Dec 2nd, 2021 (edited)
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  1. We're the virgin consummation
  2. And we're doing quite middlin'
  3. We're the woke congregation
  4. Half asleep on Ritalin
  6. What you're calling my cynical style
  7. Is what we call a Millennial smile
  8. And if we're not what you figured
  9. Say nothing, we get triggered
  10. And to prove we're not racist
  11. Gangsta rap on our playlist
  13. And we all like violence
  14. And we're just like Spacemen
  15. Scanning screens in the silence
  16. Hiding out in the basement
  17. We're the new kid hipster
  18. Try to be the outcast one
  19. We're the new generation
  20. Trying hard to be the last one
  22. We like the right likes
  23. Retweet the right posts
  24. Heroes to the cause
  25. More social than most
  26. Too busy to march
  27. Too tired to help out
  28. We've got to subscribe
  29. To build a view count
  31. And we're just like Spacemen
  32. We are the real heroes
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