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Feb 13th, 2018
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  1. Want to know how to beat Breathing Fear because it’s confusing as heck? You’ve come to the right place.
  3. First off some quick background info on the game:
  5. You can’t save. You need to do everything in one fell swoop. It should take around 25 minutes to complete, assuming you don’t get unlucky. You need to do things in a very specific order. Be sure to complete all the necessary steps. You are under a time crunch, so make sure you’re as fast as possible.
  7. There are a good chunk of ways to reduce your heart rate. These include:
  8. Drinking Alcohol
  9. Taking medicine
  10. Listening to music
  11. Staring at candles
  12. Turning on the furnace.
  14. Use these tactically, and as you need them. If you ever reach 70 heart rate, you die.
  16. To go along with this, the game is reliant on luck. Even if you do everything correctly, there’s a chance you’ll just end up dying because you got a bunch of scares in a row with no way to reduce it. You just have to deal with it, and pray to RNJesus. It’s a really annoying aspect of this game.
  18. You can replace your batteries in your flashlight. This requires you to be in a lit area, either candles, or lamps, and to have zero power in your flashlight. Simply press the flashlight button until your meter goes back up to 99.
  20. There are multiple endings. This guide will go for the most complex one, but will give you the information in how to get all 4 of the “real” endings as they come up in the story. Obviously, there will be spoilers but I won’t show the endings.
  22. And as always with guides on Recommended Playing, time stamped list of steps will be in the description.
  25. START
  27. Ending 1: Heart Attack.
  28. You can do this any time, and you’ll likely encounter it once just trying to do this guide. Just get your heart rate to 70 and you’ll experience this ending.
  31. Now for the rest of them:
  32. Start the game, and view the control screen. Once you’re done, immediately start by walking to the right until you get to a door.
  34. Enter the door, and then enter the first white door. Continue walking forward past the stairs and open the door. Walk to the end of this room, check the cabinet and get the key. As you walk back out this room, observe the fish tank to get your hearts decreased by 10.
  36. Leave this room and head out the stairs. If you get a scare here with the words in blood, seriously consider resetting.
  38. Go up the stairs, and continue straight into the kitchen. From the cabinets, pick up the matches, and read the note on the refrigerator. On your way out, light the candle and observe it quickly for -5 hearts.
  40. Leave the kitchen and go about midway down the hall and enter the obscured door.
  42. Head to your right, past the stairs and use the key on this locked door. Read the note on the bookshelf in this room, and take the batteries from the radio before leaving.
  44. Go up the stairs, head to your left through the door, and enter the door in the room with the Cross and Jesus painting.
  46. Walk left through the doors, and look in the chest next to the grandfather clock for a picture. Continue left, and read the diary by the bed for another clue before exiting out the door.
  48. Head to your right, through the door and pull the ladder down to the attic. Bats will come down to spook you. Climb up the ladder.
  50. Immediately head left and examine the grammophone. Then turn right, light the candle, observe it for -5 hearts, and examine the chest to see it can be broken open, and the box for more batteries. Turn left, and leave the attic.
  52. Head left, and go down the stairs. Go down the next set as well. Turn right, and exit the house.
  54. Walk into the shed, and pick up the tools. Continue walking right, exiting the shed. Enter the boat house, grab the record, and simply continue walking right.
  56. Walk until you see the cat. Once you’ve seen it, turn around and walk back to the house.
  58. Return to the attic by going up both flights of stairs, then turning right and going up the ladder.
  60. Go to your left, and use the record on the grammaphone for -10 hearts. Turn right, and use the tools on the chest to break it open. Use the chest again to get a VHS tape. Now leave the attic.
  62. Leave the house again by going down both sets of stairs, and walking right. This time, stop above the hatch, and go down. Walk to the left to and observe the transformer to get an empty gas can, as well as the generator. Turn back to the right, and leave the basement.
  64. Turn right, and continue through the shed picking up the gas can on the way, and move on to the boathouse.
  66. Continue walking right to get to the pier, get in the boat, and continue to the right.
  68. Enter the new building on your right. Climb the ladder, and turn left to get the VCR. Go immediately back down the same ladder., and continue right.
  70. Observe the car, and fill the empty gas can. Continue right to the monument. Write down, screenshot, or take a picture of this date, because the it will be used later, and it is randomized every attempt.
  72. Turn left, and walk all the way back to the shed.
  74. Continue past the shed, and enter the hatch. Continue left, and use a gas can on the generator to turn the lights on in the house. Continue left, and observe the furnace. Then turn around, and leave the basement through the hatch.
  76. Turn left, and re-enter the house.Continue left, into the room with the piano. Turn the lamp on if it isn’t already, and observe the chair to find a new note.
  78. Continue left, and up the stairs. Turn right, then enter the door, switching to the other side of the house.
  80. Walk left, and use the TV multiple times to connect the VCR and watch the video tape.
  82. Go down the stairs, and through the door.
  84. Head right, and observe the area of the stairs near the door wtih a black line across it. Open the secret door and observe the plans on the inside. There is a door that’s marked on the map, that doesn’t exist.
  86. Head up the stairs, turn right, and up the second flight of stairs. Observe the “immured door”. Go back down both sets of stairs, and leave the house on the right.
  88. Head right, past the shed and boat house. Your flashlight battery will be low here, you can make a choice to let it burn out in the boat house now, or do it on the return trip. Get in the boat, cross the lake, and enter the building.
  90. Grab the sledgehammer from the shelf, and turn left back into the boat, and return to the boat house. If you’re out of batteries, climb the stairs, and replace them by the trophy fish.
  92. Leave the boat house to the left, past the shed, and re-enter the house.
  94. Continue left until you reach the stairs. Go up them, continue right, and up the second flight.
  96. Use the sledgehammer on the immured door and enter it.
  98. In the nursery, head to the shelf, and get the photo with the baby’s birthdate. Make sure to right this down, as it is randomized. Then leave the nursery.
  100. Head to the left, and enter the door in the Jesus room.
  102. Go to the computer, and enter the birthday as Day-Day, Month-Month, Year-Year-Year-Year. Read the email.
  104. Leave the bedroom, turn right, and head down both flights of stairs and leave the house on the right.
  106. Travel right until you get to the boat, get in, cross the lake, and enter the building. Pick up the firewood next to the haystack. Then continue right and observe the monument.
  108. THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. If you mess this up you won’t be able to complete the game.
  110. Find the cellphone, and get the clue to get the garage door open. Search again to find a case. Then search the case to find that it has a fingerprint scanner.
  112. After that’s done, turn left and return to the house. Travel through the house, and check the garbage can to open the garage door. Then continue left past it, and go up the ladder into the tree house.
  114. Light and observe the candle for -5 hearts, then observe the chest for the glasses. Exit the treehouse, go right, and enter the garage door.
  116. Grab teh battery from the toolchest on the left. Check both cars to find them locked, and move right up the ladder.
  118. Pet the cat for -10 hearts, and then open the cupboard on the left to find a girl with a camcorder.
  120. Exit the garage, and re-enter the house. If you’re heart rate is rising, you can go up the stairs, and into the bathroom for pills.
  122. It’s likely the power goes out at this point. If it does, return to the basement, and refill the generator with the filled gas can in your inventory.This will give you -5 hearts. Take this opportunity to also kindle the furnace and get -20 hearts. Leave the basement and return to the house.
  124. Go up both flights of stairs, and enter the door in the Jesus room. Use the camcorder on the computer to get a clue about the well.
  126. Leave the room, and head down the stairs on the right. Enter the door on your right and examine the note again with the glasses to get a safe combination. Write this down, take a screenshot, or a picture. Leave this room.
  128. Turn left, go down the stairs, then turn right, and exit the house and continue past the shed.
  130. Observe the well to find it’s too deep. Continue right past the boat house, get in the boat and cross the lake.
  132. Continue right, and use the ladder on the right side, grab the rope, go back down the ladder, and head back to the left. If you’re heart is fine, stop at the boat house, and drink the beer for -9 hearts. Go back down and continue left until you reach the well.
  134. Use the rope and go down the well. Examine the womans body for a key. Go back up the well, and head left until you reach the garage.
  136. Use the key in the yellow van to move it outside.
  138. Ending 2: The death is unavoidable: After moving the van outside, you can use it again to leave the area, resulting in the first “you didn’t get spooked to death” ending.
  140. After moving the van outside, re-enter the garge and examine the metal door to see it requires a keycard. Exit the garage, and go back into the house. Enter the door, use the candle for -5 hearts, then climb the stairs, and use the wine for -9 hearts. Continue to the right, and use the painting to reveal a hidden safe.
  142. I hope you wrote down your password. My combination was Left-8, Right-4, and Left-9. So I had to press left 9 times, then right 4 times, and left another 9 times. Waiting for this dial to turn is as awkward as using a rotary phone, pray you got low digits like 1’s and 2’s.
  144. After the safe is open, take the keycard. Head left, down the stairs, and through the door. Then exit the house on the left, and enter the garage.
  146. Use the keycard on the metal door to reveal a ladder. Go down it. Head right, up the stairs, and observe the monitors two times. This will reveal a secret door in the furnace room. Do not examine anything else in this room as it will cause you unnecessary heart rate increases.
  148. Quickly leave this room, down the stairs, and get a spook. Climb up the ladder, leave the garage. Your batteries are probably going to die around here, replace them at your convenience. Pass through the house and down into the basement.
  150. Travel left and observe the furnace to open the secret door.
  152. After entering this door you’re on a strict time crunch. Be warned going into it. Enter the door, and observe the body of the scientist. Exit the room as quickly as possible. Your heart rate will steadily increase from here on out. Leave the basement. Head back into the house, and up the stairs. Use the door to change sides, and enter the kitchen. Grab the cleaver from the cupboard next to the fridge, and head back down the stairs. Exit the house, and return to the basement, enter the secret door, and cut off the scientists finger.
  154. Leave the basement, and head to the right going all the way back to the monument. This is totally luck dependent. If you had low heart rate going in, and didn’t get scares you’ll make it. Use the finger on the box, and get the liquid. Drink it. Your heart rate will steadily decrease, and congratulations, you can no longer die from heart attacks. Head left, and go back to the house, stopping at the shed.
  156. This is the end game, and what determines the 3 final endings.
  158. You;ll see a car with “KIM” branding. Move towards the house. You will see a person standing in the room.
  160. Ending 3: Caught
  161. If you enter the house, you’ll be tasered and the game will end.
  163. Instead of entering the house, go down to the basement, and enter the secret room. Now, use the door on the left, go down the stairs, climb the ladder, and exit the garage.
  165. Ending 4: The Chase
  166. Use the van outside the garage to escape and yield a slightly different outcome.
  168. Enter the house, head up the stairs and enter the door on the right. Move right, and pick up the gun.
  170. This may be the only enjoyable thing about this game. Head down the stairs on your left, and through the door. Head right, and you’ll automatically shoot the KIM employee. Then, head to the left back towards the garage and shoot the other KIM employee.
  172. Observe the KIM employees body for the key, and enter the KIM car on the left. Enjoy the ending.
  174. That’s that.
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