infiSTAR Esc Menu

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  1. /* What ESCAPE Menu shows */
  2. ESCMNUTOP = "LCS Exile";
  3. ESCMNUBOT = "by Los Correctos";
  4. BRIEFING_MSG = "false"; /* use mission briefing message: if   "BRIEFING_MSG = "false";"   then the message will be replaced by infiSTAR */
  5. HTML_LOAD_URL = "";     /* HTML_LOAD_URL = ""; == disabled and if you set a url it will be shown in ESCAPE menu. HTML in Arma/this is limited. Try it :) example: "" */
  6. ENABLE_PRIVATE_CHAT_MENU = "true";      /* players can open it by typing !chat in chat or by  custom controls -> "Use Action 3" */
  7. PRIVATE_CHAT_MENU_8GNETWORK = "true";   /* if this is "true" - players will only be able to use private chat if they enable 8GNetwork in their xm8 */
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