HypnoHub - Danuja, part 1.

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  1. It was 4 PM on Wednesday, with him quickly walking (because 'no running', duh) through the almost empty school corridors, painted in bright orange by setting sun. He was finally done for the day and now... Now it was time to go home, do the homework and then... probably go to sleep. He was dead tired already.
  3. And then... it happened, as he turned around the corner and ran into something... soft and bouncy? A bit too bouncy, evidently, since he stumbled back and his ass connected with the solid floor surface, making him cringe in pain. Did he run into a wall somehow?
  5. "Are you hurt?" The voice was... cold, but not unemotional. And also clearly feminine.
  7. Did... did a girl just made him stumble back that hard? He wasn't a jock or a fattie, but not a lightweight either. The hell?
  9. "Nah, I'm fine." He answered, standing up slowly. "Sorry for tha..."
  11. The girl was... stunning. Not in a 'gorgeous' or 'very beautiful' sense, although she was beautiful alright, more in a literal sense. His thoughts just froze the moment he looked at her. She just had that sort of... presence, an aura around her, that made one's mind just shut down for a couple of seconds.
  13. And, of course, a pair of massive breasts that he never thought he would see on a woman in real life.
  15. "Ahem. Sorry. I didn't mean to run into you."
  17. The girl kept looking at him, not showing any signs of emotions, black eyes (is that eye color even natural) almost empty and unmoving. She was just standing there, on his way, like a living statue.
  19. "Uh..." That was getting awkward. "I'll keep going if you don't mind."
  21. "Did you stare at my breasts?" She said it in the same tone.
  23. He felt a droplet of an ice-cold sweat run down his back. That was bad. Well, yes, he stared. But... How the hell could he not? They were almost as big as her head! As his head!
  25. "Sorry! I didn't mean to!"
  27. "You stared at my breasts."
  29. Was she offended? Angry? Maybe she was feeling harassed? How could he even tell?!
  31. "Listen, I'm really sorry. Please, let's just... forget all this and go our ways, okay?"
  33. She didn't answer, still looking at him. He was silent too, praying to all possible kami to be spared. Who knows, maybe she is already recording all this somehow and every his word would be later analyzed by the police?
  35. Finally, she answered, after at least a minute of uncomfortable silence.
  37. "Do you want to touch them?"
  39. ...For the second time, his mind ground to a halt.
  41. "What."
  43. "Do you want to touch my breasts?" She asked again, taking a step forward and thrusting her chest out a little, the buttons on her shirt straining dangerously, ready to fly out and embed into his eyes.
  45. Well, kinda yes, but really no!
  47. "No!" He took a step back... well, he tried.
  49. His body froze in place as if he was a mouse looking at a slowly advancing hungry anaconda. He struggled to do anything, but... He couldn't even look away from her eyes.
  50. Her eyes weren't empty as he thought before, no. There was intensity in them, an indomitable purpose, an iron will, and her whole posture radiated the same suppressing presence. His knees started to shake, more and more as she slowly approached, as if each her step increased an atmospheric pressure on him, her stare drilling into his brain through the eyeballs and skull.
  52. "Touch my breasts." Not a question, an order.
  54. "N-no!" He still managed to say, now sweating both in fear and effort to look away, to run away, to do anything to get out of here.
  56. "Touch them." She moved her arms to, probably... grab his.
  58. Thankfully, she failed, because he finally allowed his knees to buckle and fell back once again. But this time he was smarter and, instead of crawling on his ass, he scrambled up and turned his tail on her, running away as fast as he could, regulations be damned.
  60. ...She didn't follow.
  62. ***
  64. He looked her up that evening, just to know in which class she was, so he could avoid meeting her again. He had no idea what the hell that was, but he wasn't going to get caught like that again. Nuh-huh.
  66. What was the deal with that girl?
  68. Still... those were some first-rate breasts.
  70. That night the temptation to relieve himself was especially strong.
  72. ***
  73. Despite his fears, the terrifying girl didn't burst into his classroom looking for him, nor did she hunt him down all across the school. The day was fairly normal and he started to calm down a little, even allowing himself a little hope.
  74. Needless to say, he decided to get out of school earlier than usual, just to be on a safe side and follow the human flow out of the building.
  76. Minutes passed and yet nothing happened as he was slowly approaching the exit...
  78. "You." The voice from behind almost made him shriek like a little girl who was grabbed on a train. Every muscle in his body froze and even the heart stopped beating for a second, making him stand completely still.
  80. He didn't hear her approach. Maybe the chatting all around was at fault, but... No way he is going to stop. He needed to keep walking, forcing his legs to move if necessary.
  82. "You ran away." The tone was cold, but deep beneath the creaking iceberg was a single warm tone of... surprise? Respect? "Impressive."
  84. ...His body refused to move as she kept talking, the voice tearing through the surrounding noise like a knife through a wet tissue. Over students kept walking, as if not noticing them, bypassing the two as they weren't even there. The people around... almost didn't feel like people, their presence replaced by a familiar overwhelming aura from behind.
  86. "My name is Ainu Danuja." He already knew that, but hearing the name from her felt... different, somehow. More intimate. "Your name is Ikeda Jun."
  88. "Y-yes..?" He barely squeezed out of his lungs, expecting an answer or an explanation...
  90. But none came. The girl disappeared.
  92. And then somebody bumped into him, swearing that Jun 'appeared out of thin air, bloody ninja!'.
  94. What the fuck is going on?!
  96. ***
  97. That evening he barely finished his homework, really not feeling like doing anything at all. He spaced out a lot, listened to music and thought by himself, alone in his room.
  98. ...Until he felt a familiar presence.
  100. It was as if the room's walls and ceiling started closing on him, applying pressure on his shoulders. He almost fell from his chair but managed to hold on as his muscles locked up. The presence was leaking into the room through the computer screen, with his email account open on it.
  102. There was an unread email in his 'Inbox'. Unlike the rest of his body, his hand moved freely... But only to click on it.
  104. 'Tomorrow.'
  106. A single word... And nothing more.
  108. Still, it was enough to make him dream about being trapped alive in a cramped stone sarcophagus, with a familiar voice sounding somewhere above. He tried to breathe, but his lungs could barely fit little gasps worth of air... And his oxygen was running out fast.
  110. He clawed at the walls with his fingers alone, unable to move his arms or palms, when he woke up.
  112. Then he dreamt about the sarcophagus again.
  114. ***
  115. Today was, perhaps, his last fight - that's what he thought. Tired and alone, he still needed to show some backbone, to stand up and do something.
  117. For example, go looking for her when the classes ended. Soon, he realized that his legs subtly carried him to the roof... And didn't resist. If she wants to do it like that - fine.
  119. The roof exit felt like a Hellgate when he pulled the doorknob.
  121. "You are here." She stood near the chain fence, looking down on passing students. The door shut behind him, with a clang of the lock. "Good."
  123. The pressure, the presence was there, but... tamer than before. Not so violent. Maybe there's still a chance.
  125. "Why are you doing this to me?" He asked in a calm tone, taking a step forward. "And how?"
  127. "I want to." The answer was simple. Too simple... and yet it explained a lot, somehow.
  129. "...What now?"
  131. "Now?" She turned to him and look him in the eyes. "We get it right."
  133. The presence returned in full power like a roaring, vicious storm, almost knocking him off his feet. He could feel Danuja's concentrated will coiling around his limbs and trying to get into his mind. Her black eyes shone dangerously, as her stare, like an industrial drill, mercilessly tore into his eyeballs, passing through flesh and bone effortlessly, reaching his mind in seconds.
  135. He felt his thoughts leaving his mind like air from a pierced balloon, leaving nothing but emptiness... and her stare, like two long and thick nails inside that ballon. Seconds later the nails started melting, shedding molten drops of metal, and the emptiness was soon filled once again, but this time the will, the contents belonged to someone else... Or, maybe, still to him? He couldn't tell.
  137. And he didn't care anymore.
  139. As the tendrils relaxed, he started walking towards the girl, who still stood motionless on her spot. Soon, they stood right next to each other, his eyes looking into hers.
  141. "Do you want to touch my breasts?" She asked, just like that time.
  143. "Yes." He answered with a nod.
  145. He placed his palms on the sides of the two mounds of flesh and squeezed a little, his fingers sinking into the skin and fabric. Soft. Very soft. Softer than he ever imagined. The nipple area was soft too, with the only somewhat hard part being her nipples and bra.
  147. Hm, interesting. He could do it forever. He should touch them more, just to remember the feeling forever. To always had it in his head. To never forget how Danuja's massive breasts feel, even if through the clothing.
  149. The girl stood expressionless, not showing any signs of discomfort or interest, the overwhelming intensity in her eyes being the only thing showing her investment in the process.
  151. "Are you content?" She asked as he pinched her nipples lightly.
  153. "Yes." He answered, stopping and taking his hands off.
  155. "Good." She nodded and, with the familiar clang of the lock on the door, walking away. "Tomorrow. Maybe."
  157. He could still feel her presence as she walked down the stairs and out of the school building.
  159. Then he collapsed on his knees and vomited violently, almost falling into his own half-digested dinner. He didn't, thankfully, managing to land on his side and curl into the fetal position, tears running down his cheeks, his teeth clenched to not cry.
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