A Day in the Life of grievousfan

Jan 31st, 2016
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  1. Leaving these stories here for archival purposes in the case something happens to them. Enjoy or don't.
  3. grievousfan awoke on this fine day to the sound of her alarm clock, which was set to replicate the sound of Discord's laughter, going off at five in the morning, as usual.
  5. "pppfffppfff!" she said excitedly, hopping out of bed and turning off the clock, despite wanting to savor the sound of her husbando's voice. Today was going to be just as good as yesterday, and she knew it!
  7. Of course, one can't have a good day on an empty stomach, so when grievous arrived at her kitchen, she pulled out her favorite cereal: Discord-O's! Each piece of cereal was shaped the same way as her wonderful husbando, Discord. One would think that eating your imaginary husband is torture for the poor soul, as being digested is painful. Not to grievous, though. This was because she found it was a way for Discord to be inside her, mind and body.
  9. Before eating, grievous bowed her head and brought her hands together, in preparation for her prayer to Discord. "pfffpffpf, pffffppppf pf pf pfffpfpfpf. Pfpf."
  11. Certain Discord had heard the prayer, grievous ate happily, picturing herself killing Celestia to break her hypnotic-love hold on her husbando, Discord. After all, grievous knew Dislestia was the ship that she could best relate to, except the whole "not being in Celestia's place" thing. She always fixed that, though.
  13. After breakfast, grievous proceeded to the bathroom, where she showered in liquid Discord. She used her usual Discord soap and shampoo to properly clean herself for Discord. After the shower, she dried herself off with a towel shaped like Discord, and went back to her room to dress. Opening her closet, she looked for something appropriate to wear for Discord, inspecting the wide range of clothing inside.
  15. "Oh God, please let me go!" came the cry of the human sacrifice for Discord.
  17. "pffpff!" grievous hushed, looking for clothing once more. This sacrifice was most troublesome, but he had to be kept alive until Discord called her name again. The sound of Discord calling her was akin to a siren's song, and she patiently waited for it, as always.
  19. She picked out a set of clothing and closed the closet door on the sacrifice. His pleas would be heard by no one. grievous dressed herself, then went about her normal routine. She strolled on over to her computer, grabbed her tablet, and drew comics related to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. However, her focus was more on Discord, whom she considered the best character on the show.
  21. grievous spent hours drawing her love, Discord. She poured blood, blood, and more blood into her tablet, believing it would bring the Discord on her screen to life. It never did. She started to wonder if her blood was tainted, despite the fact that she had Discord inside of her at all hours. This poor life of hers would never get better without Discord. As with every other day, she proceeded to pour her tears into the tablet as well, sobbing at the fact that she would never be with Discord.
  23. "ppffpff pffff..." she solemnly sobbed.
  25. After her hour of crying, grievous calmed down and logged onto her deviantart account. Here, she found over 200 messages in her inbox. Many of these were comments begging for her divine attention, or for her to make a comic out of their comments. Truly, these peasants would never understand why grievous could never reply or make comics. She did nothing until Discord told her to, and that was that.
  27. Once she sifted through the garbage, she went back to the home page of deviantart and checked out fan art of her or her comics. Despite the neglect she showed these peasants, she was always grateful of the art she received from them. After fan art, she browsed deviantart a little more, than came across a random journal. This journal was about femini$m, which grievous always enjoyed reading about.
  29. "pffpff pff!" she shouted in agreement, favoriting the femini$t journal. Truly, she felt the same way.
  31. After her journey on deviantart, she realized that it was time to visit the livestream for her circlejerk, the PIMPs. It was very late, so she hoped she hadn't missed anything. grievous typed in the livestream URL as fast as she could, and when she arrived, she was delighted to hear the familiar sound of her fellow circlejerk members arguing over inane things.
  33. grievous joined the skype call the others were in, greeting them with a, "pff pff." The chat jizzed all over themselves at their god's arrival, the other PIMPs overshadowed by her presence. She lapped up the praise she received, transferring it to Discord via more blood on her tablet. Discord be praised.
  35. She spent a few hours talking to her circlejerk members, each member giving the one next to them a handy, grievous herself thinking of Amar's hand as Discord's. How she wished it were Discord's. After she and the other members were satisfied, they ended the stream abruptly and went to bed.
  37. As she snuggled under her covers, ready to dream about Discord, grievous reflected on the events of the day. It was a succesful day of praising Discord. As she drifted off to sleep, she was excited to do the same thing tomorrow (and maybe finally execute that sacrifice. Discord be praised).
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