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  1. A recently turned twenty five year old man named Joey had come dressed up as a “basic white girl”. With it now being fall and constantly seeing girls his age dressed in sweats, UGG boots, and with a Starbucks latte in hand, he decided he’d dress up like one for Halloween.
  3. He had borrowed the clothes he was currently wearing from a girl friend of his who was more than happy to dress him up. She even helped him with his makeup for the full effect and made sure his chestnut brown wig looked real.
  5. Joey completed his look with an empty plastic Starbucks cup that he held onto as he mingled with the other party goers. When the strange woman up on the stage rattled off her speech, he figured it was part of some act.
  7. “Magic doesn’t exist,” he thought.
  9. As his thought finished the magic was immediately attached to him. He felt his UGG’s, which were pretty uncomfortable from his big feet, suddenly felt more comfortable. Looking down, Joey noticed his legs looked slimmer, yet his thighs looked thicker.
  11. The strands of hair from the wig fell down into his face which he instinctively moved behind his ear. He barely noticed the texture of the hair strands felt like actual hair.
  13. He did notice his chest seemed to push out more, cleavage forming within the v-neck shirt he was wearing. It was then that Joey realized the woman wasn’t crazy and in fact he was about to be a basic white girl.
  15. But just as quickly, her mind softened, all worries fading just as her empty Starbucks cup filled with a warm pumpkin spice latte with a shooter of Bailey’s mixed in.
  17. Joanne adjusted her shirt, making the “girls” more noticeable before taking a sip of her drink she snuck in. If she was lucky, one of these cute hunks would pay for her drinks.
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