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  1. <h1>Whose Wand?</h1>
  2. <p>Yikes! In the last skirmish with the Death Eaters, it looks like everyone’s wands got mixed up. Can you help us figure out which wand belongs to each member? We have some information about wand cores and wand woods. Remember that Shelby & Harrow are Hufflepuffs, while Rae, Jen, & Sadie are Gryffindors.</p>
  4. <p>Clues:
  5. <ol>
  6. <li>Rae's wand core is a type of tail hair, but Jen's is not.</li>
  7. <li>One of the Hufflepuffs has a Cypress wand, which does not have a Thestral Tail hair or Veela Hair core.</li>
  8. <li>The Mahogany wand has a Dragon Heartstring core, but does not belong to Sadie.</li>
  9. <li>Shelby's wand is Ash with a Thestral Tail Hair core.</li>
  10. <li>The Willow wand belongs to Sadie.</li>
  11. <li>Harrow's wand does not have a hair as its core.</li>
  12. </ol>
  13. </p>
  15. <p>Use the logic grid below to help you figure out the problem. <a href="/neomessages.phtml?type=send&amp;recipient=nsynclover_qt92&amp;subject=Whose+Wand?">Submit your answers for each member</a> in the following format: Name, Wand Core, Wand Wood.</p>
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