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  3. achilles__so...▸Hi Liz, I'm Max, lovely to meet you. I just started flipping through a few of your stories on Chyoa, you are an amazing writer!
  4. achilles__so...▸If you are free it would be great to chat
  5. achilles__so...▸Plus you are in my favorite room.
  6. LizisReady▸which room would that be?
  7. achilles__so...▸Breeding.
  8. LizisReady▸ahh
  9. LizisReady▸and thanks for the compliment on my writing
  10. achilles__so...▸It is really quite good. I am reading through "A Beast Unleashed" as we talk.
  11. achilles__so...▸What other rooms are you in?
  12. LizisReady▸right now just the main room and detailed
  13. achilles__so...▸Oh awesome. Well if you are on the hunt for a roleplay partner I would very much be interested.
  14. LizisReady▸do you have anything in mind?
  15. achilles__so...▸Well I do love fantasy settings and you seem to be an expert.
  16. achilles__so...▸I like to find points of mutual interest, each person's dislikes and craft from there.
  17. achilles__so...▸What are your limits?
  18. LizisReady▸cheating, celeb, family, scat, blood and rape
  19. LizisReady▸so nothing too extreme
  20. LizisReady▸you?
  21. achilles__so...▸Rape, incest, scat, ageplay, cheating.
  22. achilles__so...▸And is there anything you want to work in besides breeding today?
  23. achilles__so...▸I guess a key thing as well is do you like to be dominant, submissive, neither or either?
  24. LizisReady▸i can be either
  25. LizisReady▸I enjoy risky play
  26. LizisReady▸so either risk of being caught
  27. LizisReady▸or risk of getting knocked up
  28. achilles__so...▸For example I love the idea of being captured as a breeder by a tribe of amazons. Or taken as a semenmancer's seed bearer. A sorceress who works magic with cum, able to form different magics depending on how it is used, where it is shot, who breeds with a seed bearer to bond him.
  29. achilles__so...▸Ah got it. So bareback rather than intentional breeding?
  30. achilles__so...▸That throws those out the window haha.
  31. achilles__so...▸Also I am reading the minotaur breeding story and it has me achingly hard.
  32. LizisReady▸eh those can work
  33. LizisReady▸I am open to other stuff as well
  34. achilles__so...▸Well want to hit me with an idea or two?
  35. achilles__so...▸I'm very curious of your ideas having seen so many good ones now.
  36. LizisReady▸well we could go with the Amazon idea
  37. LizisReady▸say you are a cleric trying to bring the light of the lord to some heathens
  38. LizisReady▸they fight you and hit you with a dart that turns you into a horny beast
  39. achilles__so...▸I like it. Although I could be a horny beast of a cleric too. I find lusty men who act the bull easier to play well as that is my actual self.
  40. LizisReady▸well lets say you where that in a previous life but took a vow when you found god
  41. LizisReady▸the dart bringing it back out
  42. achilles__so...▸Mmmmmm perfect.
  43. LizisReady▸want to start?
  44. achilles__so...▸Sure, shall we take it from me entering your village?
  45. LizisReady▸was thinking maybe at the end of a fight, you have been hit by the dart and it is starting to have a effect on you
  46. LizisReady▸don't really feel like doing a lot of wind up tonight
  47. achilles__so...▸That works for me. Your stories have me aching to breed.
  48. LizisReady▸you want to start us off?
  49. achilles__so...▸Last question before I begin. Do you use * * to indicate action and normal text for speech or " " for speech and normal text for action
  50. achilles__so...▸Yes I will.
  51. LizisReady▸although
  52. LizisReady▸I think I may not be able to stay on for much longer
  53. LizisReady▸just looked at the time
  54. achilles__so...▸Suddenly stopping short, dropping my staff, my hand flying up against the slim dart lodged in my neck. Feeling woozy I stumble forward before spinning an collapsing back. My mind racing with desires of a life I thought I left behind. Memories of voluptuous women, impaled on my cock, filled with my seed. Mouth opening and closing silently, writhing, until the ache of my balls rips through my mental walls and I roar with the need to breed.
  55. achilles__so...▸Oh damn  How long do you have?
  56. LizisReady▸(prob half an hour) The warriors gather around you. The tallest among them barking orders at the others. You feel hands on your body, pulling away your armour and gear, cutting what can't be forced. Before long you are naked. Your cock standing proud in the air, throbbing painfully The tallest of the lot barks another order and you feel your limbs being held down. As you look up at her through a lust addled mind you are amazed at the rippling muscle and war paint making your whole body thob
  57. achilles__so...▸Smiling all the while as I am undressed, the power of the dart and my memories clouding my mind with lust. As the last of the clothing is removed I look up into the eyes of the leader, smiling, starting to thrust my hips up in the air. My fat, throbbing sex pipe slapping heavily on my belly, swollen balls, heavy with years of neglect, bouncing along with with. "So are you first?"
  58. LizisReady▸(Ok if I get a little rough?)
  59. achilles__so...▸(Of course. Is it ok if I am very eager? Turn me back into a breeding bull)
  60. LizisReady▸(Sure) The leader grunts, a smile on her lips as she steps over you. In a single smooth movement she squats down over you, her sex poised above the head of your cock as she wraps her strong, rough hand, around your throat. Not applying any pressure as she says something to you that you don't understand
  61. achilles__so...▸Kegeling, making my thick, veiny meat pulse in her grip, precum flowing from the head. My thighs almost shaking with desire, its been 10 years since I have had pussy and my instincts are taking over. "What? I can't understand you"
  62. LizisReady▸i hate to leave you hanging but I gotta go for tonight
  63. LizisReady▸I should be on tomorrow night
  64. achilles__so...▸Sounds good.
  65. achilles__so...▸Would you like to see the state you are leaving me in
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