Resident Evil 4 Full Movie Torrent

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  4. Resident Evil 4 Full Movie Torrent
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  41. Six years after the viral outbreak that destroyed Racoon City, former police officer Leon S. Kennedy is a federal agent sent to Europe to search for the President's daughter. Unfortunately for him, he stumbles upon a scenario frighteningly similar to what he encountered back in Racoon City.
  42. In 1998, an outbreak of the T-Virus, created by the international pharmaceutical company Umbrella, devastated the small midwestern town of Raccoon City, turning the population into contagious zombies. After a week of attempting to deal with the situation, the President was forced to use a nuclear weapon to destroy the city. Six years later, Leon S. Kennedy, a former police officer and survivor of the Raccoon City disaster, is part of a government agency under the direct control of the President. The day before hs is supposed to start his first assignment, protecting the President's daughter, Ashley Graham, she is kidnapped, surfacing later in rural Europe. Leon is sent to retrieve her, but what he will discover is a new kind of horror that makes Raccoon City pale in comparison.
  43. Six years have passed since the Umbrella Corporation released the T-Virus into the small town of Raccoon City and turned almost the entire population in flesh-eating zombies. Leon Kennedy, one of the survivors has risen from ordinary cop to a special agent in charge of VIP security. When the President&#39;s daughter is kidnapped by a deranged evil cult in rural France he must do whatever it takes to get her back. What he discovers is a conspiracy that makes the T-Virus outbreak look like a 70s episode of Blue Peter.<br/><br/>For the next several hours you&#39;ll run through zillions of different environments blasting as mad villagers and collecting gold. The more gold you collect the better weapons you can buy from the creepy merchant who shows up throughout every level. Yes, it all looks very pretty. But it&#39;s increasingly tedious stuff.<br/><br/>Let me just say that I loved Resident Evil (the Gamecube remake) and I thought that Resident Evil Zero was quite a lot of fun too. While Resident Evil 4 is an improvement in terms of graphics and hardware it doesn&#39;t have any atmosphere or the overwhelming sensation of dread and fear. This is basically down to the style of gameplay.<br/><br/>Gone are the spooky camera angles for a start. Instead, this time the camera is constantly behind Leon, following him in whatever direction he goes. It&#39;s a bit tricky at first but after a few minutes you&#39;ll get the hang of it. Also, the game is not really about exploration and mystery solving and you never really go back to the same place twice. Okay, this is a good thing in some ways as it did get a little annoying before (the &#39;door-opening&#39; cut-scenes are also gone) and I understand the gameplay of the franchise had to evolve but, the way it is, RE 4 just feels like a shoot-em-up.<br/><br/>In your long, long journey (the game is absolutely MASSIVE) Leon visits a rickety European village that seems stuck in the dark ages, onto an old castle, then to a creepy island and on into a huge fortress and laboratory. In this respect it feels a LOT like a Dungeon Siege game in regards to the constant running around in torch-lit catacombs, killing big insects, collecting treasures, trading/building up your stats and weapons and looking for that way out which seems to be miles away through endless, labyrinthine corridors.<br/><br/>All you really do in this game is go forward and shoot. And it gets quite boring after the halfway mark. There is some very slight puzzle-solving but I suspect this was only put in to satisfy hardcore RE fans. And what really gets on my nerves is the stupidness of it all. The RE games are notorious for having extremely convoluted plots but the story in this one will have you tying your brain in knots. And why the hell does Leon battle 20-foot tall ogres? Is this a Lord of the Rings game? The realism of the first games is absent and with it goes the sense of gut-wrenching tension. You know this game is just fantasy hokum whereas before the sense that it all could happen is what made the zombies all the more terrifying.<br/><br/>A s***load of homages and references to other movies are peppered through the game. Try to spot references to Splatterhouse, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, hellÂ…even Harry Potter. All interesting but still totally inappropriate for an RE game.<br/><br/>There are plenty of pros, like the previously mentioned brilliant graphics, the sheer size of the game is impressive, the cool extras and mini-games awarded after finishing (I did it in 15 hours and I WON&#39;T be going through it again) and faster loading times. But the boredom of killing the zillionth evil henchman and his twin really gets mind-numbingly dull after hour 10.<br/><br/>I finished this in 6 days (the original and Zero took me much longer) so I suggest you rent this if you&#39;re not the obsessive RE collector type. While it is a great-looking game and very slick, it just didn&#39;t keep me as thrilled (or as scared) as it could have.<br/><br/>Graphics 10/10 Absolutely wonderful. The RE games on the Gamecube have always looked brilliant but it&#39;s hard to find better looking games than this. The environments and locations are all so vividly detailed it would be scary if the game were not so corny.<br/><br/>Sound 9/10 Again, almost perfect. But I would have had more satisfaction is blowing the heads of freaks off if the gunshots were louder and more dynamic. The musical score comes and goes and it&#39;s nothing special but if you&#39;ve got it hooked up to a home theatre the best thing is hearing those freaks creep up behind you.<br/><br/>Extras 7/10 As with the previous games, the faster you finish the game, the better extras you will unlock. Mini games, special costumes, heavy artillery, hidden treasures and bottle caps are but some of the goodies awaiting you.<br/><br/>Final Thoughts I am disappointed that the game doesn&#39;t live up to it&#39;s predecessors. I understand a 4th in a series must be radically new and different but this feels too far removed from the original games and the outlandish plot connections seem false and forced. A decent shoot-em-up for a once around only. Despite the bonus unlockables, it was too derivative for me to come back.<br/><br/>The PS2 version is also available in a metal case.
  44. I got this game yesterday, and already it is kicking a lot of ass. The action is already intense, and I know I&#39;m am NO WHERE near the halfway point of the game. <br/><br/>Pros: Just about everything! Graphics, action, and enemy AI have never been better in the resident evil titles. Very few games out there can match the AI and action. The game even has a decent sense of humor, and the game challenges you from the start. <br/><br/>Cons: Saving is still not that easy. Though those annoying, horrendous ink ribbons are finally gone, you still need to find a typewriter to save the game. However, there are several located throughout the game. Like I said, the game challenges you... A LOT. This is one of the hardest games I have, and I own more than my fair share. <br/><br/>Overall, this game is easily the 2005 game of the year. If you have a gamecube and not this game, why? What are you waiting for? If you have a PS2, go out and get this NOW. I said the game was hard, but I, like many others, love a challenge. Though it may seem hasty to submit a comment the day after I get this game and haven&#39;t beaten it, this should give you the idea of how great it is. <br/><br/>10/10. Brilliant.
  46. 2. &quot;The Drive ~ First Contact&quot;,  a5c7b9f00b
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