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  1. Site Discussion
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  3. News of the Sanctuary: Official news of what's happening with the forum.
  5. Introductions: Introduce yourself to the community if you like. You can also post a thread about yourself here and link back to it whenever someone asks something personal about you. ADVISORY: Do not expect this board to get a lot of traffic at all.
  7. Help & Suggestions: Do you have a suggestion? Need help with your account? This is where to post.
  9. Ourselves
  10. ---
  11. Spurious Generalities: This is the general discussion and chat forum. People can discuss just about anything they want to in this area, providing it doesn't fit in one of the other sub-forums and provided that it will bring conversation to the thread.
  13. Bitch & Moan: Bitch, moan, flame, and complain, although frequent posting to this sub-forum is often looked down on.
  15. Reinvent Yourself: Self improvement through diet, physical and mental exercise, body-building, surgery, chemical introduction, life extension, tattooing, piercing, scarification and smart drugs. Medicine, and other body related topics also belong here.
  17. Carnality
  18. ---
  19. Better Living Through Chemistry: Discussions of any and all sorts of mind-warping chemicals, pills, booze, mind machines, trippy stuff, current street prices, importing pharmaceuticals, smart drugs, nutrients, herbs, and altered states. Please try to keep your conversations "theoretical" in nature, since this is an open conference.
  21. Sex & Affection: Anything and everything about sex and relations. (Please do not post porn here as it will crowd out the actual discussion threads. If enough people ask, I can create a sub-forum for that.) Search through old topics before posting a new one, as questions get repeated a lot here.
  23. Bad Ideas: Fraud, vandalism, torture, theft, revenge, scams, and other bad ideas. Please do a forum search and site search before posting. Questions about explosives, drugs, weapons, and hacking do not belong in this forum. Please keep things THEORETICAL. DO NOT ADMIT TO CRIMES YOU HAVE DONE OR ARE PLANNING TO DO. The Sanctorium will not cover for you in any way. This is not the deepweb.
  25. Money Money Money... : Finances, money, investing, insurance, saving, getting a job, anything to do with the green stuff that makes the world go around.
  27. Entertainment
  28. ---
  29. Games People Play: Where to discuss personal computer, video game console, and arcade hardware and software as well as tabletop games - be it RPG, Sim, Strategy, Fighting, Action/Platformer, or any other category. Although discussion of modern platforms/software will most likely dominate, discussion of classic videogame/computer hardware and software is always enjoyable, and certainly welcome, especially since there are public domain/shareware emulators of nearly every older computer/console available these days.
  31. Moving Pictures: Avant garde films, old TV sitcoms, animation, current trash TV, TV news, making movies, home brew video, video equipment, and video editing.
  33. Go Team!: Basketball, Football, Baseball, Tennis. Sports fanatics and team players. What teams you love, hate, and love to hate.
  35. Oral Indulgences: Favorite foods, restaurants, booze, legal smokeables, and cooking tips. Things you put in your mouth. No, not that. Get your mind out of the gutter.
  37. ... And Rock & Roll: All things music and music related. Listening, buying, selling, making, or breaking. Recording, mixing, sequencing, and amplifying. What tech to use and how to use it to make music.
  39. Technology
  40. ---
  41. Technophiliacs & Technophiles: This forum is for discussing any and all forms of tech and other types of social backwardness. Including discussions of strange home-brewed hardware technology. Where to get good tools. How to make fiberglass molds. Computer hardware and software technology, including operating systems, applications, networking, hardware, CPU's, disk drives, and other geeky things. You can also post a cool website you saw here within reason.
  43. Network (in)Security: Interesting hacks and cracks. Info on firewalls, TCP/IP, encryption, networks, zero-days, and proof-of-concepts. Hardware and software security.
  45. Gearheads: This sub-forum is for things that take you places. Fixing your car, swapping out engines, buying tools, and getting maximum horsepower. Boats, planes, trains, and automobiles.
  47. Engineering Division: Blueprints, powered exoskeletons, pneumatic cannons. Rocketry, civil engineering, servo motors, lasers, and 3D printers. An engineer's wet dream. The Sanctorium does not accept ANY responsibility for ANY incident involving the use of the information contained within this sub-forum.
  49. Art
  50. ---
  51. Printed Matter: Books, e-books, libraries, magazines, and poetry. What you read and why you read it, writing techniques, favorite authors, magazines you read, recommendations for future reading, unusual books and where to purchase them, and sources of strange mail.
  53. Appealing Design: Sculptures, portraits, photography. Image editing and enhancing. Brushes, paints, acrylics, and crayons. General theory, philosophy, and history topics as it relates to art can also be posted here.
  55. Nature
  56. ---
  57. Noah's Ark: This is a forum for anything animal related. Posts about pets, animal care, habitats, and domestic and wild animals can be posted here. No fantastical creature discussion here please. Use Printed Matter, Moving Pictures, or Games People Play according to the context you're discussing those in.
  59. The Great Outdoors: This forum is for everything about the outdoors and nature. Post about hiking, gardening, survival, and so on. Feel free to post just about anything that has to do with the great outdoors. Threads about environmental issues and clean tech go in here as well.
  61. Science & Theories
  62. ---
  63. Mad Scientists: Geology, biology, physics, rocket science, and astrophysics. Theories, arguments, research, citations, and proofs. Space topics in general also go here.
  65. Head Shrinkers: Psychiatry, neuroscience, mental illness, lucid dreaming, psychoanalysis, Freud, Jung and Reich. This forum is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on any web site, including this one.
  67. Fringe: The occult, conspiracy theories, UFOs, telepathy, magick, the science of the damned, and things best left undisturbed. Nothing is as it seems.
  69. Society
  70. ---
  71. Old School, New School, Fool School: Education and schooling, from junior high to Ivy League. Discuss teachers and profs, classes and grades, admissions and financing, campus life and the student body, graduation and dropping out, how to write neat or to efficiently cheat. As your body grows bigger, your mind grows flowered; it's great to learn, 'cause knowledge is power!
  73. My God Can Beat The Shit Out Of Your God: For discussing any and all religious viewpoints. Intolerance is HEAVILY frowned upon. Keeping your sense of humor is required. Posting messages about theological paradoxes is encouraged.
  75. Politics - Left, Right, and Center: Global, national, state, regional, and local politics. Taxes. Government programs. Who's doing what to whom, and what you can do about it. How-to-get-action messages are encouraged. "How the government fucked up my life." stories are encouraged. Sample "letters to congresscritters" are encouraged. Be prepared to defend yourself, or at least have a good line of bullshit ready. Extensive quoting of economists and philosophers is frowned upon. Try to have some thoughts of your own on these matters.
  77. Weapons & Combat: This is the forum dedicated to weapons, martial arts, and their related technical, political and social issues. Weapons and Combat is for the safe and responsible use and manufacture of firearms, explosives, knives, fists and other weapons. Discussion of wartime tactics is encouraged. The Sanctorium does not accept ANY responsibility for ANY incident involving the use of the information contained within this sub-forum.
  79. Oh the Humanities!: Philosophy, cultural practices, social norms, historical debate, and sociology.
  81. Around The World: Travel tips, places to go, things to do. Languages. Customs. Places to see.
  83. News of the World: Current events discussion and links to stuff that's happening right now. Who needs CNN when you have the Sanctorium?
  85. I am the Law!: Car accidents, personal injury, defamation, libel, malpractice, fraud, bankruptcy, debt, lawyers, corporate law, criminal law, jail, police conduct, prison, workers compensation, real estate law, divorce and family court, military law, insurance, trademarks and copyrights, traffic and driving laws, class action lawsuits, and more. All of these are welcome topics in this forum. This forum is not intended to be a substitute for professional legal advice. Always seek the advice of professional with any questions you may have regarding a legal situation. Never disregard professional legal advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on any web site, including this one. Fair warning: If you're stupid enough to post a confession it could be held against you in a court of law.
  87. When SHTF: Improvise. Adapt. Overcome. Prepare for the worst here. Discuss survival techniques, emergency first-aid, food storage, water filtration, bomb shelters, and other frightful things pertaining to the end of society as we know it.
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