Mural of Okeanos

Aug 24th, 2019
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  1. Prime's room was redesigned. Nothos might recognize the theme as "Space." There should be stars, planets, the wonders of the empty void covering her room. But...
  3. Her room was filthy, from walls to walls. A mess of splotches, line, dirt, and more. At first, it seemed like she had grown frustrated or agitated, and hadn't bothered to clean the room or let it be cleaned...
  5. But the more one observe the mess, the more one would come to realize that it was intentional. They were carefully placed. They were placed in a fit of haste, panic, and urgency, as if the scene needed to be captured immediately... Dirt became seen as ships. Lines represented the firepowers exchanged. Splotches became ships. The Battle of Okeanos captured on this wall, using what Prime saw from her own broadcasts.
  7. TACTIC ships swarming over an otherwise untouched circle of Okeanos on one wall, displaying their full formidable might in their effort to take in Lawton. Syndicate ships in the distance on the wall adjacent, the glowing beacon that was Nothos presiding in front of them. The display of **Planetary Crescendo,** half a planet blown into asteroid as the rest finished their destruction in between the two.
  9. Then The Ascendancy came to be. Far above the two, for there was no "behind" in this room, the fleet was made. The amalgamation of every design condensed into their very own, made into sleek, lethal weapons. The swarms closing in. The hands of The Son held open above the two. Reinforcements added among TACTIC. It was obvious now that she was keeping track of the parties through these paintings
  11. But below all of them, the Warp beckoned. "Blood" pooling into the empty space as the Herald rose from it. The floor was devoid of any stars of decoration otherwise, blood streaming from all sides to aid in depicting the rise of Khorne's Herald.
  13. From there, she didn't bother adding anything more. She only changed the Mural as the battle waged on. The Starlight Crusaders' blooming from the Gas Giant. Darius' rise to clash with Nothos. The fight between The Son and Mizuni, with Darius' interference.
  15. And most importantly... The cracking of Okeanos. It was missed at first, somehow. The perfect marble's damage... Perhaps something about the paint shifted one's attentions to not achknowledge it until it was appropriate. Perhaps it was only meant to expose itself after time...
  17. But the planet was breaking. The pure white cracks running over the surface. Nothing seen within... The end of an era. The end of a world Lawton had painstakingly crafted and cared for.
  19. There was so much going on, with all the time in the world to observe every frozen frame of the events. Of the chaos. Of the Battle of Okeanos.
  21. Of the Alchemy War that would soon swing into full force.
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