Second Letter

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  1. → Jude
  2. It would be interesting to crack open Jude's skull, to get a glimpse at how he viewed the world or more specifically her person. To see what Cal as a normal person actually looked like. Because Cal had never felt normal, just diseased and wrong. Some days were more manageable than others. Delicate brows furrowed as he indicated that she was lying about the tidbit that she had never really admitted to aloud. "It's the truth," a flash of something raw and vulnerable flickered across features for the briefest of moments, even as jacket was released to her greedy grasp. Cal would never know if she would have liked playing with one, and was too old now to entertain the notion. Yet the mood shifted as his new insult shifted to include CA which really just lost it's zing, while being still amusing. As he leaned in with pursed lips, gaze dropped to the sensual line of his lips out of reflex. A strange urge to feel them against her own bubbled upwards, and leather jacket was drawn sharply into lap to cancel out the notion. What the fuck was that? "J. U. Ju. Juju," not too impressed, with California either, and lowered head as she began to rifle through his pockets.
  3. ← Jude
  4.       Didn't know what she needed. But if she was to ever know, Jude never had to use an instruction manual, nor cheat codes for understanding her. Because she wasn't some creature that needed to be understood. That's what was wrong with a lot of people, and where they understandably failed. Cal wasn't an animal that needed to be understood. She was a woman that needed to be treated like a normal fucking person. "Never?" Feigned his surprise. Bullshit if this blonde's never had a doll to play with her entire life. He even managed to gasp if it added comedic value. "I think that's horseshit by the way. You're too basic not to like Barbie's." Released his jacket, and allowed her to have free rein over it. "Cack-Sucker." Extended both hands outwards, "Impressed by my naming prowess yet, California?" Drank some more of his beer and leaned closer to her. Locked eyes with her. Willingly. Perhaps the first time of the whole night. Pursed his lips. Almost mimicking the way that she did it. "My second letter is U." Pulled away, but not losing the eye contact. Managed a smile. "As in U suck. Ha." Beer sip.
  5. → Jude
  6. Arguably, most people wanted to skip over or past Cal entirely. She was difficult to manage at the best of times, and who knew what would set her off? But just maybe, this particular Keller didn't need an instructional manual or a series of cheat codes to navigate. Maybe she just needed.. needed.. Nude lips pursed as his hand laid claim to the jacket, playing into a light game of tug-of-war. The pull only a few more degrees forceful, as hazel locked with dark brown. Unsure what she felt as the second letter was so easily won in comparison to the first. Was she having an off day? Or was she already drunk? The latter was definitely a negative as she was as in control of the situation as she would ever be. "I've never owned a Barbie doll.. so jokes on you," the truth slipping free, but could easily be sidestepped as a joke. Because what beautiful American girl never owned a Barbie doll? Or any dolls? "..Second letter is.. A," tug tug tug.
  7. ← Jude
  8.       Most people didn't pay attention. Most people wanted to skip the foreplay and just get into the juiciest part of Cal. At least, that's how he pictured it. Unluckily for them she didn't seem the kind to just you into her life without the patience of a God. Or the verbal gymnastics of a gold medal Olympian. "I don't know, it's packed in there nicely." He replied, eyeing her while the glass of beer was raised to his lips. "I didn't peg you to be the type to like flowers anyway. I see you as someone who prefers a barbie doll." Snickered before finally --and fully-- drinking on the bottle of beer he'd been holding up to him. The playful tugs on his jacket was noticed. Immediately. So quick to the draw this one. But even quicker, was the one who laid the trap. Why did she think he removed the jacket in the first place? One hand clutched at the jacket, while the other poured beer into his mouth. Shook his head and distanced the bottle from his mouth. Was not going to let her get the weed that easily. Control, remember? "Next letter, Cutie." Oh. Did he mention he was a problem solver?
  9. ← Jude
  10.      [message deleted]
  11. → Jude
  12. Cal would like to think she was easy enough to understand, if a motherfucker would just pay attention. But most people? They couldn't be bothered to use an extra brain cell or two to do so. She would wager that most people enjoyed a measure of control in their lives, albeit there were several who surrendered themselves willingly to others making all their decisions for them. At the end of the day, whatever made you happy right? Cal was still trying to figure out what worked for her. "Are you saying there's something in those pockets of yours for me?" weight redistributed on left arm as she leaned towards him, gaze trailing the length of him before rising to meet his, "That would be nicer than flowers." Another sip of beer taken, before placing bottle aside so fingertips could do a saucy walk across bar top towards his jacket and give it a playful tug.
  13. ← Jude
  14.       "See that? You know how to laugh. All that needs to happen is point out the truth." It didn't take big cajones. It just took a big brain to do so. He learned that it was easier to pick her apart if she didn't have control of the situation. She was like him. They wanted the control. They wanted to have illusion of power. Even if it was built on lies. "School yard taunts already? We haven't even brought out the weed." Took a swig of the beer and finished it. In one go. Slid it to the bartender. "That's one. Forty-nine more to go." Smirked at her. Ordered another, and drank that one without a problem. "You really think I'm charming? I'm touched."
  15. → Jude
  16. Hazel orbs widened briefly at the latest determination for what C stood for. Surprised at the sheer audacity and craziness of it. He had some big fucking cajones to get himself comfortable after that one. Yet, it earned him a laugh. A sharp note, akin to a flash of a razor, biting in nature. Nose scrunching a moment later, as lips struggled to smile and scowl at the same time. It was a stupid joke, and apparently beer made it acceptable. "You're an idiot and a Jackass," sipping at her half full beer, before nudging the extra one that had been brought for her towards him. "I think you need to play catch up if you're going to be this level of charming."
  17. ← Jude
  18.       "It's definitely Cock-sucker." Nodded a few times and snapped his fingers at the bartender. "Get us another round, buddy. Thanks." Tugged at his leather jacket and removed it, revealing a black tank top. Propping it aside on the counter. Rested his elbows on it too. "You know, Jane would be a sick name. It's the second half for another name for weed." Shrugged and spun himself on the stool slightly. "Maybe I am pathetic. Or maybe. And this is just a maybe because I can't decide if I like it, or it sickens me, but--" Took the beer that was offered to them. "--I kinda liked making you smile, Cock-Sucker."
  19. → Jude
  20. gave him a well deserved eye roll for both assuming she was as boring as a traditional Christine, and implying she was pathetic in anyway. While Cal might hate herself on a regular basis, she didn't prescribe to others knocking her down. She did that well enough on her own. "No Jane, guess again," gave a roll of her shoulder as a nod was given to the bartender to signal him over, "How can I be drinking alone, if you're here? Or are you just as pathetic for tagging along?"
  21. ← Jude
  22.       "Christine." Was assuming names at this point. One of them was bound to stick, and she'd slip. Liked the way her voice sounded. "You drinking alone? Kinda sad isn't it?" Raised a brow enchantingly. "The pathetic kind of sad, mind you."
  23. → Jude
  24. shifted head towards the movement to her left, and lifts a brow as he appeared. It was her third, she's not an actual alcoholic. "J," something about the way those husky vocals said his name, made it sound like she was rolling him over her tongue.
  25. ← Jude
  26.       slipped on the stool next to her. So, what? That's like her fiftieth beer in-- checks watch-- thirty minutes?
  27. → Jude
  28. was steadily working her way through a third beer within an hour at Lux.
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