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The Constitution of Petrania

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  1. The Constitution of Petrania
  2. =========
  3. Prologue
  4. =========
  6. Petrania is a confederation of different city states located in the positive, positive region in the world of Civcraft. The land is claimed and protected by the many differing peoples of Petrania. It is created with the intention of creating a fair, safe, and enjoyable place to live. The territories of Petrania are always growing, and as such, a valid and accurate chart of them should be accessible at all times.
  7. =====================================
  8. Article I. The Bill of Player Rights
  9. =====================================
  10. The peoples of Bereza and Petra have formed this confederation in the search of a fair and safe place to live. These rights are fundamental to our existence and are to be respected by all. As such, the government shall do it's best to protect these rights, and are forbidden from violating them, regardless of the circumstance.
  12. I. All players are equal, regardless of political position, wealth, or nationality. All are to be treated equally before the law.
  13. II. Slavery shall not exist within the limits of the Confederation. Involuntary servitude is also not permitted, except as a punishment for crimes proven in a court of law, and is to only be used for the good of the people.
  14. III. All players have the right to freedom and security. They shall not:
  15.     Be denied a fair trial by their peers under any circumstance
  16.     Be treated or punished in a a cruel or unusual way.
  17.     Be detained without a fair trial within a weeks' time.
  18. IV. All players have the right to freedom of expression.
  19. V. All players have the right to freedom of religion, opinions, and beliefs.
  20. VI. All players have the right to bear arms and organize themselves into a well regulated militia, laid out in Article V.
  21. ==============================
  22. Article II. The High Council
  23. ==============================
  24. The Confederation of Petrania is to be led by a democratically chosen council of 1 member per five(5) citizens, representative of the different peoples and political parties in Petrania. Although the council made be made up of a massive amount of members, each city is only allotted one member per five citizens. The amount of councilmen per city shall not exceed seven members. The High Council is to vote on laws that protect the peoples of Petrania. They shall not infringe on the rights of players as outlined in Article I. They may create laws that foster good diplomatic relations with other nations, protect the individual(within reason) and laws to clearer define what acts are actually a crime. In rare instances of a tie-vote, the High Duke may vote only to break the tie. Under no circumstances does he/she have any say in any other aspects of council voting. They may also take votes on whether or not to admit states to the confederation. They are to elect a High Duke when one is needed.
  26. =Subsection 1. Replacing and Electing Councilman=
  27. Every two weeks, starting the Friday(Eastern U.S. Time) after this document has been ratified, a poll of no-confidence will be held. A thread is to be posted by a citizen in the morning exactly two weeks since the last poll, asking the public if they find the council satisfactory. All citizens are to either simply abstain or to bring up a councilman they think has done a poor job. They are to post in the thread and provide proper evidence as to why they believe he/she deserves to be voted out. To become legitimate, the vote must get at least two backers. Once the claim is backed, a vote of no confidence thread is to be posted on the subreddit. The vote will last 48 hours from the time of posting, and requires a 3/4 majority vote to succeed. Once the council member has been voted out, a council member will post a new thread and start the election process for a replacement councilman. This thread is to last 48 hours and does not require a majority to elect. All new members are to be elected this way.
  29. Furthermore, if the council finds one or more members counter productive towards the good of Petrania, then they may start an impeachment process requiring a 3/4 majority vote. If the vote succeeds, a councilman is to post an election thread and start the election process.
  31. ===========================
  32. Article III. The High Duke
  33. ===========================
  34. The High Duke of Petrania is to be a position to serve as the representative of the entire Confederacy of Petrania. His main duties are to construct embassies in lands across Civcraft, foster good relations with external nations and city states, and to add laws to the constitution once voted upon by the council. He is to serve as the chief diplomat of Petrania, unless the council elects a dedicated diplomat to do so. He/she is only to act on behalf of the council and not his/her own motives. If the council feels he is not fulfilling his/her duties, they may begin an impeachment process requiring a 3/4ths majority vote.
  36. =Subsection 1. Emergency Powers=
  38. If in the event of war, disaster, attack, or rapid council destabilization, the Duke may invoke the Emergency Powers. These will last 48 hours from the time of invokement, which constitutes a posting on /r/civpetrania, and are to give the duke the powers he/she would require to protect the nation without council consent. This is to be invoked only when a council member cannot be reached, or the Duke feels the nation is in immediate danger. These include: The ability to make peace or war with other nations, the ability to command the Petranian militia, the militia of cities in the Confederacy, and the ability to have have aggressors against Petrania pearled. The nature of these powers are dangerous, and as such, the council has the ability to reverse this at any time. If reversed, all actions done, decrees made, or laws enacted are to be reversed to their former position.
  40. =Subsection II. Public Census=
  41. It is the duty of the High Duke to maintain a public census that catalogs every member of Petrania. New citizens must speak to the Duke and provide the location of their residence, the amount of land they have claimed, and the date at which they joined Petrania. All states entering the Confederation must provide this information to the Duke so the constitution can accurately reflect the current population.
  42. ==================
  43. Article IV. Crime
  44. ==================
  45. The Confederation of Petrania forcefully prosecutes any crimes committed within its territory or upon its citizens. Crimes include, but are not limited to, trespass on private property, the destruction of private or public property, vandalism, the theft of personal items, assault, murder or pearling of citizens, treason, verbal harassment or hate speech, revolution, or an aggressive change of government. This includes any kind of threats towards the well being of Petranian citizens, revolution, or an aggressive change of government. Additionally, the Confederation of Petrania does not tolerate the presence of criminals from other jurisdictions, and may attack or pearl anyone within or outside of Petrania territory with an outstanding, well-evidenced bounty posted on CivBounty.
  47.  A criminal accused of a crime by a citizen of Petrania or by the council is entitled to hear the charges against them, and to review the evidence of their crime. Evidence of crime includes snitch logs, screenshots of the crime in progress, confessions by the accused, or the testimony of trustworthy witnesses.
  49. Cities may prosecute local criminals according to their code of laws, as long as it is not in violation of this document or a Council ruling. However, if the criminal is highly dangerous, has a high flight risk, or is on the international stage, he/she is to be deported to the council for ruling. If the accused is found innocent, they will be released immediately, any confiscated items will be returned, and reparations against the innocent may be paid if deemed necessary by the Council. If the accused is convicted by Council consensus, a sentence of time served in the End and/or reparations will be determined by the council, by simple majority vote. Additionally, the convicted may be banished from the territory of Petrania, and any incursions after banishment will be treated as trespassing. The sentence will be posted publicly on either /r/civpetrania or /r/civcraft, as deemed appropriate, and all evidence that led to the conviction will be included for public scrutiny.
  51. Despite the larger scale of our nation, the small scale of Civcraft allows for a more nuanced approach to justice. The Council may lessen or strengthen a punishment depending on the severity of the crime, however, local laws must be respected. Convicted criminals may point to previous precedent if they feel their sentence is not appropriate to their crime.
  53. The majority of crimes may be punished by time served in the End or by paid reparations, and the convicted may rehabilitate themselves and choose to move on to a lawful, productive life. However, some repeat criminals have no interest in civil behavior, and will continue a life of heinous crime regardless of any punishment. Petrania considers such individuals to be psychopathic in nature, and incapable of rehabilitation. In the event that the Council determines a convicted criminal to be psychopathic and incapable of rehabilitation, and if the evidence of their psychopathy is deemed irrefutable, the psychopath will remain in the End indefinitely, for the safety of the community of Petrania and the larger community of Civcraft. Such a decision will not be taken lightly, and will be posted publicly on r/civcraft with an explanation of the decision, and as much evidence as possible.
  55. ===================
  56. Article V. Defense
  57. ===================
  58. The Confederation of Petrania is a peace-loving, peace-seeking community. However, it exists in a dangerous, sometimes hostile world, and sometimes faces threats from beyond the borders of our territory. Recognizing the need for mutual self-defense, the citizens of Petrania shall maintain a public and well regulated militia. Citizens wishing to participate in the militia are expected to maintain a working set of arms and armor, participate in defense training and drills as needed, and be ready to take up arms and risk their life in times of emergency.
  59. Citizens not participating in the militia are encouraged but not required to support the militia as they are able, by donating diamonds, experience or potion materials to help maintain the equipment used by the militia. The militia is intended for the defense of Petrania only, and will not be used as an offensive military force outside of our borders.
  61. ==============================
  62. Article VI. Foreign Relations
  63. ==============================
  64. Petrania may make, amend or nullify formal declarations of friendship, mutual defense, and trade with other nations and communities. Such declarations will be decided by a majority vote of the Council, taking into account the wishes and opinions of all citizens, will be posted publicly on /r/civpetrania, and all citizens and cities of Petrania will be expected to respect and help maintain those agreements. In the event that a political representative of Petrania is required, the High Duke or the duly elected diplomat may be sent out.
  66. ==========================
  67. Article VII. Citizenship
  68. ==========================
  69. While the community of Petrania believes in the right of free association, in order to provide for mutual self-defense and the fair and efficient use of public resources, individuals have to undergo a process to gain the full rights of a citizen of Petrania.
  71. First, one must message or speak to a councilman from the city they wish to live in, whether this be by reddit PM or an ingame message. The councilman is to ask them their previous experience in Civcraft, what land they would like to claim, and why they would like to join. Upon's the councilman's approval, the citizen-to-be would claim his land and begin living there.
  73. Citizen Visa:  One week spent living inside of Petranian lands. This entitles one to the title of Petranian citizen and makes one eligible to own land and to be protected and subject to Petranian rights and laws.
  75. Partial Citizenship: 2 weeks spent living inside of Petranian lands. This entitles one to vote in elections and to have access to community chests.
  77. Full Citizenship: 4 weeks spent living inside of Petranian lands. This entitles on to run for office in Petrania.
  79. A Citizen may renounce their association with Petrania, discharging any rights and responsibilities they may have to the community. They may take whatever possessions they own with them, but forfeit any land they have claimed and developed in Petranian territory. Any individual who has renounced citizenship may petition to regain citizenship at a later date, but must have their petition approved by unanimous consensus by the local government.
  81. =Subsection 1. Property Rights=
  82. Thanks to the extremely unique layout of our many cities, property cannot be easily determined. This leaves it  to the local government to decide how to manage this. However it is done, property must be reported to the local council member as to ensure no overlapping of properties.
  84. =Subsection 2. Dereliction=
  85. A property may be considered derelict if it has shown no signs of use or improvement for two weeks or more. A citizen seeking the validity of a derelict property can make a post on /r/civpetrania or the local equivalent declaring their intention to reclaim the property. They will also place a sign at the property with their name, the date the sign is placed, and the word “DERELICT”. After two week from the date the dereliction sign was placed, barring no objections, the land will become derelict, and may be claimed by the citizen claiming dereliction.
  87. Any items found in chests, dispensers, forges or frames in the derelict property will be taken and stored by a member of the council and every reasonable effort to return those items to their original owner must be made. If, after a third week from the original date of the dereliction post, the original owner has not claimed their items, the items will be used for the common good of Petrania, as determined by the Council.
  89. A citizen expecting an extended absence may prevent their property from becoming derelict by posting about their expected inactivity on r/civpetrania or the local equivalent, and by posting a sign on their property saying “AWAY UNTIL [date of expected return]”.
  91. =Subsection 3. Public Property=
  92. In addition to personal property, the peoples of (INH) recognize the need for public space and infrastructure to benefit the public good.  Thanks to Petrania's many unique designs, it is difficult to properly outline what is and isn't public property. Public property can be simply defined as parks, roads, paths and bridges, , libraries, enchanting tables, and spawners that were built for or given to Petrania. If a dispute arises, a local council member will arbitrate.
  94. ===================================
  95. Article VII. Government Rights
  96. ===================================
  97. The Confederation of Petrania is made up of many smaller governments, both small communities and large metropolises. As such, they may govern themselves and create laws as long as they comply with those outlined in both this document and the Council's rulings. They are not to violate any diplomatic agreements, laws, or border agreements set forth by aforementioned powers.
  99. They may handle crime on a local level, and prosecute small time criminals as they see fit, as long as it complies with the basic player rights outlined in Article I. Criminals that have gerfed across borders, or require a higher security to handle are to be deported to the Council, whom will deal with them accordingly.
  101. ================================
  102. Article VIII. A Living Document
  103. ================================
  105. The constitution of Petrania is a living document, intended to grow and evolve in response to the needs of the community. Its principles should be followed in good faith whenever possible, with the understanding that not every circumstance and contingency has been explicitly provided for. The constitution may be amended or modified after discussion and consensus is reached by the council.
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