Camera of Change: Fuck Me TG

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  1. I sat in my desk, tapping my fingers against my jaw as I watched the teacher pass tests back. Already, I knew my grade was going to be bad just because of the bad day I was having up to this point. It all started with the morning when I found no milk in the fridge for my cereal. Not too bad, thought, right? Well, that is what I thought until I found the missing milk spilled on the floor and I slipped on it. Then, when I drove to school today, my car broke down, so that means I will have to walk three miles today. I could hitch a ride with one of my college buddies, but my best friend never got a car and the ones that do have cars are all sick today.
  3. My name is Demitri Hollester, a twenty one year old college student. My days aren't usually this bad, but today just happened to be a day full of bad luck. Finally, my teacher, Mrs. Cobb, handed my test back and I took a glance at it. There, written in big red print, was a big sixty percent, mocking me. "Fuck me," I muttered to myself. That was my iconic quote, the one I always said whenever something bad happened to me. As you can tell, I've mentioned that quote today several times.
  5. At that point I knew I would have to make up the test and today would be a good day to do it, but I already had a shit-load of homework, so I figured tomorrow would be better. Finally, the bell rang and I stood up, stuffing my failed test into my backpack and walking out into the hallway, meeting up with my best friend since kindergarten, Arron Logan
  7. "Hey, dude, are you still walking home today? I figured I could walk back to the apartment with you and we could maybe play some video games." He nudged me suggestively and raised an eyebrow.
  9. "Arron, I've got too much homework tonight. Can't play video games tonight, but I'd like it if you walk home with me. It would help if someone is there when I break a bone or something." Arron chuckled but noticed that I was serious, so he shut up. Just then, a locker swung open, nailing me in the face, sending me back onto the ground. Once I hit the ground, I saw the girl hold out a hand to help me up. "Fuck me," I murmured again, standing up without her help and walking off, rubbing my nose.
  11. "Come on dude, you could have at least taken her helpful gesture to help you up!" Arron said as he chased after me, finally catching up. "You don't have to be so sour."
  13. I stomped through the front doors of the school and began walking home. "Why shouldn't I be sour, Arron? All day, I have been getting piles of shit from slipping on spilled milk to getting rammed in the face by some fucking locker! What have I done to deserve all of this shit!?"
  15. "Calm down dude."
  17. "No, I just want to get home, finish this homework, and get to bed. With any luck, which I don't seem to have any of, tomorrow will be much better." I heard a ripping sound and in a few seconds my backpack strap ripped, causing it to swing to one side and fly off of my arm, making the second strap rip. "What the hell!? Fuck me."
  19. Arron helped me pick up my backpack and insisted on carrying it the rest of the way. "Alright, I guess you have been having a shitty day."
  21. "No shit,"! I was looking back at him, so I didn't notice the object in front of me. It was a rather expensive camera, but I didn't know that. I accidentally tripped over the camera, causing Arron to trip behind me. "Fuck me," I muttered before I hit the ground.
  23. Just then, a bright flash blinding me and Arron, and time froze still. I knew that time wasn't moving, but I couldn't seem to think at all. I couldn't even put a word together. Soon, my mind was frozen too and I couldn't even think about not thinking.
  25. Something strange started happening, but I obviously didn't notice. My hair was cascade down past my cheeks, waving gently until it was floating down to my waist. The black color was starting to become lighter until it became a beautiful blonde color, then becoming glossier almost as if water was poured over it. Soon, my eyebrows thinned and became a lighter color, but not as blonde as my hair. This was soon accompanied by two large, blue eyes outlined by lush, black lashes. My lips became fuller as my jawline smoothened out, making my face now look feminine.
  27. My muscle mass started to deplete, just to be replaced by deposits of fat. At first, they were focused in my upper arms, making them jiggle slightly. The rest of my arms thinned until the changes reached my wrists. Once there, my hands started to become smaller and more petite, lengthy fingers with long nails finishing them off.
  29. More deposits of fat were inserted into my thighs and ass, making both parts large. This also expanded my hips, making them strain my pants. This wasn't a problem for long as both my boxers and jeans vanished into thin air. This exposed my new sexy, shorter legs.
  31. At the bottom of my legs, my feet were becoming more petite and feminine just like my hands. They were soon exposed as well. During these changes, my penis was starting to twitch and retract inwards. What was left behind was my newfound womanhood.
  33. I was left naked once my shirt had vanished as well, showing my growing nipples. It didn't take long before both my nipples and areolas were three times their original sizes. Then, the final patches of fat were placed into my breasts and stomach. First, my belly had become softer and pudgier, but not too much. As for my breasts, they became much more pronounced, obviously becoming feminine, growing into sexy D cups.
  35. Behind me, Arron was still frozen as well, but not much had changed for him unlike me. He had gained more muscle, his face becoming a bit sexier than before, he was nude, and his member had grown larger, something most men would've been proud to sport.
  37. Suddenly, my mind came back to reality, but I couldn't remember what had just happened. I knew my name was Diana Hanson, and that was all I could remember. My eyes were finally able to move and I noticed that I was in a bedroom lit by candlelight, a bed underneath me. That is when I remembered what I was doing.
  39. Time resumed and I fell on my hands and knees, the soft bed beneath me. I could feel large, warm hands on my hips and someone's head next to mine. It was Arron. "Hey there sexy."
  41. I bit my bottom lip and felt an insane sensation rush through my abdomen. "Oh! Fuck me! Fuck me Arron!" He was smirking large as I said my iconic quote for the rest of our moment.
  43. I would never remember my past life, but only look forward to an erotic life with my boyfriend Arron. During our heated moment, the camera that had turned us into this vanished, off to find a new victim.
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