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Example Internship Letter

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  1. Dear <company name>,
  3. My name is <NAME>. I'm a 22 year old student at <specific College>, studying both Computer Science and Game Design. I am interested in interning with your company for 3 months, but may be available for a longer period if necessary.
  5. I have experience working in <languages: C, C++, Java>, and have particularly focused on <areas of interest: Pathfinding, AI, etc>. In our last lab course, I was responsible for <X notable thing you've done at school>.
  7. I was drawn to your company because of your work on <Y>. I'm very interested in <Z technology>. I feel that my experience working with <something related> would allow me to quickly adapt to <Z technology>. I would also love to work in other areas, such as GUI, backend systems, engine optimization, or netcode.
  9. I am available for a phone interview (or "face-to-face" interview via Skype) during <your hours of availability>. You may also email me at my@email.com to arrange another interview time.
  11. Please find attached my photo and CV. My portfolio is available at <your website>.
  13. If anything requires clarification, don't hesitate to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.
  15. Sincerely,
  17. John Doe  <Your name>
  18. Phone: 5 555 555-555 <Your phone number>
  19. Email: John.doe@University.edu <Your email>
  20. Skype: JohnDoe111 <Your skype>
  21. Linked-In: <Your linked-in>
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