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  1. »» <+geannie> licks up her cum then crawls to TheClitCommander, head down, back arched hard..reaches His feet and kisses each then kneels up lookinng at Him
  2. <Mister_Big> hey `Kaligula
  3. ---» (join/#fuckhole) Raynor!
  4. <Mister_Big> hey Raynor
  5. <Raynor> Hi
  6. ---» (join/#fuckhole) suziee`!cumslut@5801C6.077ABE.549F73.A4D16C
  7. ---» (mode/voice) Dominus sets +v to suziee`
  8. <Raynor> hi suziee`
  9. <`Kaligula> hello
  10. <+suziee`> hi Raynor Sir
  11. <Mister_Big> hi geannie
  12. <Mister_Big> hi suziee`
  13. »» TheClitCommander feels soft lips press against his feet, looking down seeing the geannie take her rightful positition back on her knees, drops his view to the sexy whore looking up at him, taking in the perfection of that arched back and cute ass, "come"
  14. »» Raynor pinches suziee`s nipple
  15. <+suziee`> hi Mister_Big Sir
  16. <TheClitCommander> its tuesday right?
  17. »» +geannie chuckles at Sexy Chocolates pretabulation
  18. <TheClitCommander> ohhh
  19. <TheClitCommander> *"come on, and spin around for me"
  20. »» Mister_Big thinks pretabulation is no chuckling matter
  21. »» +geannie pushes ass off heels and onto all fours, leang forward then turns and raises ass in the air backing up toward Him, thighs part moderatley, head lifted high, shoulders straight
  22. »» TheClitCommander leans foward checking out the aerodynamic curves geannie has to offer as she raises up off her heels throwing her round ass up in the air, seeing that she is not exposing her fuckholes as she should
  23. ---» (quit) `Kaligula! "Quit: "
  24. »» +geannie slides her tighs further apart, pressing chest and cheek to the floor properly exposing her fuck holes
  25. ---» (part/#fuckhole) thedirtygirl!
  26. ---» (quit) Paranatural! "Quit: "
  27. »» TheClitCommander reaches out smacking on the glistening pink sluthole as he leans foward, drilling fingers into the tight wetness before he pulls them out, smearing her cunt juice all over her firm ass with a smack "mmm ok you can go back to your spot"
  28. ---» (part/#fuckhole) suziee`!cumslut@5801C6.077ABE.549F73.A4D16C
  29. »» &mandygirl bites her lip watching her slut sister's wet ass
  30. <TheClitCommander> mandygirl, so i get ignored huh?
  31. »» +geannie yelps, cunt clenching as hips tuck, rocking forward then back toward Him like a swing, cunthole winks from the sting..Moans, clenching her cunt again around His fingers, pushing ass higher looking over her shoulder smiling as He smears her firm ass with her own cunt slime..."mmm need the smell of victory on Your fingers Sir?"
  32. <&mandygirl> do You need Your fingers cleaned before i slip off to bed Sir?
  33. <TheClitCommander> yes
  34. ---» (join/#fuckhole) playfulresistance!
  35. <Mister_Big> hi playfulresistance
  36. <playfulresistance> hi
  37. <TheClitCommander> come and taste victory
  38. »» +geannie moans softly
  39. <Raynor> wb playfulresistance
  40. »» <&mandygirl> slips from her chair and crawls to where TheClitCommander Sir is seated... reaching for His hand she sucks each and every one of His wet fingers into her mouth one at a time... her lips and tongue cleaning and tasting her slut sisters cunt juices as the flavor explodes in her mouth... mmmmm thank You Sir for letting me taste her
  41. <playfulresistance> ty daddy ;)
  42. »» Raynor kisses playfulresistance's cheek
  43. »» playfulresistance giggles
  44. ---» (mode/voice) Dominus sets +v to playfulresistance
  45. ---» (join/#fuckhole) thedirtygirl!
  46. ---» (mode/voice) Dominus sets +v to thedirtygirl
  47. <Mister_Big> welcome back dirtygirl
  48. <&mandygirl> hi thedirtygirl
  49. »» TheClitCommander slides off that couch as mandygirl tastes geannies cuntjuice, tounge lapping over his fingers "your welcome mandygirl", smacking on the plump ass, then swiftly driving 2 fingers back into geannie, hungry walls clenching around his digits, feeling the dampness build up around them, pumping them fast and deeper into her
  50. »» +geannie watches mandy, biting her lower lip as she tastes my pussy juice from His fingers, moans out feeling the sting of His palm to her ass, "Thank You Sir"...clenches her cunt as His fingers slide in, hips rock back, fucking against them
  51. »» TheClitCommander uses his free hand to grab onto the thick assmeat, pulling it away exposing to everyone geannie's tight analstar then spits on it heavily, biting his lip as his vision goes red, his head swiftly diving between that whorebottm of hers, tounge dancing all over the precious hole quick, rocking his fingers into her tight fuckbox
  52. ---» (join/#fuckhole) BlackBoss!
  53. <Mister_Big> hey BlackBoss
  54. <BlackBoss> hello
  55. <BlackBoss> full channel tonight. geannie must be making the rounds ;)
  56. »» Mister_Big chuckles
  57. <&mandygirl> hi BlackBoss Sir
  58. <Mister_Big> room is full of delicious sluts tonight
  59. <BlackBoss> yea, looks like it
  60. <BlackBoss> hello mandygirl
  61. <+thedirtygirl> heya mandygirl
  62. »» +geannie whimpers pressing chest and cheek back to the floor, ass pushing high to wagging back, her tight hole peeling open as His grip to her cheek pulls her apart, fuckhole filled with His fingers, wet, leaking around them..hips jerk back rocking up and down on His face as His tongue toys with her spread asshole...
  63. ---» (join/#fuckhole) Erratic!
  64. <Mister_Big> welcome Erratic
  65. <Erratic> evening
  66. »» TheClitCommander darts his tounge around the asspucker, swirling around it, flickering snakelike tounge slowly and heavily across it, tip breaking the little star, working its way in, hand grippping tighter on the assmeat spreading it further, fingers deep in her sluthole, lewd noises protruding as she bounces back on them, growling into her asshle hotly "this is a really hot hole slut" faceplanting between the valley of ass
  67. »» +playfulresistance sits back on raynor's lap, watching
  68. ---» (join/#fuckhole) Thorne!
  69. <Thorne> hi all
  70. <Mister_Big> hey Thorne
  71. »» +geannie bares down feeling His tongue open her ring, pushing back, walking fingertips up the floor in front of her to lay palms flat, gripping at the floor..her back arched hard pushing her ass up higher yet, cunt slurping like a sloppy whore around HIs fingers, spitting bits of squirt as He plunges His fingers deeper..her tight rosebud winking open and closed around His tongue as her lower body
  72. »» +geannie rocks back fucking His face and fingers, tits smashd to the floor..."mmm fuck"
  73. »» TheClitCommander twist's digit into the sluts leaking cunt while it grasps onto them, driving fingers hard and deep into the pink abyss, slowly pulls fingers back dumping them deeper into her cuntmeat, warm saliva spilling in masses off his toung all over her whore ring, pressing face harder into those plenitul cheeks as he tightens his griip on it while the geannie grinding up into his asshungry face,
  74. <&mandygirl> nite A/all
  75. <Mister_Big> night mandygirl
  76. »» BlackBoss takes a seat on the couch, stroking his cock as he watches, gettin' a bit hungry himself as he see the slut get her ass eaten
  77. <BlackBoss> night mandygirl
  78. ---» (quit) mandygirl!mandygirl20@dirty.little.slutty.fucktoy "Quit: Live fast, die young, bad girls do it well..."
  79. ---» (join/#fuckhole) HotRod!hotrod@gimme.all.your.lovin
  80. ---» (mode/op) Dominus sets +o to HotRod
  81. <@HotRod> Heya
  82. »» +geannie grunts pushing back harder, head lifting arching, tipping her head back toward Him..'fuckkk"...sildes her hand down between her thighs and rubs her clit pushing on it forcing squirt out past HIs fingers
  83. »» TheClitCommander pulls the long tounge bck spittng again on the analpucker, his thick meat brushing onn the flesh of his thigh as it starts to swell up, pushing his face deeper into those cushions tounge penetrating the asshole deeper now,  running it in circes around the tight walls toungefucking her ring, notincg BlackBoss pulliing on his meat "oh yeah?! more than enough to go around of this slut" fingers violently thrasing her soaking sluthole as it squirts
  84. »» TheClitCommander fuckjuice all over his fingers
  85. »» BlackBoss grins at the insatiable fucktoy "oh ill be sure you make good on that tonight"
  86. »» +geannie hips jerk back hard boucing her ass on His face, laying herself forward pressing chest and face to floor..arms reach back spreading her asshole cheeks part tucking hips and bares down then clenching sucking both holes on HIs fingers and tongue then pushing them out and sucking them back in
  87. ---» (join/#fuckhole) Kaine!
  88. <Mister_Big> hey Kaine
  89. <Kaine> hello Mister_Big
  90. »» TheClitCommander growls loudly into her delicious asshole heavily, fingers grinding into her cunt debths as she rocks her ass back against him ass high up in the air, back arched up nice tits all mashed up on the floor, sucking on the assshole as it clenches and sucks his tounge, hand leaving her ass as she as it covered grabbing the trunk of his meaty shaft "look at this slut"
  91. »» Mister_Big grins seeing the slut get her use
  92. <+geannie>  Mmm yes, look at this...
  93. »» +geannie turns her face on the floor looking back shaking her ass cheeks on His face
  94. <+geannie>  I'm about to spray Your face if You don't pull Your fingers from My cunt Sir
  95. »» TheClitCommander rapidly pumps fingers into her dripping cunt while your asscheeks sway all up on the flesh of his flesh, drooling all over your tighthole sucking on it furiously while his tounge works up on it, squeezing his veiny shaft tighter draggin flesh over head slowly
  96. »» Dreygen-zZz is now known as Dreygen
  97. <Mister_Big> wlecome back Dreygen
  98. <Dreygen> yo
  99. »» [BlackBoss] (
  100. »» [BlackBoss] :No Words
  101. »» [BlackBoss] is logged in as BlackBoss
  102. »» [BlackBoss] is a registered nick
  103. »» [BlackBoss] idle 00:12:08, signon: Tue Mar 15 23:47:13
  104. »» [BlackBoss] End of WHOIS list.
  105. »» Mister_Big presses up from his seat having to head off to bed himself....waving to all  
  106. »» +geannie squeezes her asscheeks hard, pulling up and open as she kegels on His fingers just as the bypass her fuckhole and squirts, groaing out her pleasure, pushing back on His face, spraying Him, letting go of her asscheeks and reaching under her spread thighs and smacks her clit, hard and squirts again, hips buck back, asshole pulsating open and closed around His tongue a her cunt contracts
  107. »» TheClitCommander nods his head to Mister_Big while all up in her asscheeks
  108. <BlackBoss> night Mister_Big
  109. ---» (join/#fuckhole) wckdktn!bitch@15CF0F.DEFC42.F245FC.8FD252
  110. ---» (mode/voice) Dominus sets +v to wckdktn
  111. »» Mister_Big waves to wckdktn coming in and he heads out
  112. ---» (part/#fuckhole) Coven!threnody@17C08E.C81285.C6F40D.1818D5
  113. <+wckdktn> hey there Mister_Big
  114. <Mister_Big> hey
  115. <Dreygen> hey there wckdktn
  116. <+wckdktn> hiya Dreygen
  117. <Kaine> hi wckdktn...
  118. ---» (part/#fuckhole) Mister_Big! "Part: Closing Window"
  119. <+wckdktn> evening Kaine
  120. »» BlackBoss watching geannie squirt "sluts gonna flood the room at this rate"
  121. <Kaine> been a while,,,how have you been?..
  122. <Raynor> hi wckdktn
  123. <+wckdktn> doing good, was wondering if that was the same Kaine I remembered
  124. <+wckdktn> hugs Raynor
  125. <Kaine> yes,,,one an
  126. »» +wckdktn blows Kaine a kiss and winks
  127. <Raynor> infinity just did her lovely squirting
  128. »» TheClitCommander pulls his face up outta the rimmed asshole, smacking throbbing cock all over the sluts lush rump, swollen crown teasing at her gooey fingerfucked cunt popping  the head in and out quickly, fuckjuice coating her skin as it trickles down her thighs
  129. <Kaine> thank you,,,,glad too see Im fondly recmmebered
  130. <+wckdktn> quite so Kaine
  131. <Kaine> a pm wckdktn,,,before I have too call it a night
  132. <+wckdktn> of course
  133. »» +geannie rocks her hips side to side sitting up looking back over her shoulder at His cock feeling Him tease her ass with it...cunt dripping, thighs soaked the floor forms a puddle...tits hang freely leaking little bits of milk...her ass wet from his spit..."Come on, do it, sink that cock in where You want it"
  134. »» TheClitCommander wastes no time, smacking on her round ass before his hand latches on to, hips thrusting foward driving the engorged thick fuckstaff into the pink fuckpool, looking back at her "mmm fuck im gonna you bitch", driving it in by inch, her fuckbox bleeding her slutjuice all down his balls as they start to swing around like wrecking balls "time to destroy those fuckholes slut"
  135. <Dreygen> how you been wckdktn?
  136. <+wckdktn> busy this week and You
  137. ---» (join/#fuckhole) Bigbeat!ty@3ACAB1.11F57E.EED186.BFE985
  138. ---» (part/#fuckhole) wckdktn!bitch@15CF0F.DEFC42.F245FC.8FD252
  139. <Dreygen> not bad really
  140. »» +geannie grins and pushes back feeling His grip to her hips, pushing open her fuckhole to meet His thrust then immeidately squeezes, taking it in inch by inch milking it as He slides past her sweet spot, hips wiggle backing her ass up against His pelvis splaying herself wide, her spit covered asshole laying against Him, hands grip the floor, back arches up, lifting head high and starts to pushes off
  141. »» +geannie His stomach
  142. ---» (join/#fuckhole) wckdktn!bitch@15CF0F.DEFC42.F245FC.8FD252
  143. ---» (mode/voice) Dominus sets +v to wckdktn
  144. <Bigbeat> wb wckdktn :)
  145. »» +playfulresistance was a good whore for raynor tonight :)
  146. »» Raynor smiles
  147. <+wckdktn> ty
  148. <Dreygen> Oh you got you some Raynor? Awesome :D
  149. <Dreygen> and WB wckdktn
  150. <+wckdktn> ty Dreygen ;)
  151. <Raynor> wb wckdktn
  152. <Raynor> playfulresistance was living up to her nick
  153. »» +playfulresistance giggles
  154. »» Dreygen notices thedirtygirl isnt paying attention so he sneakily licks her right in the eye socket.
  155. »» TheClitCommander furiously drills his solid fuckhammer into the tight pink fuckbox, throbbing head through her pussy, aggressivley bashing onto her tight walls, tightening the grip on her hips pulling the flesh on one of them, spitting down onto her wetass hle as it trickles down to the throbbing hammering flesh fucking it into her cunt, growling as she backs that ass against him meeting her for a grind, sliding a hand down the pefectly sculpted arch of her back
  156. »» TheClitCommander before pulling it back to grab onto the flesh of her flesh, trying to bust the pussy wide open as its stretched around the fat shaft
  157. <Raynor> try not to drip on the floor too much playful
  158. »» +thedirtygirl blinks
  159. »» Raynor pets playful's nicely gapped pussy
  160. ---» (part/#fuckhole) wckdktn!bitch@15CF0F.DEFC42.F245FC.8FD252
  161. »» Notify: married-vixen is offline (Bondage?).
  162. »» +playfulresistance blushes and giggles
  163. »» +geannie rolls her hips, grinding, pushinng her knees and hands harder to the floor and back on him..her firm ass cheeks bouncing off His abs, the back of her thighs of the front of His..the sloppy sounds and smell fill the air as her cunt splatters His cock with each deep thrust...head snaps back hard feeling His fingers grip flesh, hips roll hard pushing back knocking HIm off balance a
  164. »» +geannie bit.."Fuck"...hand slides between her slutty open thighs reaching under gripping His balls, squeezing and pulling them into her
  165. »» TheClitCommander pulls back then drives the weapon of mass destruction deep into that slutcunt, fucking her hard and fast rocking her whole body foward as her face and tits rub across the floor, pulling back on her hips, walls milking on his throbbing meat, "mmmm fuck this is some fantastic pussy you got on you slut", stretched out all around him like a cocksleeve fitted for his dick maybe a little tight around him, biting his lip as he looks down at he violently
  166. »» TheClitCommander abuses geannies cunt , growling as she takes hold of his heavy cum filled sack, regains his balance after hips and thick asscheeks crash down on his flesh like a tidal wave
  167. ---» (join/#fuckhole) Dwanes!
  168. ---» (part/#fuckhole) Raynor!
  169. ---» (quit) Thorne! "Quit: "
  170. »» +geannie squeezes His balls, pulling them toward Him, milking as she pushes back then forward again, her cunt spit out around HIs cock, squeezing Him like a python killing it's prey...her hands slips from His balls up making an O around HIs thick prick and grips it making to tight rings for Him to fuck...passing through her fingers as He stuffs her fuckhole full, her fist pounding against it as she
  171. »» +geannie jerks Him off as He fucks her
  172. »» TheClitCommander profusley feeding the hungry cumpdump's whore cunt with massive amounts of  throbbing cock, staring down as he watches her slut insides clench onto his cock pulling out her insides as her sluthole leaks out fuckgoo, sounds of flesh pounding on flesh and sounds of her slutcunt getting railed by the massive shaft, biting his lip as her tiny fingers put a O around his cock wanting him to fuck more than one of her hungry holes at a time, grabbing onto
  173. »» TheClitCommander her rocking assmeat preventing the one from clapping his not-gut holding it in place pounding down the sluts hatches as shes oozes fuckjuice all aorund him, growling out"fuckkkkkkk me you damn slut"
  174. ---» (quit) Erratic! "Connection closed"
  175. »» +geannie grunts the harder He ruts..holding her in place only making her fuck back harder, grip His cock tighter with her fingers the opens her palm and strokes the full length as it leaves her cunt tipping forward almost all the way out to the opening of her fuckhole rocking back on just the head fucking it hard and fast while her hand strokes His big dick...hips roll while He watches her asshole
  176. »» +geannie gape open and closed, her cunthole sucking the head of His cock covered in slave nectar as she starts to squirt, crying out dropping her head back, her fingers slide down to the base of His cock gribbing TIGHT and holds her hips just fucking the head as her cunt grips like a vice milking 'Ungggggg fuck me mother fucker"....slams back while her pussy spasms sucking her inner walls out around His
  177. »» +geannie cock, fitting like a glove as she pulsates her orgasms around Him thrusting ...."fucking breed this dirty bitch"
  178. ---» (quit) HotRod!hotrod@gimme.all.your.lovin "Quit: "
  179. »» BlackBoss grins "like music to the ears every time that slut opens her mouth"
  180. <Bigbeat> she's a talented little slut
  181. »» TheClitCommander takes hold of her right thigh in the back, pushing the slut up onto one foot and knee, spplaying that cock filled cunt, sliding a hand up over the ass as it sounds like thunder smacking against him, feeling her 2 fingers tighten around the thick rooted cock as he works her pussyjuice against her fingers, coating them like icing with her own cream, pulling out to the tip to the soaked cuntlips before stuffing that rivery fuckhole full of fat veiny
  182. »» TheClitCommander cock like it was thanksgiving, trying to feed her cunt more "fu....ckk... im gooing to breed you slut don't fucking worry", that tight cocksleeve sucking on his fleshy meat, thick throbbing crown popping in and of the gaping cock starving cunt, the scent of the heavy fucking breaking his smell sense heavy and howls out, working that engorged meathammer back into the vice gripping fuckhole furiously, trying to cotrol his breathing as he breeds the
  183. »» TheClitCommander nasty filty whore, her hole body jerking foward as her tits smear up on the floor, smashing down the walls over her slutty insides like a battering ram "FUCK ME SLUT"
  184. ---» (join/#fuckhole) Erratic!
  185. ---» (quit) Kaine! "Quit: "
  186. »» +geannie screams out reaching back twisting her body, nails ripping into His chest raking down over His abs then drawing back up, her thighs wide open tipped up on her toes to hold it up, hands slides up wrapping around His neck twisting her body harder to pull Him closer, bitting His bottom lip as she pushes back impaling herself, nails dig into His neck, cunt grips His cock like a fucking vaccum
  187. »» +geannie and teeth pull back on His lip, holding, looking in His eyes, hips start to roll, grind, pushing back and fuck, roll, grind, pushing back and fuck finding this hard, steady rhythm, growling as she holds His lip, nails digging deeper..."No, You fuck me, mother fucker"
  188. ---» (join/#fuckhole) ^sunshine^!sweet@Love.Is.All.You.Need
  189. »» TheClitCommander getting up on his left foot, her slutty filthy wet cunt squeezing around the blood filled fuckhammer, her fat round appleass spread wide infront of him, hand sliding between the valley of the thickass meat, his thumb swirling around her analsucker, brutally beating that geannie dripping hole, squeezing tighter on her hip while his throbbing shredder cap bust the wet  slutpussy open, sawing away at her savagely with fat throbbing cockpipe, nails
  190. »» TheClitCommander dug into this chest tearing at it, her hand swiftly gripping his neck falling foward, all pressed up against her, hot sweaty flesh meeting greeting and brushing against each other, reaching around hand up between her pelvic and stomach pushing up against it as he thrusts deep, teeth grabbing his lip and catches your whore gaze as hips roll in rhythym against him, grinding hard, pulling back than thrashes that slutbox while she growls against his
  191. »» TheClitCommander lip "fuC...kk y..ou slut"
  192. ---» (quit) thedirtygirl! "Quit: Flash IRC Client"
  193. <BlackBoss> welcome sunshine
  194. <^sunshine^> Hiya BlackBoss
  195. <BlackBoss> geannie is just busy getting her cunt smashed at the moment ;)
  196. <^sunshine^> i see
  197. »» +geannie clenches hard feeling His fingers toy with her tightened pucker, hips slam back harder now that's He more grounded, cunt squirting like a leaking faucet with each thrust battering her womb, her asshole screaming around His finger, cuntsleeve sucking Him in making each pass through her hole tighter then the last...."Please Sir, I'm begging"
  198. ---» (quit) playfulresistance! "Quit: Life and death and love and birth and peace and war on the planet Earth."
  199. »» TheClitCommander mounting geannie's twisting curvy frame, usinng his the rockhard fuckpipe as a weapon assault her cunt with fury aggression lust and needs to use her fuckholes, humping into her as she rolls hips, growling as thunderclaps off her ass fills the room, fuck juice coated ballsack beating on her flesh delivering more of her fuckjuice to his skin, her nipples dancing  against the rough floor, nails dug n breaking flesh asshe bucks back against him
  200. »» TheClitCommander like the great nasty fucktoy she is, thumb buring into her tight little pucker as she sprays him like a slutskunk with her juice,
  201. <+geannie>  You keep playing with my ass Sir, is there something else You want
  202. ---» (part/#fuckhole) ^sunshine^!sweet@Love.Is.All.You.Need "Part: Leaving"
  203. »» TheClitCommander abuses his dirty cocksleeve while it sucks on his throbbing fuckmeat, thumb tip popping in and out of the spit covered ass hole, looking down growling "fuckkkk just gimme that" swiftly pulling his fuckpipe outta her drenched cunt, spitting on her tight pucker aggain, splitting her ring open with his throbbing head,pushing the sluts frame against the floor mounting her, pulling on her hair, exposing her face to  him, looking at her as he starts to
  204. »» TheClitCommander get up in the ass, than leans in bites  her lower cocksucker and sucks on it pulling before driving the girth into tight hle
  205. <BlackBoss> such a dirty three holer isnt she, commander?
  206. »» +geannie whimpers feeling Him pull from her soaked cunt with a pop, fuckhole dumps a gush of slave slime that was being held in by His cock, deep..arches her lower back clenching hard around His cockhead, eyes stay on His, asshole flares up the bares down to take Him in, "fucking do it"
  207. »» +geannie grunts and pushes back on Him hardddd screaming as she feels herself stretch beyonnd measure around Him, her cunt spitting like a fucking whore as she does, the pain bringing this maso slut the pain she craves
  208. »» TheClitCommander reaches under geannie, right hand taking hold of her squashed tit, pushing the rest of the meaty length into her ripping it open, tight ass gripping the veiny throbbing cock, eyes locked with her as she backs that ass up against him, kissing her hard heavy and wet, sputtering out into her mouth "mmm fuck"
  209. »» +geannie grunts into His mouth then releases a long, deep gutteral moan kissing Him back, tongue dacing with His, sucking it out of His mouth like a cock, lewdly, hungirly. Hands slide up aruond His neck pulling Him into the kiss harder, back arches deeper raising it higher to Him, clenching open and closed to try and ease the burn of the ripping she feels from the quick, ungentle entry. Her asshole
  210. »» +geannie virgin tight with the added grip from her well trained fuckhole..pulls back from the kisses biting the same spot on His lower lip as before...eyes on His ....'so, are You going to breed my shithole instead of my cunt now?"
  211. »» TheClitCommander pounds down into her overly tight asshole, his hips crashing down into her firm ass as he thrusts.. her asshole sucking on the the thick prick as it prods her deep in her shitter, warm breath smacking my flesh with each of her grunts, kissing her bck, tounge twisting around hers before getting sucked into her mouth asap "mmm yeah in gonna breed that shitdumpster now slut", drilling the virgin tight hole hard, hand pressing onto her waist pusing
  212. »» TheClitCommander him self up as he starts to oblierate her trunk
  213. »» Notify: Shoobie is offline (Bondage?).
  214. »» +geannie holds herself up like a bitch in heat being mounted, tits leaking, cunt squirting as His pushing His weight down added to the depth of His cock, eyes locked with His..."ungfff fuck, Please"..hips roll back against Him squezing tigth, hand holds Hims still, nails digging,..."squeezes her asshole as tight as possible and pushes herself up toward the air..."Fucking please, do it, Now, fill me
  215. »» +geannie while I cum on spray Your cock and balls again as You rut back on this bitch"
  216. ---» (quit) Mr-D! "Ping timeout: 111 seconds"
  217. »» TheClitCommander 's cock flesh of his flesh feeling the burn of that rear cocksleeve tugging on him so tighly as her asshole protudes around his girth, her filthy gaping fuckbox oozing out fuckjuice onto the floor, thrashing that clenching star in a puddle of her leakage, squeezing on her milky tit tighter everytime he meets her, canyons of torn flesh from nails dug into his chest "G.RRR FU...cKKK", heavy cum filled sack smashing down on her flesh, heat building
  218. »» TheClitCommander up in the nuts, growling as he looks back knowing hes about to fill up the cumdump
  219. <TheClitCommander> FUCK FUCK FUCK
  220. <TheClitCommander> HOW BAD DOES geannie WANT THIS
  221. »» +geannie releaes His neck and falls forward dropping her knee to the floor, hand slide back again spreading herself open, ass rocking back like a swing on His cock pulling all the way forward popping Him out of her gaped asshole then pushing back just fucking the opening of the gape listening the slurp and pop, slurp and pop..each time He pulls out pulling herself wider for Him to see...."She fucking
  222. »» +geannie wants it bad, fucking cum right fucking there at the opening of my gaping asshole then fuck the the resting inside"
  223. »» TheClitCommander explodes setting of a hot inferno into the filthy whores ass, shreddercap popfucking her gaping abyss, rays pulsating through his cock thick rich splurts of his jizz coating her ass walls, murdering her nasty asshole with his fuckhammer as he breeds the slut, filling her with his cum and cock, "mmmm fuckkkkkkkkkk yesssssssssssssssssssss RAWRRRRRRRR", grinding the thick meat deep insides her as she lets her self down off her knee
  224. ---» (join/#fuckhole) cute-rachel!
  225. »» BlackBoss watches from his seat "nothing like the sounds of a whore getting her shithole creampied"
  226. ---» (quit) cute-rachel! "Quit: ajax IRC Client"
  227. »» Notify: married-vixen is offline (Bondage?).
  228. »» +geannie clenches tight on Him as she fucks just the opening then opens up to let HIm in and squeezes her ass cheeks painfully hard around His cock then grips with her asshole and starts to jerk Him off with her assmeat, hand shaking her cheeks up and down as she bucks back feeling Him pulsate and expand deep inside stretcher her even wider than she already is, cunt sets off spraying pulling HIm in,
  229. »» +geannie sucking the seed from Him as on hand slips down between thighs to smack her clit to squirt harder, milking tighter, spraying wiht more force..."unfffffff uck yessssss"
  230. »» TheClitCommander pulls out to the tip, thick ropes of his jizm attacking her gape asshole before he stuffs it back in pounding the creamfilled shitter as he soppping cunt yet sprays again from the fucking hes giving,"sooooooo fucking hot slut" enraged blood fueld cock raping that shithole, grunting as he pulls out, jumping over geannie's head turning around ASAP, grabbing a handful of mane at the scalp, pulling her up, smacking cock off her filthy face, spitting
  231. »» TheClitCommander down on her forehead as it works it away down, the throbbing flesh smearing the spit into her flesh making it shine, dragging the crown over his cumhungry cocksucker "OPEN THE FUCK UP SLUT"
  232. ---» (quit) BlackBoss! "NickServ (GHOST command used by hhh)"
  233. ---» (join/#fuckhole) BlackBoss!
  234. »» +geannie grunts as he pulls out, asshole winking wide open, cum pushing out the hole just as stuffs it back in, the sound of a gurgling hole as He fucks through the sloppy DNA he's leaving behind inside her torn hole...Jumps, startled as He moves quickly over her...eyes lift, panting, her holes winking open and closed, asshole oozing HIs seed down her slit...mouth instinctively opens for His
  235. »» +geannie cum/squirt and ass covered cock, moans, cunt twitiching feeling the spit, head tips forward taking Him in her mouth pulling HIm across the roof and down her throat, pullng herself to her knees so she's kneeling, eyes remain on His, throat stays pushed down on His cock letting her throatslime collect in the back of her throat then pulls forward dragging it along to help pull away the filth from
  236. »» +geannie His off to the tip pulling it out with a 'pop' tongue trails to His balls sucking them in her mouth, lapping under His sack
  237. »» +geannie head pulls back slowly pulling them from His body then lets them fall from her lips
  238. ---» (join/#fuckhole) cute-rachel!Mibbit@F1E127.B7DFDE.B47D24.6489D3
  239. <BlackBoss> bitch knows how to make a mess of a cock and how to make it cleaner than ever...
  240. <TheClitCommander> god damn she does
  241. »» +geannie smiles gripping the base of his cock smacking her lips with it then smears it all over her face
  242. <+geannie>  Thank you...this bitch is a well trained cock sucking whore
  243. <BlackBoss> dont know of a mouth on here thats had more experience that yours, slut
  244. »» +geannie I don't know about that
  245. <TheClitCommander> mmmmm fuck
  246. <BlackBoss> and if its not, we'll have to do something about it!
  247. <BlackBoss> ;)
  248. »» TheClitCommander spits once more into the whores face as he wipes his cock all over her face.... "mmmm thank you slave"
  249. <BlackBoss> your "makeup" suits her, TheClitCommander
  250. ---» (quit) Erratic! "Connection closed"
  251. <TheClitCommander> thanks
  252. <TheClitCommander> fucking a
  253. <BlackBoss> geannie, you off getting hydrated from all the slutjuice you leaked out?
  254. »» +geannie grins feeling His spit just watching His face as He smears it
  255. <+geannie>  Yes BlackBoss  I have to step away to check on M as well.
  256. »» BlackBoss nods
  257. <TheClitCommander> good song
  258. <+geannie>  Why didn't You get in on the action?
  259. <BlackBoss> a bit here and there during it all. cock been hard the whole time, but had to get some work in between
  260. ---» (quit) cute-rachel!Mibbit@F1E127.B7DFDE.B47D24.6489D3 "Quit: ajax IRC Client"
  261. ---» (quit) __lisa__! "Quit: "
  262. »» <+geannie> kisses TheClitCommander on the cock head, flicking her tongue over His piss slit then squeezes it open and sucks the last of His cum from it ....."Can this slave slut do/get You anything else Sir?"
  263. »» TheClitCommander feeling the cockwhores lips press against his head, tounge darting all over the pitsshole, nods at geannie
  264. »» +geannie opens her mouth
  265. »» TheClitCommander kises the whore
  266. »» TheClitCommander stands but up, as he grabs his shaft aiming it at geannie's face, and starts streaming golden rays of piss into her mouth
  267. ---» (quit) Jagged_Circle!androirc@809DDF.CA7221.F543CA.29FB27 "Quit: AndroIRC - Android IRC Client ( )"
  268. »» +geannie flenches as the piss starts to splatter her face, eyes stay open watching Him, grinning with mouth open, tongue slithering out making a well letting her mouth fill, holding it, eyes burning, golden shower dripping down her chin, cheeks over her tits down her tuat tummy toward her spread thighs and splayed cunt
  269. »» +geannie looks at Him, mouth full waiting
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