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  1. #Introduction# 
  2. #Good morning# my lecture and my friends. First, #thanks for# coming today. #My name# is Adzan Fajar Maulana. In this morning, #i want to tell you# 3 steps to learn to play guitar. #I will start# with basic and variation chord. #Then i will move on to# picking and fingering. #Finally, I will talk about# strumming and I will give you opportunity to ask before I end the presentation.
  4. #Content#
  5. #Let’s start# with basic and variation chord. Basic chord is a very essential part of play guitar. By mastering this part you will be able to play rhythm guitar. Basic chord that often to be use everyday are C, D, Em, F, G, A, Am. This chord are common to find in the song for beginner, such as “Mimpi Yang Sempurna” from Peterpan with Em C G D pattern, and “Demi Waktu” from Ungu with C Am F G pattern. After that, you can learn variation chord such as 7th chord, 5th chord, Mayor and Minor chord, even diminished and sustained chord. You may also vary the practice by making your own song and trying to find the chord. This kind of practice will sharpen your musical feeling. And this is the demonstration <DEMONSTRATION>. Well, #that’s about chord#.
  7. Now, #we will move to next step# : picking and fingering. This maybe the hardest and most avoided part of learning guitar. Because they are boring and taking much time. But if you can complete this phase then playing guitar will be so much easier. This example of picking <DEMONSTRATION>. There are two kind of picking up and down. Down picking and up picking have different sound and for me down picking is easier than up picking. This is example of fingering <DEMONSTRATION>. The function of fingering is to train your fingers so they will be able to push the certain string and not stiff anymore. So, #that is all about picking and fingering.#
  9. #Let’s turn to strumming#. In playing guitar, this part will control music flow, and the effect from the song. I will compare the dangdut and pop strumming with same chord pattern <DEMONSTRATION>. Did you notice the difference ? Yes of course, dangdut has a unique strumming. But actually they have similarities, such as down strumming , up strumming and stop strumming <DEMONSTRATION>. By completing this step you will be able to make different just from one song.
  10. At this time #you have completed 3 steps# to learn to play guitar and this is the last example from me about the application of 3 steps before <DEMONSTRATION>.
  12. #So this is time for me to sum up.#
  14. Conclusion 
  15. OK, #let me make the conclusion#. If you want to learn to play guitar from the basic, there are 3 main steps you should learn. Like I mention before, which are basic and variation chord, picking and fingering , and strumming. Now, let’s move to question time, if you want to ask I will be happy to answer. That’s all from me, thanks for your attention. Good morning.
  17. 3 Steps to learn to play guitar
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