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  1. [b][u]New XE - Squirrel version 1.0 23rd March 2011[/u][/b]
  3. [b]Why did we change to squirrel?[/b]
  4. For a long time we've had problems with lag between the server and the script, which is currently hosted on mIRC. This made the experience of playing quite frustrating at times as commands would often not register with the server for quite some time. We also had problems with the hosting of the scripts going down, as the scripts are hosted in a different location to the server itself. This would make for a hacker ridden free for all that put a bad name to XE. Using Squirrel, the scripts are contained within the server itself so this shouldn't be a problem. This does not mean however that we have to say goodbye to the echo, as there is a bot within the server that connects to mIRC and feeds it information. Another reason was because of the lack of development in the mIRC script. There were a few new features that the staff wanted added, but we had no one to script them. Now we can have ongoing updates to the script enacted by an active scripting team.
  6. [b]What's new?[/b]
  7. The main focus for the transition was to reduce lag, so most of what is new is not visible in ingame capabilities but instead in the fact that everything should go faster. I've optimised the script at every level to do away with multiple flie accessing and multiple timers, both of which contribute to lag. The way data is stored is completely new, using SQLite instead of Hashes and Inis. Besides the optimisations here are a few of the new/updated features:
  8. [list]
  9. [li]New admin commands[/li]
  10. [li]Webstats fixed[/li]
  11. [li]New healing system[/li]
  12. [li]Nogoto status saves when player quits[/li]
  13. [li]Sea Sparrow moved to secret location[/li]
  14. [li]New cars (E.G. Sabre Turbo) and new locations for all cars[/li]
  15. [li]New random spawn points for DM skin[/li]
  16. [li]/c loc command now shows distance and direction of player in question.[/li]
  17. [li]New driveby limit - 3 kills per life.[/li]
  18. [li]Ability to request password change[/li]
  19. [li]New log in protection, players are kicked on spawn if they have not logged in.[/li]
  20. [/list]
  22. [b]What's next?[/b]
  23. As aforementioned, we now have active scripters, namely myself and Venkat, who are able to implement new suggestions. Gone are the days when any suggestion is met with a 'Oh yeah, but that requires scripting and we have no one to do it/access to the script'.
  25. - Charley
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