon. Maybe."
  234. >Dash winks at you over Rarity's shoulder, shaking her wings out as you lower them to the dry ground.
  235. "Now, this is my first threesome with ponies, so how do you want to do this?"
  236. >Rarity turns to Dash, who hold a hoof to her chin in thought for a moment.
  237. >"Well, let's start by putting those fingers to work and go from there, I guess."
  238. >Before they can even turn around, your hands have grabbed a mare flank each, fingers brushing close to their nethers.
  239. >Squeezing them closer, you slide your middle two fingers into each of them, making them moan against your shoulders.
  240. >"Ahn~! No colt could ever do this!" Rarity exclaims as your dexterous digits explore her depths.
  241. >Dash, already somewhat experienced with your fingers stretches to let you hit more of her sensetive points.
  242. >The winking begins quickly, and you don't relent till you feel them both climax, Dash peaking shortly before Rarity.
  243. >Both are left panting, and you shift so Dash can get to your rod, Rarity still a little lost in her haze.
  244. >Head down, flank up, she slowly takes your length.
  245. >Finaly aware enough, you spin Rarity so she's facing Dash, and pull her plot onto your face.
  246. >"What are... Ah!" she starts, before your tongue flicks her clit.
  247. >Her slit tastes faintly of vanilla as you run along her outer lips, playing with her clit occasionally.
  248. >Reaching up, you push her head towards Dash's flank, and she takes the hint and gets to work.
  249. >Dash's moans reach your rod, making her work vibrate and increasing your pleasure.
  250. >With a free hand, you reach up and start fondling Dash's wing, paying special attention to the base muscles.
  251. >A wave of semi-sweet juices flows into your mouth as Rarity lets out a squeal and climaxes, but you don't relent.
  252. >Within a minute, you feel Dash climax, her throat relaxing and taking you deeper while her cum drips onto your chest.
  253. >The incredible feeling of her throat wrapped around your tip doesn't last long though, as she pulls up quickly, not letting her pleasure stop her ministrations.
  254. >Working hard, Dash brings you close, and as you feel about to blow, you release her wing and grab the back of her head.
  255. >Forcing her down all the way, you feel your tip enter her throat again, lighting your nerves on fire.
  256. >Her soft struggles serve only to accentuate the feeling as you blow strand after strand of sticky white cum down her esophagus.
  257. >Letting her up, you see her swallow before letting out a few light coughs.
  258. >Rarity climbs over onto Dash, pressing her down and wrapping her lips around the end of your shaft.
  259. >Soft, delicate licks send lightning down your spine as her tongue deftly licks your urethra, extracting whatever bits of sperm remains.
  260. >"That was enjoyable," Rarity says, looking over her shoulder at you.
  261. "Who said we were done?" you reply, teasing her slit with a finger.
  262. >Lifting her slightly lets Dash roll out from underneath, and you hold Rarity close while you push yourself upright.
  263. "I'm just getting started with you," you say with a smirk, as she looks back at you, a mix of fear and lust in her eyes.
  264. >Rising to standing, Rarity is faced with the hard ground, and you start lowering her.
  265. >Her forehooves reach for the dirt, and the moment they touch, you turn her sideways and push her down.
  266. >Now resting on her shoulders and hooves, you let go of the leg behind you and line up.
  267. >Her face may be saying don't you dare, but her eyes scream for you to rut her like an animal.
  268. >Savouring the look on her face for just a moment, you thrust in, pressing into her, and pressing her into the dirt.
  269. >Grabbing her leg again, stand before pulling her up, followed by letting her down and then thrusting down.
  270. >This strange, but stimulating rhythm turns Rarity's eyes up and makes her tongue slip out, pure bliss coursing through her system.
  271. >From the corner of your eye you can see Dash grinding on a smooth rock on the rivers edge, a deep red blush covering her cheeks.
  272. "Dash, *grunt* why not get your partner here to help with that?" you say with a wink, and Dash gets the idea.
  273. >This time, when you lower Rarity, you don't pick her up, Dash electing to set her sticky, moist marehood on her face.
  274. >Pounding down into Rarity, you watch Dash grind and moan, before saying, "Come on, work you white whorse, lick my rainbow cooter."
  275. >Rarity gives no response, too lost in her sex haze, so you release a leg before giving her a solid smack on the flank.
  276. >A bright red handprint remains behind for a moment, and Rarity regains enough sense to start licking away at Dash.
  277. >Dash wraps her hooves around your leg as she gets eaten out, her wings flapping in time with your thrusts into Rarity.
  278. >While the pleasure of this pose is incredible, your legs soon tire, so you pull Dash off Rarity.
  279. >The horny mare lets out an annoyed grumble, until you lean and whisper your plan in her ear.
  280. >Pulling the white unicorn off your cock, you lay her on her back on top of Dash who locks her legs in place.
  281. >Her mouth opens to say something, but you cut her off by ramming your cock deep into her throat.
  282. >She gags a bit, before realizing what is happening.
  283. >Reaching down you slide your fingers into Dash, while Rarity starts sucking you off while you thrust into her warm mouth.
  284. >Rarity has no problems taking the full length of your cock, her throat relaxing and letting you hilt inside her, your balls slapping against her nose.
  285. >Each thrust bringing you closer and closer to your peak, you increase your pace with both Dash and Rarity.
  286. >You can see Rarity's vag winking, and with your free hand, you squeaze and twist her clit, sending moan vibrations over your shaft.
  287. >Feeling your climax forcing out, you shove yourself in as deep as you can, her throat constricting around you.
  288. >Like some sort of crazy sex toy, her throat constricts and pulls, trying to suck your cock deeper as you start cumming.
  289. >Your balls empty themselves into her stomach, and even then she keeps sucking as you start to pull out, leaving you with a clean, if somewhat slick with spit cock.
  290. >Dash collapses under your fingers work, her juices leaking down her legs as you make her climax.
  291. >Tumpling into a pile of pleased mares, Dash and Rarity lie there in the dirt and cum mud, panting and gasping for breath.
  292. "Whew," you say, wiping your brow, "even though sex doesn't burn many calories, I'm sweating like a pig."
  293. >Both of them perk up at this, and they say in unison, "we get the river first then."
  294. "We just did it like animals, there's nothing wierd about bathing together now."
  295. >"Ladies like to have their privacy sometimes, Anonymous. Fear not, we'll be quick."
  296. "Fine, I'll just be a little ways away, making sure nothing comes."
  297. >Getting a little distance from the stream, you find a nice rock to sit on for a while.
  299. ~~~
  301. "Alright, Darling, when we're done, I'll use my magic to gather some sweat off him, since I don't think either of us are in any condition to attempt to gather any sperm right now."
  302. >"How long can you hold it? I have some containers back at camp, but nothing with me."
  303. "Long enough. I hope. This aftersensation of sex is certainly distracting."
  304. >Dash nods, jumping into the water.
  305. "And I NEED to get my hair rebrushed," you say, flipping a muddy strand away from your face, "it's simply a mess right now. I'm glad we are out here, instead of somewhere public."
  306. >"Quit whining about your hair and get it cleaned so we can get some of his sweat before it dries."
  307. >Jumping into the water, you clean yourself as best and as quickly as you can, Dash helping you a little near the end.
  308. >Climbing out and magicing some of the water off, you hear Dash call, "We're done here, you're turn."
  309. >As his glistening, manly form passes, you gather as many droplets of sweat as you can with your magic, focusing on his back so he doesn't notice.
  310. >Dash shoots off towards camp, while you travel at a more leisurly pace, making sure the sweat remains in the magic field.
  311. >Not even halfway there, Rainbow comes shooting back, a small glass vial held in her mouth.
  312. >The top is popped open, and you carefully funnel the valuable liquid inside.
  313. >Filled about halfway, the measurements tell you you have just over 25ml.
  314. >"Not as much as I hoped, but still, a nice pile of bits worth."
  315. "I've never had the pleasure of trying it, as there has never been any available on the market. Is it good?"
  316. >"Insanely! It's like, nothing is bad, everything is funny and good, and there are absolutely no side effects."
  317. >Taking it from Dash with your magic, you swirl the contents around.
  318. >It's as clear as water, yet worth exponentially more.
  319. "To think this is worth so much, yet it came from his body..."
  320. >"Honey comes from bees, and milk from cows, this isn't that different, its just there is only one of him."
  321. "I suppose you're right, but imagine if there were more of him. how many mares they could please, and how much product they could produce..."
  322. >"Yeah, but wouldn't that make it worth less? If theres more of it, ponies don't want to pay a lot if its easy to get."
  323. >Dash takes the vial back and tucks it under a wing.
  324. >"If we're lucky, we should be able to get triple this or more this weekend, and a nice load of his white gold too, if somep0ny can keep from drinking it all."
  325. >She gives you a slightly sharp glare at this, and you shrug.
  326. "It wasn't me who shoved his cock into the depths of our throats to finish."
  327. >"Well, when it's just the two of us he prefers a facial finish."
  328. >A twig snaping in the distance breaks your discussion, and the two of you rush for camp.
  329. >Anonymous returns about five minutes after you arrive, dressed again and smelling rugged yet clean.
  330. >Quite the manly scent, one you wouldn't mind snuggling up to at night.
  331. "I just had a thought, what will our sleeping arrangements be? The tent only has one room, and I didn't bring my own tent."
  332. >"You have a sleeping bag, right?" Anon asks, and when you nod, he says, "We can all just fit in the room, and sleep in our own bags."
  333. >Somewhat dissapointed, you agree, rolling out your bag while Anon and Dash start dinner.
  334. >Soon, delicious smells waft into the tent as food sizzles over the fire.
  335. >Dinner is great, and the three of you tell stories around the campfire while enjoying some drinks.
  336. >While, Dash and Anon enjoy a few beers, you abstain, prefering to keep your senses in the somewhat dangerous woods.
  337. >Night falls quickly, scary shadows rising up in the sun's absense, and you slip into the tent.
  338. >Anon and Dash remain outside for a while, before putting out the fire and climbing into their sleeping rolls.
  339. >Still, not being in your own plush bed, you can't fall asleep, so you try something risky.
  340. >Slipping from your sleeping bag, you sneak across the tent and slowly squirm into Anon's bag.
  341. >His arms wrap around you and you let out a surprised squeak, before quickly covering your mouth.
  342. >He doesn't wake, and you quickly fall asleep nestled against him.
  344. ~~~
  346. >Your weekend out with Anon and Rarity quickly goes by, and despite Rarity sneaking into Anon's sleeping bag, the two of you gather as much sweat and cum as you can.
  347. >While Rarity did kinda limit the stuff you could do, like intense river swimming, or monster hunting and stuff like that, she did help you get more stuff than usual, and after stopping at Anon's, you and her head for Twilight's treebrary.
  348. >"So, Darling, an even split?"
  349. "Sure. We gotta sell it first though, and for that, Twilight's our best bet."
  350. >Inside the library, you nod to her, and the place is closed down in an instant.
  351. >"What kind of goods do you have this time, Dash?" she asks, pulling out safeboxes.
  352. >From inside your bag, you lay out the gathered vials, each marked by date.
  353. >Twilight's eyes light up at the array of samples, a smile forming.
  354. "We're looking to sell this; standard rate?"
  355. >"Yep. I'll have it all sold within the week."
  356. >Rarity steps forward, interjecting.
  357. >"Excuse me, but how much is his sperm worth out of all this?"
  358. >Performing some quick calculations, she marks out the value of each vial.
  359. >"I'll take this as part of my cut, the rest can be bits," she says, taking one of the cum containers, "I do have some work to catch up on, so I'll see you both later."
  360. >She walks out, and Twilight gives you a questioning glance.
  361. "Let's just say she may have a bit of a 'taste' for it."
  362. >"Is it that good?"
  363. >Not giving her an answer, you turn to leave, and Twilight boxes the samples.
  364. "I hope to hear good news soon."
  366. ~~~
  368. >Rapping your hoof on Anon's door, you adjust your mane, making sure it is perfect.
  369. >When he answers, you put on your most charming smile.
  370. "Anon, Darling, may I come in?"
  371. >"Sure, what's up Rarity?"
  372. >Following him inside, you take a seat on his couch, and wait for him to take a seat.
  373. "I was wondering, how would you like to go on a date with me?"
  374. >He seems a little startled, but when a classy mare such as yourself asks, any male would be a little started.
  375. >"As appealing as that sounds, I can't. I'm too busy for the next while, but thank you for the offer."
  376. "I see. Perhaps I could help you relax some time then," you say with a wink.
  377. >"Sorry Rare, what happens in the Everfree stays in the Everfree; at least, for now," he replies with a small shrug before patting your mane.
  378. >"But, I enjoyed the weekend, and seeing that side of you, I can't say I don't like it."
  379. >Blood rushes to your cheeks and he scratches your chin.
  380. >"Don't worry, I swear never to tell anyone about that."
  381. "Thank you, I couldn't imagine the scandal if it got out. I'd have to make you take responsibility."
  382. >Giving him a seductive wink, you hop off the couch.
  383. "Anyways, I must be off. I hope to see you around."
  384. >Like the gentlecolt he is, he walks you to the door and opens it for you, waving you off.
  385. >It's taken Dash months to get him to have sex with a pony, you can wait a while to snare him.
  386. >A colt like him deserves as much, a mare who truly loves him.
  387. >And you swear him and his incredible, valuable body will be yours.
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